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    As an avid RN player, I would indeed be totally gutted if this had happened to me and my account, especially so close to the EG. However from what I've read, they can't roll back the server, they can't just 'implant' the players back in the game with everything they had, there's little they can do other than ensure it doesn't happen again and give the players compensation.

    The only point I'd make that does sound unfair is that RN haven't reimbursed the players money they'd spent on the round, that doesn't sound correct. If for instance they spent money that unlocked the primus engine, that was on the knowledge they'd get to be using it *that* round and the gold in those circumstances.

    I think also that by not doing this will make the players effected even more angry as kind of forces them to play again if want to make use of the compensation, however if you gave them the gold, career stuff and their money back they might be more inclined to continue and see that it just one of those awful things that can happen with games from time to time. My 2 pence as impartial thread reader.

    I just want to verify please, when it says the Landmark Bonus gives 20% of premiums on goods type thing that means,

    if the price was 1,000 it gives 1,200

    Not that if the price was originally 1,000 and is currently say 500, it still gives 200

    What I mean is, does the 20% bonus mean a bonus on the current price or the original price?

    If two cities are of the same level and the region doesn't have a top 10 city (and therefore the highest level city will be entered into the EG) which of two cities will be chosen if they're both the same level? Will it be the one that level'd up first or will it be the one with most goods supplied?

    At the moment as far as I can see there's no way for the president to speak to the cabinet directly unless it's in region, would be useful to have a cabinet / president thread / forum area for discussions.

    Sometimes it'd be useful for instance to speak to those appointed about important issues without lots of comms going to entire region or having to directly message each individual about things. 'Would make it easier too with little things like doing rotas and the like.

    At the moment when one levels up, you get a lovely green message saying 'congratz you've leveled up!' and that's literally it, no advantage no bonus no point to aim for it.

    Instead, I fear might have already been suggested I'd expect, how about assignable skill points upon leveling up, like in most RPG games that have a leveling system.

    Suggested format :

    Upon leveling you recieve 2 skill points to be assigned to different areas, they have a small % effect on various things and cost progressively more, so for example 1 skill point for level 1, 2 for level 2, 4 for level 3, 6 for level 4 and so on.

    The various areas;

    Skilled Technician : Helps trains' servicability.
    World Renowned : Gives a % bonus to gained prestige.
    Areodynamic Genius : Gives % bonus to train speed.
    Effecient Engineer : Grants % reduction to train, building and servicing costs.
    Gearhead : Gives % bonus to train acceleration.
    Charismatic : Passengers & goods give % bonus $.
    Architect : Reduces construction times.
    Lucky : Increased chance of gaining lottery ticket when collecting assoc member bonuses.

    The actual bonuses can be small, somewhere between 0.1% and 0.5% so that don't have a large bearing on the game at all however will give people another way of personalising their style of playing, plus give a reason for leveling up.