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    i got about 314 and 310 coins on 2 servers.

    no package bought, quest reward equivalent (items sold immediately if gotten by other sources) went into 3890 and 3560 extra coins.

    taking your "1344" coins from quests, meaning i got 5234 and 4904 coins. this means that, for me, one diamond is equivalent to 15,82-16,66 coins (avg 16,2441)

    in terms of the package:

    taking your "623 coins from goods" + 350 + 7*16,2441, i get about 1086,71 coins, which is the equivalent of ~65,23-68,69 extra diamonds from the event.

    since the top-1 person had ~340 on both worlds, it not only did cost me the win, but that also means that they bought 20% of their total diamonds by real money, and this is the top position.


    this is like you could pay 20€(25$) at the end of a game round to instantly get 20% pp on top of your current pp


    i have to say, thanks for ruining a fun competative event with another buyout option

    Samisu :

    "Each player can only purchase one of these WInter event packages so the 7 gems is the max amount anyone can get via the packages"

    your statement is false!

    you get coins aswell, which translate in more coins (in regards of total amount being able to spend) translating in massively more than 7 diamonds!

    Samisu : the fact that you're asking the question is a sign that (whoever did the decision) isn't good at math or did ignore the facts purposely!

    since i won the winter event on multiple worlds last year, i can tell u sth:

    if there was a person would have bought the most expensive package once, that would have already cost me the topspot. while i would have still ended up in the top tier(because i had just enough distance to the next tier), several people who ended up in the top tier would have ended in a tier lower just because of someone spending real money!

    basically, 1x most expensive package gives more than 10% of the diamonds it took me to win the winter event, which is an insane amount.

    just imagine at the end of the game round, during the endgame, you could increase your own PP by 10% of your current amount for 20€ each. people would totally love that........for sure.

    if you want to sell career points for real money (which is basically what you're doing here), just add that option in your shop and stop spoiling the remaining fun parts of the game!

    in the shop, there are option to buy 3 packages, let's take the biggest one. (note: depending on the world, the package costs vary slightly)

    1200 gold cost 27$, the biggest winter event package costing 24$, giving 1200 gold aswell and the equivalent of 7 diamonds and 896 winter coins.

    are you actually seriously putting pay2win options to this aswell? i recall your "words" from the primus and the appearance of the primus as a direct-buy option for real money, but do you have to put real money purchases to every small event now aswell? next year, you can buy additional 5 clash games/day for 5$ each or what's coming next?

    so at least personally, i have to say, thanks for ruining a fun competative event with another buyout option.

    it's clear that some mechanics implemented in px exist to change things around, which is a nice idea in general, like the pp from facility levelups if you deliver goods to it (and i don't recall someone answering my question in regards of that subject which i asked about that a few days ago)


    Most importantly it changes that fact that cities are being connected by players because these cities are "on the way" and this puts them at a disadvantage.

    the reason they are on a disadvantage in the current state is because it of the attempted 'fix' of massive player gatherings in one single city during the endgame, which has basically shifted the gatherings to the border of the map. without that *change* center cities would just be as fine as they were before.

    -not every change is a fix but some certainly are-


    "Most importantly it changes that fact that cities are being connected by players because these cities are "on the way" and this puts them at a disadvantage. This mostly applies to cities towards the center of the map"

    this is what i read out of this statement: "you want to fix 1 issue, produce 1 new issue and now you attempt to fix the issue by fighting it's symptoms while creating new issues which you hope will be less significant than the previous."

    @Gambei i see a balancing problem rising if you remove the consumption which is the only help for smaller cities to catch up - also it would just massively improve the abusing potential of the "we define the tonnage of a new set based on the haulers of the past hour" because you can actually park with most drivers if they listen to the calls.


    since we're at the topic consumption - doesn't the new rule benefit larger cities more than smaller ones simply because if a 50 driver city adds 50 drivers on top of a 300 driver city, it's an increase of 1/6, but if 50 of the 300 drivers add on top of the 50 driver city, then the 50 driver city has an in increase of 6/6 in terms of "active EG drivers *cough*"

    if the 300 driver city also throws 100% of it's drivers onto the 50 driver city (like the 50 driver city did on the 300 driver city), then the increase would be 36/6 already.

    the advantage of the current one is that it's calculatable, if you're defining the tonnage of a 12-good set by the amount of people driving any good in the past hour - can surely be manipulated somehow to the point where you can just create easy sets, as long as the drivers have discipline (&back to the point where you can finish goods before the city consumption hits)

    Therefore, it is unreasonable for the first set to count the "active players" who had a delivery in the last hour.

    which adds them up right when they deliver 1t of any good to leech pp while the city consumption is almost null anyway. so for the city consumption it's totally unnessesary to differentiate here.

    as for the tonnage for goods, then you just level your EG city as high as nessesary and request all people to not drive any t to the city for 24h to the city in order having a super small 1st batch in terms of active players.

    also, if the tonnage for batches 2-4 is defined by the 1 hour rule based on the hour before the batch was finished, i can already imagine several ways to "game the system" to get the tonnage down as long as the drivers of the city aren't egoistic.

    so i see no serious reason why the 1st batch should be treated differently than the 2nd to 4th.

    @Hear Me Roar

    idk where you have your information from, but the information i linked in my last posting already stated that during endgame, so basically era 7, the set of rules changes.

    how do you get the idea of that the 1st set is pretending to not be in endgame while set 2-4 are? apart from the fact that it makes, at least to me, 0 sense to consider the first batch different to the 2nd to 4th one.

    @Samisu do you have anything to solve this question?

    "era6, day 3 at 447k, I'm pretty sure that guy won't go above 800k-1mil. Which is exactly the point I make. 1mil "regularly" is quite achievable. 2mil isn't"

    @sacroima: the guy on career pp 4 (hubert or sth like that) made his 2,8m pp on the 4x fast forward servers. obviously, we don't know how much real money he spent on that server buying pp with the 'improved' pp calculation. aside from that: you probably won't be able to achieve 2m pp on an inactive server, because the pp from cities is determined by level and by connected players. so on dead servers, the actual pp will be significantly lower, which is why you don't farm dead cities to begin with.

    aside from that, the "multipliers" are (if the condition is met) applied on a daylie basis, so in terms of that server he probably won't make even 800k, unless he completely dominates the EG. this means, even though his pp would be (without multipliers and workers) 91% of his current, the % which he gets from multipliers and workers in terms of his final total will be significantly less because EG pp aren't affected by "multipliers"

    @Hear Me Roar deliveries to city and real money spent on halve wait times...u know which server i'm talking about.


    on usa scenario, you can not buy pp for real money easily, like some people do (on classic and soe) massively to just buy their win with real money, instead of using game knowledge to achieve their goal.

    still, this doesn't change the fact that the type of getting pp from cities which was used can be reproduced exactly. (also, on classic, since the "buff", cities give ~double daylie pp than their equivalent on a usa scenario in terms of level/players, so you now actually need ~100% multiplication/day to be equal to classic)

    "(you don't get the 1000% multipliers)" i recommend you to try the scenario with the nerfed "multipliers" and check in the end how much you actually got from that. feel free to imaginary double your multiplier bonus in the end and then tell me about those impossible "1000% multipliers" again.

    edit: @sacroima i just joined de107 broadway (e6d3)for reference and the top player at 447k pp recieved exactly 31k of it from region-boni and 9k from workers (which is influenced aswell). so even if i subtract those 2 boni from his actual pp, 91% of his pp were made "regulary", still. since the whole faction color gets the exact same "multiplier" bonus, this percentage can be (roughly) applied for everyone else of the faction.

    I highly doubt a PP farmer will ever farm in the top cities tho. Since he doesn't have majority, he won't gain nearly as much as the 20 guys that have the majority.

    there are 2 main variables who define the PP output of a city, those are the key & majority plays a minor role there. without going into detail, check the top-100 ranking in terms of "highest amount of pp in a game round" if you want a proof that it works.

    also, i got another question in regards of PX:


    as you said above, even if a player drives 1t during era 6, he automatically counts as an active player for that day.

    is it planned to adjust the value for "counts as an active player" to more than just 1t for the later eras (2-6) in the second game rounds?

    (i was thinking of sth like 1+(era-1)*x for example)


    "I meant that every day u deliver at least 1 tonn of each good in each city. That provides rather good amount of pp during the round"

    i probably play on servers with many pp farmers then, i can't confirm the option of even a dozen cities being that "juicy" for delivering pp. maybe this applies for rather dead servers, because for active servers, the best pp you get are from high levelled cities.

    also, i already red above my posting that the server will run on 2x, i was pointing out that just because it might work out for a 2x server, it's affecting a 1x server different in case the "changes" are planned to be implemented on all servers because they "worked on the 2x event server".


    "all players who have supplied required goods to an industry will receive prestige as soon as the industry levels up"

    only those or additionally (to current investment-pp)?

    unless i missed the answer to that, this is the only remaining question of my inital ones.


    pax driving and farming low level cities (which isn't worth it) are 2 different things. the main advantage of pax drivers is getting pp for the city-pax and a lot of money, way more than RG drivers (even with newbie bonus) can get on optimal routes.

    "So it will be a battle between investment + competition prestige against prestige from investments, city lvlup and deliveries to the factories, so it can be interesting."

    the thing is that city levelups are 8 for an era. if the server runs on 2x, this might work out for 2x but on 1x, you'll only get "up to" 8 times pp instead of 14. if a city stays on eras max level for a few days, helping on the next levelup after the era change will potentially be totally worthless because a bunch of people afk-drove so many goods over a few days that u won't get pp for the levelup anyway.

    wouldn't be the first time devs implemented something from an event world onto actual servers, so i'm pointing it out.