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    Are there any peculiar rules about getting Lotto Tickets from collecting Station Bonuses from corp mates? After I got my Cargo Bonus Engine, I decided to save Lotto Tickets for the next Era. I have gotten Lotto Tickets by other means (daily ticket, watching videos), but I have not gotten a single Lotto Ticket in over 24 hours from Station Bonuses. I have probably collected over 200 Station Bonuses. Is this coincidence?

    I finally got a Bonus Cargo Engine on Ticket 48 of Era 3. I started counting tickets after I got a PAX Bonus Engine on Day 4 of Era 1. It took 325 tickets + how ever many (most likely about 40) I got before I started counting. My internet is down at home. I will post a full accounting of Lotto awards in Era 3 when I get my internet back up at home.

    Here are Stats on Lotto Tickets from Era 2. I collected 158 Tickets.

    5xBoost: 9

    3xMechanic: 6

    Upgrade Voucher: 2

    Engine Voucher: 5

    20% Building Upgrade Voucher: 8

    Instant Upgrade Voucher: 6

    10xInstant Dispatch: 3

    1/2 Wait Time Voucher: 2

    Investment Voucher: 1

    Bonus Engine Upgrade Voucher: 1

    PAX Bonus Engine won on Ticket 17

    No Cargo Bonus Engine

    No Primus

    1x Cash: 14

    2x Cash: 18

    3x Cash: 23

    4x Cash: 17

    30 Gold: 10

    35 Gold: 6

    40 Gold: 1

    24 Hour Plus: 7

    Research Points: 2 (# of awards which were for 2 or more RP each)

    Rail Cars: 12 (# of awards which were for 2 or 4 cars each)

    Coins: 3

    Factoring in the 24 Hour Plus winnings at 150/7 Gold, the average gold earned per ticket was 4.43.

    The game is becoming unplayable. I have had the server hang 3 times in a row attempting to watch a video. The videos are so long that the server loses contact with the client page and does not respond to the request sent during the transition video. The game is hanging on 20% or more of the videos.

    Are we supposed to reload the game before every mouse click?

    In my opinion, this crash was just an extension of an ongoing problem of poor server responsiveness.

    The servers hang all the time. Several months ago, it was an occasional problem. Now, the server cannot maintain contact with the client page for 30 seconds at a time. Here are the problems encountered EVERY DAY.

    City levels, so try to change train schedules. The scheduler hangs on the "Let's Go" button.

    Collecting station bonuses: scrolling through teammates stops working or you do not get the correct page displayed.

    Watching videos: You watch a 49 second video (Darlene Go Daddy). The video works, but the transition video #17224 hangs. You have to start over at best (1st video), or lose the bonus for collecting the video (2nd video) at worst.

    End Game: The scheduler hangs at least half the time after a new call. This is really frustrating.

    Login or Logout

    I am now reloading the page before every important button click, because it is more likely than not to hang if I don't reload.

    This game requires a steady stream of communication between the game client pages and the servers. Your servers cannot keep up with the flow.

    I am now 200 Lottery tickets into this round without a Cargo Bonus Engine drop. I am either very unlucky, or the drop rate has been lowered. I have gotten both PAX Bonus Engines so far.

    For a 1% drop rate, you have less than 37% chance of missing 100 times in a row,

    less than 17% chance of missing 200 times in a row,

    less than 5% chance of missing 300 times in a row.

    You can get titles for hauling the most of a single good during a game day. There are titles for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. I am not sure if there is a title for every good or not.

    There is also the money grubber title for 1st, 2nd, 3rd place for something related to money earned by hauling. I win this one a lot, but I have not been able to find out exactly what I did to get it. I hope someone can explain money grubber.

    Titles are awarded at the same time that the prestige is awarded each day.

    The vast majority of tickets came from collecting Station Bonuses from teammates. I am guessing that I get 1 ticket for every 50 bonus collection. I dabbled in buying the 5 Gold tickets offered as a video prize, but I quit after 18 tickets when it became clear that it was a gold losing proposition.

    100 Consecutive Lottery Tickets following a reward of PAX bonus engine. Lottery level was 2 for part of the time and 3 for part of the time.

    1x Cash 10

    2x Cash 15

    3x Cash 16

    4x Cash 4

    30 Gold 5

    35 Gold 2

    24 Hour Plus 3

    Research Points 5

    Rail Cars 7

    Coins 3

    20% Building Upgrade Discount 3

    10x Instant Dispatch 5

    Production Series Voucher 1

    Upgrade Voucher 3

    Engine Voucher 3

    Clothing Voucher 2

    Bonus Engine Upgrades 2

    5x Boosts 3

    Instant Building Upgrade 6

    Headquarters Donation 1

    1/2 Waiting Time 1

    No Cargo Bonus Engine yet.

    Average Gold payout 2.20 per ticket

    There is an assumption that blocking further rewards (by not using, say, clothing vouchers) improves the chances for a particular desirable reward (like the bonus engine) by reducing the total number of possibilities. This is not necessarily the case. The simplest coding, in my opinion, is to map all the rewards to the interval 0 - 1 using a pseudorandom number generator, and if a reward is invalid reducing the reward to a default cash prize. This algorithm would have a fixed chance to win any given prize (other than the default cash prize) if it is enabled.

    I am collecting data on Lottery tickets. So far, they are paying off 3 gold per ticket after 62 tickets. Of course, there are other goodies in there, such as +24 hour Plus Account and Instant Building Upgrade Vouchers which are very valuable. I was buying the 5GP discount tickets, but I have stopped. I will report the Lottery Ticket data when I get a bonus engine. I am running the collections between bonus engines to determine mean time to bonus engine rather than a fixed number until I have some idea of how rare the bonus engines are. I am guessing they are less than 1% of tickets.

    First, I want to thank the developers for fixing the broken video problem. I have played 8 days on Crankshaft without a single broken video. I really appreciate this effort.

    2nd, I want to post results on 1,000 consecutive video rewards.

    1x Cash: 605

    2x Cash: 129

    5Gold Lottery Ticket Discount: 19

    10G LT Discount: 24

    15G LT Discount: 39

    20G LT Discount: 55

    Research Points: 22

    Rail Car Vouchers: 97

    Lottery Tickets: 10

    So, what you think? Are the rewards worth the time to watch videos? It helps if you can do something else at the same time.

    I finished the entire tech tree during my recent End Game on Crankshaft. My mates tell me there is a 1000 PP award for completing the entire tree. I am guessing, since I did not get such reward, that you have to complete the tech tree by the end of Era 6 in order to qualify.

    Maybe somebody else knows the details.

    After you enter a bid you can make subsequent bids. The subsequent bids change the total bid either up for a positive subsequent bid or down for a negative subsequent bid. I have never tried to decrease my bid on a worker auction, so I am not certain that it can be done. I have entered a subsequent negative bid on licenses to decrease my total bid.

    But I did, in fact, see the winning bid decrease from over $30 million to a lesser amount $10,000 higher than 2nd place over a few seconds saving the bidder over $15 million dollars.

    It would a straightforward script to create that would 1. read the winning bid, 2. enter a number high enough to pass the current winning bid into the bid amount field, and 3. actuate the bid button. The script could be actuated by pressing a button created by the script for that purpose, or once actuated, continue to loop entering winning bids as fast as possible.

    not hauling what is called is for 99% not a mistake but done with a purpose.

    Everything is done with a purpose. Nobody uses a random number generator to pick which facility they haul from.

    If the goal is winning End Game then hauling from facilities not called for does not advance that goal, so it is a mistake. It may make perfect sense if the goal is to maximize personal prestige. Those people place a higher value on their extra prestige points than ruining 3 months of effort on the part of their team mates. Those people either do not know they are ruining 3 months of effort, or they do know and they don't care, or their purpose is to maximize the pain inflicted on others.

    Supplying an offline call leads to decreasing wait time over time. I have seen it with my own eyes. If some theory about wait time says otherwise, then there is a problem with that theory.

    Supplying a facility that is not supposed to be in use, but is in use due to people not following the calls, will, as mentioned by others above, make the wait time rise over time. Any improvement in wait time would be transient and be turned into disadvantage as soon as the next direct haul depletes the supply.

    I hope that covers all the possibilities and clears things up.

    It is a very perverse game when your competitor is trying to level your city and you are doing everything you can to avoid leveling. There were some good thoughts in this archived thread.

    The city leveling period (Eras 1-6) should be a separate competition from End Game. There should bonuses for city rank at the end of Era 6, but End Game should start at the same time for everyone, and there should be no penalty for having a higher level city.

    How about this structure?

    48 goods and PAX. End Game starts the same time for every city. 1 hour for each good. 48 hours for PAX. Best total wins End Game (with proper adjustment between tons and passengers). The required good is the same for each city every hour. Synchronize the facility recalculations to the start of End Game. Prestige points are awarded for Home City Rank during End Game. Prestige points are awarded for player rank in Home City. Each player gets credit only for goods hauled to their home city.

    If they implement something like your suggestion, I hope they will fix a few problems with the scheduler.

    If you select a route by clicking goods icons, the game should not "see" the trains hidden behind the icons and interpret a click on a hidden train as a desire to append that train's schedule to the 9 stops you already have scheduled, thereby generating an error, and making you start over.

    It is even crazier when after entering 9 stops manually, your final click on city accidentally clicks a Passenger train that happens to be in the city, and the scheduler thinks you want to append that PAX schedule onto your 9 stops.

    But, being able to group trains and easily do something (like park or set a schedule) to all the trains in the group would be a welcome improvement.

    Wait until you get a board with Cars, 4 Era 6 goods, 0 x 1 track goods, 1 x 2 track goods.

    I think it would be an improvement to have no more than 2 Era 6 goods and no more than 1 x 1 track good on any board.