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    my 2 cents on the situation :

    2 days of era 6 mean, for an active player, at least 300M $$, maybe 400M, quite a lot of prestige (especially on those USA scenarios). A lot in terms of city preparation for EG, and so on.

    Personally, if I was playing on that server, I would like a roll back to the time when people started having troubles. All other options would, IMO, destroy all those efforts people invested for the whole 5 eras.

    Exactly! That's the only sensible solution!

    Please provide an update on the plan to fix this. We have players who lost prestige points, lost their gold, lost trains and on and on.

    Is there a plan to rollback or what?

    Halfway thru the last era and people have no answers

    The compensation (5 tickets, 100 gold, 15 wagon Vouchers) will be there once you login the next time.

    If you log out -> in, will this fix any of the association issues?

    On the third logout/log back in they showed up.

    But our assoc is missing the chair and other members

    A random assoc. member is now the chair (not a deputy)

    Many messages in the city/assoc forums simply say 'deleted'

    All kinds of random issues

    If you get the "client to old" error when inviting someone to your assoc., it means that player has already received an invite to your assoc. but they haven't clicked 'accept' or 'decline' yet.

    I agree that the "Error 19 client too old" message could be worded much better