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    This morning, when I tryied to connect via app to my server, I received a message to upgrade the app. After this, only white screen (but the Travian game logo). The solutions proposed by the support were unusefull. then deleted and reinstalled the app (download 388 mb): after the first opening, nothing happened, but the app was only 99 mb and the next opening blocked on white screen.

    i reinstalled and upgraded android operative system (up to version 9 - with a RAM 3 GB, and a 4G stable connection with all data downloads avalaible).

    At this point, and reading your posts, i think the problem is in the app and not in my smartphone.

    I hope in a quick solution, during 6th era and near the final stage: without app I can't play as I like and without chances to be competitive.

    Estest it201 Colosseo