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    I currently run COM203 and US102 while waiting for NL2 and trying to give my career train a boost... but both COM and US are without any gold because I can't afford to buy gold on all three domains :)

    I've mostly reacted to your suggestion in depth as a player. Sorry to have to spell that out everytime I respond.

    I've said all I said as a mod in the first post: I hope to see a healthy discussion.

    As a player I am allowed to partake in said discussion.

    I did not see the era2 part, tbh. But still my point remains valid: If in Era 5/6 you can turn over 175mil with only 7 active players in 6 hours, you can turn over 100 Mil in Era 2 with at least 15 active players.

    You claim Gold is used specifically to hinder others, because you don't believe a company can turn over 90 mil in 6 hours.

    But if I am online for 6 hours, I can generate 25 mil by myself.

    Imagine if 6 others in my 25 player company are also able to do this... that would give our company 175 mil to potentially spend.

    And I don't even mention the players who turn over less, but still will bid with us.

    So it is EASY to raise that kind of money. Do not punish the good players by restricting things YOU think is unfair.

    We have had one member who bought a textile worker for just 10k, because they were hauling textile for cash... We as a company and city were already hauling petrol, steel beams, stainless steel and plastic. And we had another worker on sale for petrol and oil.

    You say that this little screw up would force us to keep the textile worker for 24 hours and pass on the better worker, just because we're full and we're not allowed to fire workers.

    Like I said: maybe you can get away with 12 hours, but NOBODY will like the idea of being forced to have them the full 24 hours.

    So you're saying that the whole association should have to pay for one bad decision, just to make sure nobody can just hire a worker for spite and fire them right after.....

    As a player: no... just no.

    Mayyyybe 12 hours, but not the full 24 hours.

    Some associations have members who think a worker is great, but don't look ahead for better workers to be auctioned off.

    So they end up buying a worker when (V)P is off that the (vice)president cannot fire because of this.

    And you can't have only the (vice)president hiring workers, that would kill their own game.

    As a mod: I would like to thank you for your feedback. I'm looking forward to a healthy discussion about this suggestion.

    On Express servers it is 15 days, on normal servers it is 30.

    And doubling it will still not enable players to just abandon their account, as it is not the complete duration of the server.