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    R: 3 Change the motor and pay $12000

    First thing to do is calculate how long it will be the journey:

    620km at 300Km/h - 2h and 2min

    1 - they will arrive after midnight - 4h (delay) + 2,02h = 6,02h

    if they start at 6.30pm they arrive at 00.32am- a lot of costs -

    2 - Lot of costs

    3 - motor repair - and 90min delay - 1,5h (delay) + 2,02h = 3,52h

    If thet start at 6.30pm they arrive at 10.28pm

    4 - 40% of the speed represents a speed of 120km/h so, to make 620km they will spend 310min about 5,17h in journey.

    If they start at 6.30pm they arrive at 11.47pm

    So, if it was me, i will protect the customers and myself. The motor it will always be repaired so the costsof $12.000 are in both situations.

    It gives a better journey for customers, less stress, with less risk of other problem that will make the arriving after midninght...

    If you are in a situation, that you have to risk, you dont have the $12.000 to pay repair, so if they arrive after midnight you cannot refund.... good luck with your life