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    Currently it is possible that the costs for track productions are displayed incorrectly in the game. You might receive an error about not having enough money to finish the production.

    The issue is known, and we are working on a fix. Generally, this issue can be solved by refreshing your browser or by doing a relog in the game.

    Bug fixes:

    RN2018-2872 - Skins for Dragonfly and Hades have been fixed so that engines and waggons are no longer as far apart on the map.

    RN2018-3853 - A fix has been added for freezing factory screens after investing.

    RN2018-4066 - A bug has been fixed in which a private chat channel was shown as empty after receiving a message.

    RN2018-4481 - MOBILE: The digital keyboard now pushes the whole interface up when typing into an entry field to prevent overlapping.

    RN2018-4713 - The images in the game tour now fit the text beneath.

    RN2018-4717 - Empty space has been removed in the city details (USA scenario).

    RN2018-4836 - A bug has been fixed in which tabs wouldn't update correctly when switching through city screens.

    RN2018-4892 - A bug has been fixed that would display the wrong track price in the tooltip for connecting a city.

    RN2018-4986 - The display of text boxes has been fixed in the sandbox tutorial for smaller resolutions.

    RN2018-5004 - The competition icon above cities will now update correctly when changing language.

    RN2018-5090 - Both the chair and deputy are now able to delete forum threads again.

    RN2018-5173 - The quest 'Buy an avatar item' now correctly triggers automatically if you already own all items.

    RN2018-5177 - The change in waiting time is now displayed correctly when the majority of a friendly association is lost.

    RN2018-5189 - MOBILE: Adjustments have been made to ensure that the messenger reopens in the same thread after losing chat connection.

    RN2018-5195 - After deleting an association, the name no longer is blocked and you can directly found a new association with the same name.

    RN2018-5482 - The applicant's association screen now correctly updates when their application is accepted.

    RN2018-5493 - The line break has been fixed when the halved waiting time for passengers was more than one day.

    RN2018-5604 - An issue has been fixed that would shake the avatar name in private messages for some screen resolutions.

    RN2018-5622 - A fix has been implemented to prevent the maintenance button from being clickable during the related quest step when trains are at 100% condition.

    RN2018-5641 - All UI elements now update after changing the in-game language.

    RN2018-5645 - The centre train function has been fixed in the schedule assistant.

    RN2018-5736 - When the price breakdown of an industry is viewed after viewing the price breakdown of the city, the integration line is no longer missing.

    RN2018-5829 - Flags have been added for Monaco and Vatican City to the country selection in the player profile.

    RN2018-5833 - You can now use as many spaces at any place you want when editing the description for your association, without encountering any errors.

    RN2018-5835 - Two-digit numbers for participants in competitions are now displayed correctly in the widget.

    RN2018-5849 - The display of filters has been fixed in the schedule assistant when there are no results.

    RN2018-5850 - An unnecessary second pop-up for the start of the endgame has been removed.

    RN2018-5851 - The text of the pop-up has been changed at the start of the endgame in the USA scenario, so that it no longer mentions passengers.

    RN2018-5862 - A bug has been fixed that prevented the waggons for the Cheetah from being displayed.

    RN2018-5868 - The display of messenger options has been fixed after leaving sitter mode.

    RN2018-5870 - MOBILE: The text in the overview info screen has been repositioned.

    RN2018-5873 - In the shop, the Spanish texts now fit on the era packages and no longer over lap with one another.

    RN2018-5875 - Deputies can no longer appoint or demote other deputies.

    RN2018-5877 - After watching another player, tracks they have just built are now displayed correctly.

    RN2018-5962 - Texts have been added for push notifications when receiving a reply to a support ticket.

    RN2018-5968 - The recommended city is now always displayed accordingly during the first login.

    RN2018-5980 - The display of the warning that you can't save more than ten schedules has been fixed.

    RN2018-5987 - MOBILE: The scrolling behaviour for the era overview screen has been fixed.

    RN2018-5989 - In the end screen, city windows now can be dragged all the way to the right.

    RN2018-5992 - A bug has been fixed in which the scenario promotion could open multiple times.

    RN2018-5993 - The transparency of the Gold icon has been adjusted in the shop tile in the post-endgame.

    RN2018-5997 - Reliability updates correctly after repairing single engines.

    RN2018-6501 - MOBILE: Old background images during login have been removed.

    RN2018-6502 - The mini-map now still opens if it was previously dragged outside of the screen.

    RN2018-6521 - The display of arrows in the Dionysus tech tree has been fixed.

    RN2018-6562 - In the RN shop, no hidden boxes now appear when using the arrows to scroll through packets and bonus engines.

    RN2018-6574 - The Spanish text on the buy engine button has been adjusted, so that there's no overlap with 6-digit numbers.

    RN2018-6579 - A typing error has been fixed in the museum screen ('Tip' instead of 'Tipp' in German).

    RN2018-6611 - Scrolling through the train list via mouse wheel now prevents the engine tooltips from opening.

    RN2018-6613 - Chat blurring has been fixed when too many channels are active, for example on the international festival server.

    RN2018-6694 - MOBILE: A problem has been resolved in which Gold packages couldn't be purchased anymore after buying them once.

    Hello players,

    From here you can find the changelog for update 4.13.0. What do you think? Let's talk about the Update 4.13.0

    Redesigned association window

    • The association window is now also available as a centered window.
    • It will now be possible to apply for a new association without leaving the current one first. If accepted, the old association will automatically be left (restarting game worlds only).
    • If accepted by one association, other open applications will be deleted.
    • All association features combined will now be available in one window.
    • As Chairperson, it’ll be possible to spot potential members more easily.
    • It will also be possible to automatically accept new applicants, as long as there is still room (restarting game worlds only).
    • Please find a detailed guide here: Association Feature Guide

    Performance improvements

    Both the train and the waggon list have been optimised and will now work more fluently while putting a considerably smaller load on your internal memory. The waggon list will also appear with a new interface. You can take a look at the difference in performance in the following videos.

    Balancing changes

    • The prestige received for halving waiting times will be reduced (restarting game worlds only).
    • The prestige received for investments in industries will be reduced (restarting game worlds only).
    • Steam over Europe: Region scores for landmarks will be reduced from 2,000 to 1,500 points (restarting game worlds only).
    • Collecting trainspotters will be less frustrating!
      • Trainspotters will only appear every 60 minutes instead of 30.
      • The trainspotter rewards will be increased accordingly.
      • Petr and friends will be less shy! Rare trainspotters will appear more frequently.
      • ‘Bad Luck Protection’: A trainspotter still missing in your collection will appear no later than after 20 already collected trainspotters.

    Internal Server Error Pop up reworked, so that players can now copy the full error message to their clipboard and then forward us that bug via ticket or forum.

    Late start bonus has been reworked:

    Starting conditions

    Laboratory 1 5 9 13 16 18
    Research points 6 9 13 17 21 23
    Research points (Speed) 12 18 26 34 42 46
    Bank 1 5 10 14 17 20
    Starting money 50.000 500.000 2.000.000 5.000.000 8.000.000 12.000.000
    Starting money (Speed) 100.000 1.000.000 4.000.000 10.000.000 16.000.000 24.000.000
    Track production 1 4 6 8 10 12
    Track coupons - 6 10 15 20 25
    Engine coupons - 3 6 9 12 15
    Waggon coupons - 20 50 90 140 200

    HQ donations cost reduction:

    Level Costs old Costs new
    1 to 2 50.000 25.000
    2 ... 80.000 50.000
    3 125.000 80.000
    4 200.000 125.000
    5 500.000 250.000
    6 1.000.000 500.000
    7 1.750.000 900.000
    8 2.500.000 1.500.000
    9 3.500.000 2.000.000
    10 4.500.000 2.500.000
    11 5.500.000 3.000.000
    12 6.500.000 3.500.000
    13 7.500.000 4.000.000
    14 9.000.000 5.000.000
    15 -

    Other changes:

    • Reduced the donation cost for association headquarter (new rounds only)
    • Increased the bonus for starting in a later era
    • Players with less than 20 prestige no longer count as active players
    • Lottery tickets won while in a widget will no longer force you to go to the train station
    • Lottery: Cheaper building vouchers and Instant building vouchers are now limited to 20 each
    • Lottery: prize overview reworked so that it always shows all possible prizes, unlock criteria and current amount

    1.) Delete cookies and clear the browser cache

    This is particularly advantageous after an update. Please make sure that you only clear the cookies from Rail Nation. All other cookies may be kept. Also bear in mind that clearing your cookies will mean that you'll have to log in anew.

    Internet Explorer 7 + 8:

    A detailed guide can be found on the official website: Deleting internet files

    Internet Explorer 9:

    A detailed guide can be found on the official website: Deleting internet files

    Mozilla Firefox:

    The browser settings can be changed using the menu on the right hand side. The included guide applies to Firefox Version 9 and newer versions. All of the links lead to the official Firefox FAQ.

    Windows version: Clearing the browser cache; Deleting cookies

    Mac OS version: Clearing the browser cache; Deleting cookies

    Linux version: Clearing the browser cache; Deleting cookies


    Click on 'Clear internet files' in the 'Extras' menu. In the menu which then follows, you have to click 'Personal selection'. As already mentioned, only the Rail Nation cookies need to be removed. Then click on the 'Manage cookies' button in the 'Clear all cookies' field. In the newly opened window, select the Rail Nation cookies by clicking the left mouse button and then click the 'Clear' button on the right. The window can now be closed. After that, the 'Clear complete cache' function should be selected. Finally click 'Clear' at the bottom.


    Select the 'Safari' icon in the menu and then click on 'Settings' (or use the shortcut: 'Ctrl' + ','). In the newly opened window select the 'Data privacy' tab and then 'Details'. Look for the Rail Nation cookies here, mark them by left clicking on them and delete them using the 'Remove' button. Finally, click 'Finish'.

    To clear the cache, use the following shortcut: 'Alt' + 'Ctrl' + 'E' or select the 'Safari' icon in the menu and then 'Clear cache'.

    Google Chrome:

    A detailed guide can be found on the official website: Delete cache and other browser data

    Checking the version of Flash

    Rail Nation always works with the most up-to-date version of Flash. Correct installation and the version can be checked at the following site: In addition to that, the latest version of Flash can be downloaded from The offered security software is optional and can be deactivated.

    Clearing the Flash cache

    Go to the following website, look for the Rail Nation site and delete it. It shouldn't cause any harm if all of the sites happen to be deleted:…p/settings_manager07.html

    The profile of your own association

    3. This one opens the relations screen

    1 relations.PNG

    4. This button opens the Headquarters screen

    2 Headquarter details.PNG

    5. Here you can find the Workers screen

    3 Workers details.PNG

    6. This is where you can recruit new members. Again, you can use filters.

    4 Recruit.PNG

    Similar to automatically incoming invites, you can also click on 'manage applications' here and decide if you want to automatically accept all new applications. This is turned off by default, so don't forget to activate it in case you want to grow very quickly.

    5 automatically.PNG

    Hello players,

    As you might already know, we will introduce a new association screen (AS) with the 4.13 update. The new screen combines all relevant info in one place and, on gameworlds that start after the update, introduces new convenient features.

    So, let's have a detailed look at everything.

    This is the screen to join an association:

    01 Join Association.PNG

    By clicking on 'Filter', you can filter the associations you want to join (see picture below). Already applied filters can be removed by clicking on the little X.

    02 Join Asso Filter.PNG

    By clicking on 'Manage applications', you can open a screen that is very useful if you are an incredibly popular person and just can't be bothered with all those invitations. On newly starting gameworlds, you will have the option to automatically decline all invitations:

    03 Decline.PNG

    When you check the profile a an association, it will look like this:

    04 Asso screen.PNG

    You can also apply directly there of course. If you decide to create a new association, this it how it looks like:

    05 Found asso.PNG

    And the profile of your own association will look like this. We added some markings to explain the main functions:

    06 Own asso screen 2.png

    1. Here you can leave the association.
    2. Here you can edit the association.
    3. This one opens the relations screen *
    4. This button opens the Headquarters screen *
    5. Here you can find the Workers screen *
    6. And finally, this is where you can recruit new members. Again, you can use filters. *

    * Please find more detailed images from the next post.