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    Yeah ok,

    I understand your aproach.

    My angle of view is, that right now there is no reason for these individuals to act differently. Because we, like majority, and i dont think our corporation but whole city, just don't have any tool in our hand to do something with it. He can brake golden hour, he can increase load of the factory before competition of the cities etc. and there is absolutely nothing we can do about it.


    Rly dunno if something simillar wasn't already here, if so then sorry for spam.

    My suggestion is something like Personal embargo that can majority grant to individual player.

    My point is, that if in city is player that goes without integration on purpose, there is now way to deal with him. But personal embargo could be solution for this, if let's say 10 people vote for embargo for individual then individual would get for example +100% on waiting time. There should also be counter embargo points for case that people from one association will give points to individual from second association without proper reason.

    Embargo points should be somehow limited (not spamming embargo) and players should have same amount of Embargo points (balance)

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