Posts by Pudsey

    Sadly this great fun game is no longer any fun. It is a massive chore to collect bonuses and reschedule trains. It takes me around 8 to 10 times longer than it used to. I simply don't have this amount of spare time to devote to the game. I am a long time player and I play with some gold, I am usually on 2 to 3 servers at a time - I must be an ideal customer but Rail Nation is forcing me out. Very sad - very bad business. I wish all the hundreds of players that I have played with over many years the best of health - stay safe in the difficult times.....we may play something else together in the future.....

    I have tried to do my normal maintenance after returning from work - it has taken me 50mins to do what I normally do in about 8mins.

    The game is ridiculously slow - I haven't even bothered to collect on my other server.

    All of the enjoyment has gone from the game.

    I have played lots and lots of servers and buy gold to play.

    If this is not fixed, then I will sadly have to leave the game.

    I have had a huge amount of fun from this game over many years, but at this speed it is no longer viable to spend so much extra time on it to do the same things.

    I will check the speed tomorrow after work - hopefully you have managed a fix , but if not thank you for the fun and I wish you well with your remaining customers.

    Kind regards,

    Pudsey - John Dawson