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    Option 1: $8,000 But a 4 hour delay also means missing the connection so this is not a feasible solution

    Option 2: $16,000 (if 50% reimbursement is $ 8,000 then full reimbursement is double)

    Option 3: $12,000

    Option 4: The passengers should arrive at 11.40 and make their connection. They will have a 3h6min delay for which they will have to be compensated. If they will be compensated at the same rate as a 4h delay ($8,000) this is still the best solution.

    Quality Price Punctuality


    20 3/5
    Swiss Metal High 60 4/5
    General Machines Medium 40 4/5

    Quality is twice as important as price. Swiss Metal has best quality but 50% higher price than General machines so scores better than general machines as punctuality is the same. Swiss metal is 3 times as expensive as Mecha-Heads but the quality is also 3 times as good. Mecha-Heads has lower punctuality so loses to Swiss Metal. Swiss Metal is awarded the contract.

    The trains are 140km apart. Their combined speed is 280 km/h. They will collide in 140/280 = .5 hour (30 minutes). Running at 14 km/h you cover 6.3 km in 27 minutes ( 6.3/14*60 = 27). The trains are still 3 minutes (14 km) apart, so they will be able to stop in time taking into account the time it takes to come to a full stop.