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    The introduction of so powerful an agent as steam to a carriage on wheels will make a great change in the situation of man.

    Thomas Jefferson


    If I win a prize, please send to US01 Crankshaft (start on Monday) or COM05 Cylinder Head if awarded before Monday.

    I continue to enjoy this great game. Congratulations on the roll out of Origin.

    Now for the "but."

    The connectivity is getting worse on a daily basis. The game hangs on login, choosing a server, game play, and even logging out. The train scheduler hangs in every possible place: selecting a train, clicking a station, clicking "done" and clicking "let's go if you have Plus.

    I suspect that most of the train scheduler problems that have been reported are due to poor connectivity rather than a software bug.

    Please do not ask whether I have flushed my cache or not. This is the standard response for all problems reported.

    The techies working on the game need to play the game. They would know which videos are a problem. They would be aware of the above issues.

    City 1: Level 7, Good Milk, Country Austria

    City 2: Level 33, Good Watches, Country Switzerland

    City 3: Level 41, Good Mobile Phones, Country Germany


    If I win a prize, please send to COM05 Cylinder Head.

    I was upgrading Centaurs to Olympus when I started having problems setting new train schedules. I do not get any goods icons to set the schedules. After the first problem, it resolved by reloading, but now I cannot set a new schedule on any train on this Server. I can set schedules on trains on other servers, so I do not see how this can be a problem with my browser. I have tried reloading, re-starting the game, and re-booting Windows.

    When I am in the New Schedule screen, there are no goods icons to click on.

    US 01:

    Caesar's Palace

    Click to Start Blocking Ads

    Online Roofers Insurance

    Text Box, but no video. You get the opportunity to reload.

    US 101:

    Some Car Ad has a bunch of buttons to check out their site. There is a video in a box which plays a series of 3 or 4 short videos. When the last video finishes, the ad hangs and does not complete. Maybe it is waiting for a click or something.


    No video problems noted.

    You get an alert saying that your Lab has created an RP, but it is not there if created by the Researcher. When you get a regular RP, and spend that RP, the missing RP appears, so you have 1 RP instead of zero. You have to spend a 2nd time.

    The Game of Thrones ad is running fine on COM05 and US01.

    Ad for shows a text box but no video. You can reload when the counter runs down to zero. I mostly get a different video after reload.

    So, there are still some problem ads sneaking through, but it is much better than it was 1 week ago.

    If you have Plus, you get the advantage of a researcher. The points generated by the Researcher do not show up in your Research Point inventory until AFTER you spend research points. So, if you have spent all your points, and your researcher generates a point, it appears that you have none. When you get a point via your Lab, it shows up as 1 point. When you spend the point, the missing Researcher Point appears and you can spend it.


    DNA = D, Flask = F, Atom = A, Triangle = T, Cone = C

    Assuming the numbers are the sum of the elements:

    3D + 2A = 21;

    3A + 2D = 24;

    So, 6D = 42 - 4A = 72 - 9A

    5A = 72 - 42 = 30

    A = 6

    18 + 2D = 24

    2D = 24 - 18 = 6

    D = 3

    2D + 2A + F = 27

    6 + 12 + F = 27

    F = 27 - 6 - 12 = 27 - 18

    F = 9

    3F + 2T = 51

    27 + 2T = 51

    2T = 51 - 27 = 24

    T = 12

    D + F + T + C + A = 45

    3 + 9 + 12 + C + 6 = 45

    C = 45 - 6 - 12 - 9 = 45 - 30

    C = 15

    D + 2C + T + F = ??

    ?? = 3 + 30 + 12 + 9 = 59

    ?? = 54

    The numbers flash by very quickly, so I can't read them.

    US01 Crankshaft:

    Problem 1: Text at bottom of screen showing info like a URL with a large blank white area occupying most of the screen where presumably a video is supposed to show. You get the option to reload.

    RMM ad, Blocking Ads ad, Anti-malware ad, Protect What's Yours ad, Protect Your PC ad.

    Problem 2: Video shows and you think everything is OK, but the end comes before the reload counter reaches 0 and you see a completely blank Window where a video should be running.

    LL Bean, Game of Thrones, other movie ads

    COM05 Cylinder Head:

    I am using the same computer, same browser, alternating between the games: No problems at all. It could be that the above problem ads only run on US servers.

    Some videos clearly don't work, but you get a message to reload and you usually get a different video.

    The videos advertising other games seem to always work.

    One video -- LL Bean playing baseball in the rain -- runs and gets stuck at the very end with a blank screen but no transition to the reward. You no longer have the ability to reload. You have to hit the 'X' and start over.

    many people tell you good things about the current system here but you are the one who do not like.

    but then you recommend useless book to me who did not like the new company window.

    maybe you read this book to accept awesome current system o^_^o

    please explain meaning of `telegraphing your bid`

    Telegraphing your bid means letting someone know what you will bid before the end of the auction. By putting your bid in at the last micro second, your goal is to keep your bid blind to the other players. In a blind auction, you would not have to time your mouse click. You could put your bid in an hour early and do something else knowing that your competition could not determine how much you are willing to spend.

    I get the impression that you like the idea of getting information from others -- especially those who are not familiar with the system -- without giving up the same information to them.

    "Decide how much you are prepared to bid as an association, stick it on and then forget it. If someone bids higher then good luck to them."

    That is precisely what happens in a blind auction.

    If all these teams are clicking at the last micro second to avoid telegraphing their bid, that is functionally no different than a blind auction.

    I have not seen a single persuasive argument in favor of the current system.

    "i empty my bank to give to roosevelt, amundsen, von siemens. i click 3, 4 seconds before it ends. but sometimes we love.

    and i do not feel cheated.

    they were better, and won.

    we did our best, many gave generously, but it could not be helped.

    we feel more motivated to try again next time"

    You could give the same amount in a blind auction. Nothing would stop you. The only purpose of clicking 3 or 4 seconds before the end is to avoid telegraphing your bid. That is functionally the same as a blind auction.


    But I wouldn't mind a blind auction either, it wouldn't change a thing for me.

    But, any auction that cannot end if someone is bidding every X seconds would be a disaster. Because you could have a troll or a bot bidding every X-1 seconds to make sure the auction never ends.


    The troll or bot can be dealt with the same way you act now: put a large bid in that is out of reach of the troll or bot.

    If fixed time limit is important to the players, then blind auctions would be the way to go. As you said, you have essentially gone that route for your own convenience.

    If you lose a blind auction, you don't feel cheated. If you lose an auction because someone puts in a bid 1 microsecond before the time limit, you probably will feel cheated -- at least a little bit. If you don't, you have become jaded by the environment. So, blind auctions are not inconvenient to anyone, but the current system may very well chase new players away. I don't see how the current system benefits anyone other than the trolls and bots.