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    Videos are not loading on Golden Gate...need more than 10 attempts to load one bonus-videos.

    Premium-Account is active, so bonus videos should be guaranteed.

    Well, what I see are some new Pay-To-Win features. Nothing less.

    And your point 7...

    7. Scheduled construction: Let's say i'm away for the next 6 hours, i know the while i'm offline i will have the required amount of money to upgrade a train station building. for a fee, i can schedule an upgrade once the required amount has been reached.

    To take care of your bank account is a basic thing in RN. You know, you will be offline next 6 hours, over should learn, how to handle it and what is your bank account for.

    Most of the player do not know, how urgent it is, to raise the bankaccount. So they lose money...every single day. To avoid this by using, not a good idea, just a new featute for

    "I'm only once a day online, but I can win the game".....

    You don't want to lose money? Ok, be online and learn, how to handle your bankaccount.

    Well, yes, you can feel discriminated, because you're not able to speak English like a native speaker.

    But on the other hand, maybe you can start to learn...and maybe you'll not be a part of this round, but maybe part of the next, and the next, instead of blaming around, how discriminated you feel and be never part of it?

    Well, it is, what it is. English is the most spoken language of the whole world. And if I, or you or who ever wants to be part of something, what is international, you'll be confrontated with English. It's not so long ago, that I felt very sad about my really rocky English...but I started to train it. I wrote in English in forums like this, instead of German. I used Google translater, to see, what will the translation be. I asked friends about my grammar. I started to speak English at work, every chance I had to do it. Did I do mistakes ? Oh boy, yes, I did and I still do. But it's going to be better and better every week.

    Well, I think chair, debuty and member are the same in every scenario.

    As a chair you have to take care of "your" association.

    - Hire new member, activly

    - Sort out inactive member

    - Be a kind of leader and mentor to the member

    - Take care for a good mood in the association

    - Be able to discuss things. Not everything what the chair says is good for the association.

    - Be able to learn

    As a debuty, you are a debuty. Do things like your chair would do them. That's it.

    As a member you've got the freedom do everything you want to do. No need to follow "server-rules" except RN rules. That's it.

    I don't know much about president or the rest. I only played on round Europe scenario, and I don't like it...

    You claim Gold is used specifically to hinder others, because you don't believe a company can turn over 90 mil in 6 hours.

    But if I am online for 6 hours, I can generate 25 mil by myself. can't. Don't tell people any Christmas-Storys. You won't generate 25 Million in era 2 within 6 hours on your owen.

    The money grabber title is at around 20 million. Sometimes 22, sometimes only 19 million. Today it was 21,6 Million. This is the title you can get within 24 hours.

    And you really want to tell me, that you are able to get this title within 6 hours. Respect.

    Just for you, to remember...

    The association with most of gold will get the worker. THIS is correct. Don't tell me, that your corporation is able to generate 90 million cash within 6 hours to hire 3 workers AND have enough money to build up trainstation, lay tracks and buy carts without any gold in era 2.

    Read the last few words...we are talking about er2 2, not era 6, where you can haul oil, steel.beams and ohter high-price goods, with engines and 20+ carts. We are talking about 6 carts, maybe 11, if you use the Elephant.

    And this is a NO-Go for you, as a Mod:

    Like I said: maybe you can get away with 12 hours, but NOBODY will like the idea of being forced to have them the full 24 hours.

    You are not in a pssition to say, what everybody or nobody want to to, would like, or whatever. YOU don't like, that's clear and I'm fine with that. But stop telling the people, what they want or what they like or dislike.

    Really bad job.

    Why you hate the gold so much???

    YUKI, I never wrote, that I hate gold as itself.

    I use gold, too. I buy era-package, buy engines and half-waiting time for passengers. Sometimes I use boost and repair voucher. Yes, I play with gold.

    But I use gold only to have a benefit ON MY SIDE. Not to hind other people. And this makes the difference.

    Do you know Star-Trek, Next Generation, Commander Worf ? If so, he would say "this is not honorable".

    It is a difference between to boost your owen car or to sabotage the car of the neighbor to win a competition. And if you don't understand the difference...sorry, but then it makes no sense to go on with our conversation.

    I dont want any risk.

    Well....this statement says a lot.

    Your other statements even say much more.

    Taking risks from time to time makes a game much more interesting, than to simpley use some gold.

    The question is, what kind of risk.

    I don't think, to implement some risky things, just because of the risk as it self, makes any sense. I think, risky things should be in a reasonable context to the theme of the game.

    I also like the fact, that your trains, your tracks and your train station can't be touched by anyone else than you.

    The only scenario, where I see a kontext is the USA scenario, if you really want to attack other players trains. History teaches us, that a lot of trains were robbed.

    In SoE I can see a kind of stock market, as a risiky part. Invest into other players trains or tracks of other associations.

    Win or lose money...

    This is something I would see in classic, too.

    I know, you can't hire a worker for gold in a direct way. But you can buy free lottery tickets for gold and with this tickets you can generate a lot of money. And here we are. This money is used to hire and fire workers. That's it.

    1st. having gold is part of the game. Not acceptable is doing things against the rules or cheating. Everything else is acceptable.

    It's not needed, that things are "cheating" to become not acceptable. It's enough they are worse in a special way to become so.

    2nd. you cannot win a worker with gold. do you really know this game? To try to win the worker your asso needs to give money to him. Workers everyone wants such as Lincon, Voltaire, Amudsen, Boulton etc.... cost more money. The asso which more teammates are active and give big money to the worker, win the worker. If they fire him next minute, it is not your business! Next time, have your asso also giving big money and maybe you will win.

    This is not correct.

    The association with most of gold will get the worker. THIS is correct. Don't tell me, that your corporation is able to generate 90 million cash within 6 hours to hire 3 workers AND have enough money to build up trainstation, lay tracks and buy carts without any gold in era 2.

    What do you want to tell me, where the money comes from ? From deliver goods ? Are you still kidding me ?

    We can buy a worker now, I can't see what the future brings with workers. You can see 5 workers ahead, 10 hours

    And this is quite enough to make a plan and decide, to keep one slot open or take the risk and close it.

    I'm very sorry...but it seems you guys where absolutely lost without gold. To plan on a long term, to take some risk from time to time...THIS is, what sepperates a good player and a good association from a ordinary player/association.

    By the way...only to have this options (well planning and take some risk from time to time AND deal with the consequences) also separates a good game from an ordinary one....

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    A worker should be for 24 hours...that's it. If you need him only one minute...not the problem of all other associations. Here is exactly the point to use your brain and where you have to compare the worth of a free slot and the actual worker. USE YOUR HEAD. Not only gold.

    Hire and fire just to hind other playeres...THIS IS a problem for other associations. And don't get me wrong..NO ONE hires a worker for 35 Million and really USE him ten minutes or less. Because this means, ALL players of an association have to be online exactly within this minute or this ten minutes. Come on...are you kidding me ??

    As long player can get money for gold, as long this hire and fire tactic is not acceptable.

    Want the worker? Give big money to him, this is all there is to it.

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    If it's about risk you take i think that a "small turbo" you can research in the lab.

    Giving a time limited boost for your engine that will increase speed or acc while doing extra damage too, and a risk to break the engine > 0% and park in the city until you repear it.

    Would be very fun for competition and city-competition, it should be very limited use too with slow reload.

    Ok, this kind of risk in fact looks like a very good idea. Could make competitions much more interesting.

    Another idea would be to make a special research in the lab, for example for 100 research point you'll earn a special bonus for all your engines :

    for example +1% reliability until the end of game or +1acc etc...

    result have to be random and expensive enough to be balanced risk/gain that you have to think twice before doing it again

    But no, this is the same like a association laboratory. This is something for "Pay-to-Win" and I don't think, that we need more pay-to-win options....

    If you attack someones train and they have an unused defensive point that hour, that defensive point is exausted and nothing happens to the train.

    If their defensive points are exausted and you attack their trains it loses 25% health/maintenance. If it is a multislotter, for example 5 slots, that is divided down by the slots to 5%/attack.

    Any number of players can attack the same player and wreck his/her trains down to a full stop.

    If the player has a mechanic, the trains still loses the same amount of %, and is maintained at that level.

    No limits to re-attacking the same player after the player in question have repaired his trains during the same hour.

    Sorry...but this is not WW II. This is a train and economic simulation. I think, the "fights" in RN are enough. Fight for majority, fight for worker...for president and governor. This is more than enough...don't you think so ?

    What is this "risk"...the only risk, what would make sense, is to implement a kind of stock exchange. This is something, what depends on economic simualtions and train simulations.

    Some associations have members who think a worker is great, but don't look ahead for better workers to be auctioned off.

    Well....this is no argument at all.

    Once someone hired a bad worker, he or she will learn from this mistake. And this is, what it should be. Sometimes sh*** happens. Learn do deal with it, and with all consequences.

    You are the captain of the boat and your team mate hired a wrong worker ? Ok, write a message and explain, whiy this worker is bad for next 24 hours and deal with it. Shure, mistakes like this are affecting the whole association. But this is, what a association is. We do things together, the good ones and the bad ones. And if a member does a mistake...ok, we are strong and we will find a way to fix it.'s not a big deal to put a note into association forum, what worker should be next and what worker is totaly out. You can see the next 3 workers...thats 6 hours and more. This shoulfd be enough time for every member to read the message and do, what the captain is asking you for.