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    My thoughts are this:

    14 bonus videos to get 2 parts is annoying for those of us who don't watch many videos. Twice in a week (which is all I've played on a server with the Pollux) I had to get to 28 to get the 2 updates. Also, although I doubt the cost in resources or net bandwidth is that high per video, not everyone has unmetered or unlimited data.

    It's now day 7 of week 1, and I got both upgrades every day. After which the Pollux is a pretty mediocre engine for era 1. It's not as good after all available upgrades as the Red Kite, for example. It's not even as good as the Donkey or Falcon. If this is the way it's going, I think it should get 3 upgrades a day, not 2. With another 7 upgrades, it would be comparable in performance to the better era 1 locos by the end of era 1, provided you got all the upgrades.

    I'm also not a big fan of the random way it upgrades. It'd be nice to be able to choose what to upgrade, as with the regular bonus engine.

    All in all, not a bad idea but spoiled by unnecessary penny-pinching feel. It costs you nothing (and for all I know, actually makes you money from ads watched) so why not make the Pollux good rather than just-about-average? The way it is, I'm not surprised to hear it being called Bollux already :D

    We could use an option, when doing purchases or upgrades for which there are vouchers, to use the voucher or not.


    * We could buy low-tier engines for cash and save any vouchers for later tiers that cost more.
    * We could elect to pay cash for association donations, and save vouchers for later.
    * We could speed up a building upgrade which has only half an hour to go, using gold, and save instant upgrade vouchers for later.
    * We could make small investments in industries for cash, and save vouchers for larger investments.

    Since you can't directly buy the vouchers, I can't see that Travian lose out significantly. The kind of people who spend plenty of gold will continue to, and thje kind who almost or never spend gold, still won't.

    So we get 400 gold compensation. Is that going to be redeemable on any server, or only platform X?

    I've already decided not to play another round of Platform X - mainly because I don't much like the Classic map layout but also it takes too much of my time playing another server on top of the 2 I already play.

    Not only that but as I recall we used to get a free lottery ticket every day anyway. Now the bonus on 2x servers is not every 7 days like before but every 12 days or something. The daily bonuses are equivalent to a lottery ticket, or they actually are a lottery ticket, so basically we get less of something that costs Travian nothing to produce. Anyone would think they were trying to persuade us to spend more money...

    it looks to have robbed 2,000,000 from me just now, investing the landmark. gonna wait a bit and see if the server catches up - but I had a similar issue (resolved, TYVM support) with upgrading the engine house the other day.

    It appears to be that if the 'net is slow or unreliable and you do 2 transactions in quick succession, one can get lost.

    The big complaint I have is that it's biased to favour the slow servers. Before on a x2 server you got one "big" login bonus per week, after 7 days of login, whereas on a x1 server, it was 14 days, so proportionate. Now it's 14 (or was it 13) days for both, so you get half as many bonuses on a x2 server and hardly any on a x4 server.

    I choose to play only x2 servers, I find the x1 too slow, and I'm not online often enough to keep up with x4. So I really notice this. I also noticed a lot of free lottery tickets, feels like there are more of those than the other rewards we used to see, as someone else suggested.

    Please fix this. It's not like creating bonus items costs anything. Unless of course it's simply a ploy to try to make people spend more real money in the shop, but surely not !?

    as to the daily bonus, I do think it's not nice to have reduced the frequency in the "fast" servers. Used to be on an X2 server you got 6 days of normal daily bouns and 7th day was surprise extra. ON normal speed, it was every 14 days, so it was proportional to server speed.

    There's no reason not to have the bonus for x2 servers every era, same as before, except as some kind of bad attempt to get people to spend more money.

    Same applies to the "x4" server. Why shouldn't that have a big prize every era? It's not like the prizes cost Travian anything to produce, after all.

    As for gold prices... You know you don't have to buy all the bonus locos? I never buy bonus locos. That is the part that is too expensive, by far, because they only last for one game round. On a passenger server, if I bought all the bonus locos, I would need about 27K gold; and then another 27K next round to buy them again.

    Either they should be significantly cheaper, or they should be a one-time purchase, so you gradually can collect them all and they stay with your account like the career loco does.

    Compare for example, the big advantage that the plus account is, which costs only 150 for 7 days. To have plus account for the whole of a 2x game round is only 1050 gold, even if you don't count winning any in lottery tickets, and you even have a few days over for the beginning of the next round. That's less than half the cost of a single bonus loco!

    Just noticed recently that the RailNation QJ, a Chinese freight loco, is a lightly-reworked copy of the Russian P36. They aren't that all that similar visually, even if you don't count the glaring error that the P36 is a 4-8-4 wheel configuration whereas the QJ is a 2-10-2.

    The in-game "QJ" is a 4-8-4. Either it's a very bad model or it's misnamed. I admit I have yet to search for a Chinese version of the P36; it wouldn't surprise me if there was one, there are/were several tanks, for example, made in China which are more or less exact copies of Russian ones. In prior years (maybe less so now) Russia shared designs for machinery and such with China.

    The 24 hour thing for associations is already there, as described by Samisu. You can leave an association and immediately join another, but you can't then hop back, when you join the 24hr timer is started.

    A 24hr timer on leaving would unfairly prevent people from switching associations immediately before endgame, which is a legitimate and fair use if they want to join an assoc in another city for endgame.

    For some reason, US103 seems to be much more prone to hanging at the end of "please" when loading than COM203. I play both and log in multiple times per day, COM203 mostly loads OK and US103 seems to need multiple load attempts.

    I know that right now my internet is well under its normal speed during the day, due to extra load on the net in general. It's as if US103 isn't caching. There should be no need for the game to download any large amount of data - yet I constantly see evidence both when it's loading and when running: If I cycle through the various other association members, each time there's a building which hasn't been loaded for a while it hangs while loading that image. By now, pretty much all the station building images should be cached locally, I'd have thought. If the game isn't doing that, then it's small wonder there are all these network-related issues

    How much stuff does RN HTML-5 version cache, and how much *can* it cache?

    It's possible with most browsers to increase the cache size for HTML, which ought to lower network load and traffic and make the game perform better. In the case of a game like RN most of it could be saved locally, in principle - all the graphical stuff for sure. Does the game do that, given enough cache space?

    It seems to improve as you go. Initally, everything was slow and laggy but it seems to be catching up.

    plus, right now, in many places the whole internet is slow due to people using ti much more, either working from home or being off work and playing on the net. In a speed test just now I was getting under 1Mb download, where I would normally expect at lest 4-5.

    There's a point you're all ignoring when you whine about the update - without updating to a newer platform, the game would shortly have closed anyway, due to flash being withdrawn!

    Same here, load bar stalls at the end of "please". refreshing the cache just meant that * everything * (load screen, pictures) reloaded, but the game still doesn't load.

    Experience on other games has almost always been that when someone says "refresh the cache" it make zero difference ... I figured on a slow load first time around, but this seems stalled not just slow.

    [edit] After clearing the cache and it still stalled, tried CTRL-F5 forced reload, and now it has loaded.

    It's nice to have freebies, but it really does feel cheap that you can only use the code on one server. I'd be willing to bet that most players play on 2 or 3 servers regularly, and it'd feel more special if the bonus codes would work once per server.

    It's not like it actually costs anything to make the give-away items, after all. Nor is it likely to stop people from paying for gold if they do that anyway, or not for long.