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    Good: Even though the train scheduler has a lot of lag, it seems to work properly. I have not had my cargo trains trying to deliver passengers, yet.

    Bad: Message notifications about worker auctions seem to be immortal. They keep coming until you actively click the X on one of them. Sometimes, they start coming, again, when a new message about workers shows up.

    Bad: Mouse-over functionality on the Corp icon does not show the status of worker auctions. Hopefully, fixing that problem does not spawn even more immortal message notifications.

    Ugly: Trying to see the status of deliveries to a city requires the patience of Job. It can take over a minute for the mouse-over function to overcome the lag.

    Here are the stats for an entire game round. I watched 21121 pairs of videos to get rewards. There was no significant difference in percentages between eras.

    5 Gold Lotto Ticket: 1.9%

    10 Gold Lotto Ticket: 2.8%

    15 Gold Lotto Ticket: 3.9%

    20 Gold Lotto Ticket: 4.6%

    1x Cash: 62.1%

    2x Cash: 13.0%

    Research Points: 1.7%

    Rail Car Vouchers: 9.1%

    Free Lotto Ticket: 0.9%

    Also, the value of the Lotto Ticket goes up when your Lottery Level increases such that you are eligible for the 40Gold prize. That prize is not, as far as I know, available at the start of the round.

    The update includes the chances to win prizes in the Lotto. The figures given agree pretty much with my experience. According to the posted odds, the expected rate of Gold Return for Gold prizes, alone, is 4G per ticket. If you include the 24 Hour Plus award and factor it as 150G/7, then the expected rate of Gold Return for Lotto tickets increases to between 4.4G and 4.5G per ticket.

    Considering the chances for other prizes, such as Bonus Engines, Instant Upgrade Vouchers, Instant Dispatch Vouchers, etc, then the 5G discount ticket seems a pretty good deal even though it will not, on average, increase your Gold stash.

    Era 4 Lottery Tickets

    58 Tickets to Cargo Bonus Engine

    67 More Tickets to PAX Bonus Engine

    5x Boost: 7

    3x Mechanic: 8

    Engine Upgrade: 4

    Engine Voucher: 4

    Production Series Voucher: 1 (I didn't use it, so more were blocked)

    20% Building Discount: 0

    Instant Upgrade: 0

    10x Instant Dispatch: 4

    1/2 Wait Time: 3

    Headquarters Donation: 0 (Corp full size)

    Investment Voucher: 7

    License Voucher: 11

    Track Voucher: 12

    Bonus Engine Upgrade: 5

    1x Cash: 11

    2x Cash: 19

    3x Cash: 17

    4x Cash: 18

    5x Cash: 13

    30 Gold: 10

    35 Gold: 11

    40 Gold: 7

    24 Hour Plus: 3

    Research Points: 8

    Rail Cars: 7

    Coin: 3

    Total Tickets 195

    Average Gold/Ticket (Counting Plus): 5.3

    Era 3 evened things out quite a bit. I don't know whether an adjustment was made to drop rate, or I was just unlucky earlier, or I got luck at the end.

    48 Tickets to 1st Cargo Bonus Engine.

    82 Tickets to Cargo Bonus Engine from Era 2

    11 Tickets to PAX Bonus Engine for Era 3

    2 Tickets to Cargo Bonus Engine from Era 1

    Totals for Era

    5x Boost: 9

    3x Mechanic: 5

    Engine Upgrade: 2

    Engine Voucher: 2

    20% Building Cost Discount: 5

    Instant Upgrade: 3

    10x Instant Dispatch: 4

    1/2 Wait Time: 0

    Headquarters Donation (Corp was full size): 0

    Investment Voucher: 7

    License Voucher 6

    Bonus Engine Upgrade: 3

    1x Cash: 14

    2x Cash: 17

    3x Cash: 22

    4x Cash: 17

    30 Gold: 10

    35 Gold: 5

    40 Gold: 1

    24 Hour Plus: 4

    Research Points: 6

    Rail Cars: 7

    Coin: 3

    Total Tickets 151

    Average Gold/Ticket (Counting Plus) 3.21

    Crankshaft is unplayable again, just like yesterday morning about the same time.

    You cannot reload the page. Server hangs trying to reload the page.

    I reloaded the game just before the end of an auction. It didn't help. The server got stuck on my bid. I even got an alert that I made the bid, but it didn't get counted for the auction.

    Every button click is a crap shoot as to whether or not the server will acknowledge it.

    I am reaching my limit of frustration with the servers hanging. Videos hang. The scheduler hangs. I try to type a message and the server cuts me out of the message losing it.

    It is getting to the point where you have to reload every 5 minutes to do anything.

    Most of the videos are working on Crankshaft.

    Darlene GoDaddy is a problem. The video runs, but the transition following the video frequently hangs on a handshake to This is a 50 sec video, so it is a real nuisance when this video hangs and has to be reloaded. I give it a try each day to see if it is working, but after the first hang, I cancel it every time I see it.

    You might keep track of videos to count how often the reward is granted and how often it is cancelled. Those counts should tell you where the problems are.