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    In part it is true, But in part, I know from experience that your account is blocked so you can no longer use it. so it goes black after 3 days and your trains are no longer maintained. So players can see from a player whether a ban has been given or not.

    Please stop spreading this false information. Players can NOT see whether or not a ban has been given via their online status, because you still have the possibility to log in to your server.

    However, you will get a pop-up message saying that you are banned, but that still counts towards your online time. So if you keep logging in to contact support via ingame option, other players will never see that you're banned.

    The only part you CAN see is the condition of the trains going down and not back up, because you can't do any maintenance on them.

    No longer using Adobe Flash due to Malware issues. Hoa can I continue to play without Flasher Player?

    You can play via the mobile phone or tablet app.

    You can find it in the Google Playstore or Apple Appstore.

    In my experience as retailer it comes from what Klabbauter mentioned: they're always right in their complaints, because we have a job to not only sell products, but satisfaction as well.

    However: The whole "Customer vs Company" view is a wrong one.

    Just like in relationships whenever there's a problem, it's not him vs her. (Or him vs him, or her vs her).

    It is the Customer AND Company vs The Problem.

    It is Husband AND Wife (or Husband/Husband, Wife/Wife, and any other form of relationships included besides marriage) vs The Problem.

    So the Customer is always right should still be aimed at Companies, so that they will work together with the Customer to tackle The Problem. And in that view I say: it is correct.

    That is why service employees are trained to understand the Customer. Saying that you understand does not have to mean they are right, but the underlying issue is that they are right.

    There's a whole grey area though, when it comes to warranty or disclaimers which reinstated the whole Company vs Customer idea again. And that is not a good development, unfortunately.

    For example: A Customer returns a defective hammer drill, because the Customer used it to drill a hole in a solid concrete wall, unfortunately the hammer drill was not powerful enough so it overloaded and burnt out.

    Customer is unhappy, riling himself up on the way over, storms in, slams the product on the counter with the receipt: "This thing is a piece of trash!!"

    Nowadays the Company vs Customer view kicks in at most places (The Customer was too dumb to buy a better drill) as they take that comment at face value.

    "The Customer is always right" view teaches you to find the underlying issue: That hammer drill did not live up to the expectation of the Customer. And in that respect: he is right. He's all bothered because the drill did not survive putting a hole in a solid concrete wall.

    Now the service part of the Company's job kicks in.

    Finding out how the Customer got that wrong expectation. Was he advised by an employee? Did he do his own research about the drill? Or was he (unintentionally) misguiding the employee with wrong information about the walls (Stone/bricks vs concrete) or were assumptions made.

    While it does not solve the problem immediately, and it might cost the Company some money, it is imperative to figure this one out, as you might be dealing with an employee that will cost you more on the long run, so even though you're technically correct: Misuse of the device voids any warranty, you could just shell out some cash and give the Customer 50% off his next CORRECT purchase.

    This way the Customer returns again because even though he later realises he's partly to blame, you still gave him a discount. And you get information on the problem and can correct it before more damage is done. Ranging from a small training for your employees to always get most of the details about what The Customer needs that product for so they can give the best advice, or firing an employee for just not giving a crap about that and only think about his/her sales numbers.

    A Company with the wrong attitude will only focus on the warranty guidelines and disclaimers to make sure they're not to blame. Basically telling the Customer they're stupid for buying the wrong hammer drill.

    You'll never see that customer again, and if you keep that up your business WILL cease.

    Even though you're technically right, and they are wrong.

    I currently run COM203 and US102 while waiting for NL2 and trying to give my career train a boost... but both COM and US are without any gold because I can't afford to buy gold on all three domains :)

    I've mostly reacted to your suggestion in depth as a player. Sorry to have to spell that out everytime I respond.

    I've said all I said as a mod in the first post: I hope to see a healthy discussion.

    As a player I am allowed to partake in said discussion.

    I did not see the era2 part, tbh. But still my point remains valid: If in Era 5/6 you can turn over 175mil with only 7 active players in 6 hours, you can turn over 100 Mil in Era 2 with at least 15 active players.

    You claim Gold is used specifically to hinder others, because you don't believe a company can turn over 90 mil in 6 hours.

    But if I am online for 6 hours, I can generate 25 mil by myself.

    Imagine if 6 others in my 25 player company are also able to do this... that would give our company 175 mil to potentially spend.

    And I don't even mention the players who turn over less, but still will bid with us.

    So it is EASY to raise that kind of money. Do not punish the good players by restricting things YOU think is unfair.

    We have had one member who bought a textile worker for just 10k, because they were hauling textile for cash... We as a company and city were already hauling petrol, steel beams, stainless steel and plastic. And we had another worker on sale for petrol and oil.

    You say that this little screw up would force us to keep the textile worker for 24 hours and pass on the better worker, just because we're full and we're not allowed to fire workers.

    Like I said: maybe you can get away with 12 hours, but NOBODY will like the idea of being forced to have them the full 24 hours.