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    Got 900k+ in my bankaccount, but can't repair trains, because of issue "you don't have enough cash to perform this action". Repair costs are 860k.

    So what ?

    Win10 pro, chrome latest version 75.0.3770.100 (64-Bit)

    What I already did:

    Reboot system

    empty cache

    restart game/browser

    No effect.

    Would anyone be interested to discuss this "live" in Discord (I will talk, but writing is also okay for everyone who won't do that) some evening next week?

    Yes, I'd love to talk to you and other players in Discord. Saturday or Sunday, but not late evening. Around 6 p.m. MET would be best for me.

    And here we are exactly at the point. You accept the risk to lose your basic player because of new ones.

    This is your focus:

    Gain more profit with new players.

    And this will kill your game much faster, than a lower number of new players with 2FA.

    What you not understand is: You will hire new players with 2FA. Maybe not that much, but much better ones. This is a long-term thing...just for your information.

    Players, who accept a 2FA are much more interested. They really WANT to play the game, against all odds, even a 2FA. They don't want to troll around and make some investments and kill a server. They want to know, how the game is working, what are the rules and what is the comunity like.

    The chance, that most of this players will establish as a basic player community is much higher than with all these trolls you will get with your "keep it simple" strategy.

    And beside this...

    What will you do with your huge amount of new players, if you really get them ? No matter on what server, your endgames are already lagging with the existing number of what will you do with your "new players" ? Take another risk to lose players because of a more lagging endgame ?

    What did you win ?

    I tell you:


    I dare to disagree. If you think that only currently existing players are important for RN, then it's you who thinks "in a very, very short way". This is not a sustainable business practice. If we wouldn't care about user acquisition, RN would have been gone years ago.

    Well, I did not say, I ONLY care about existing players. But I care more of existing players, than of new dump-*****, who are not able to join a game by using a 2FA. Existing players are the basic of every online game. To take care of them is a long term job. And a basic thing, if a game should be a long term success.

    Taking these new players on board and accepting the risk of to lose existing players is not a long term thing. This is only something like "the revenue of tomorrow must be higher than the revenue of today"

    Sorry, but I always think in long terms. Because it's a basic in my job. And I don't care about a short term downgrade, when I expect a long term upgrade, what will be much more worth than a short revenue.

    It's not stupid. Sustaining a game is just not as simple as you make it sound.

    Sustaining a game is not as difficult as you make it sound.

    I never said, that it is simple, but it doesn't matter if you want to sell bread, a new car or sustaining a browser game.

    Fact is, you have to establish a basic of customer. Customer, who talk about the bread, the car or the game to other the most positiv way. If you don't care about your basic will not succeed.

    If you change the taste of your bread, because your hope is to win 2000 new customer, but after 3 month you see, you lost 3000 of your basic...well done.

    If you change the engine of your car, because you want to win 500 people from Green-Party, but you lose 1200 other people...well done, go ahead.

    If you make some advertise with bonus packages, because you hope to win 100 new players and RN will maybe earn 10000€ more than the month before, but in the end you lose 10 from your basic long-term players and RN makes 500€ less...well done, go ahead.

    If you make it as easy as possible to join the game for new players "because they don't want a 2FA" and not only the new players, but also 20 of your basic players leave your game...good job.

    This is short-term thinking, nothing else. They think about revenue of tomorrow, maybe of the next week. But not about, what will be in one year, maybe in 3 or maybe 5. Most important thing is to generate more and more revenue tomorrow, next week and maybe next month.

    d) About Two Factor Authentication: While 2FA is probably the gold (ar at least silver) standard in terms of account security, there is a huge downside to it: Most people don't want to do it. You will find very few free games that use mandatory 2FA, because this simply stops players from registering at all. When people just want to test a game quickly, the last thing they want to do is to provide their phone number or anything like that. So instead of doing that, they just leave again. It would essentially mean that we wouldn't just prevent fake accounts, we would mostly prevent new accounts in general. It probably sounds a bit overly dramatic to say it like this, but: This would mean a quite quick end for Rail Nation.

    Tell you what...I don't give a damn, if "most people don't want to do it".

    I care about the people who are already here. Because they are the ones, who give you money. They are the ones, who make suggestions in your forum, who are interested in developing the game and eerything else...not those idiots, who are not able to count 1 and 1 together.

    You guys at RN think in a very, very short way.

    Tell me, please, what's the profit, if 10 people stir up a whole server and not one remains ... but for 3 regulars disappear forever from the game? What did you win then?

    Well, you would have introduced the 2FA ... because the regular customers would certainly understand for such a measure ... and who has no understanding of it .. you can forget them all.

    And is, what it is. If you are interested, you have to give RN your phone number...thats it. You don't want to ?? Ok, move on, play another game.

    Really..every time I read statements like that, it drives me crazy, because it's stupid...and it is a smash into the face for every regular customer/player.

    I remember the discussion about a two way authentication for RN. People have cried about less comfort and some other seemed they rather accept multi accounts than a more save authentification. Well, this is anoying to me and I can imaging that it is the same at RN as well. What I want to say is..every time, we tryed to suggest some things..people start crying about "it's to hard to logon...." or "keep things simple"...

    I know this does not solve anything here and now, but now you know the next steps we can take.

    Well, some things need time. But I'll replay:

    Multi account playing is a known issue since years. I can't belive, that programing a two way authentification would be that difficult. 90% of the players have a mobile phone. So what...get your things done at RailNation....this is, what people asking for.

    Samisu, don't get me wrong, I know, YOU are not the one, who can change anything. But I hope, you will forward this post to the right person...including the anger about the fact, that there has been done nothing against multi account playing on RN side....

    Sorry, but to quote rules does not fix the issue. And multi account playing is a known issue since years.

    As long as I play RN, people ask about a final solution for this issue. And I remember several suggestions from the community. I'd prefer a kind of two way registration and logon.

    Like steam authenticator or something. This should help. I don't think, that these players would buy 10 mobile phones....only to create soe multi accounts.

    I have now played in two different servers with mods that play. They do always finish 1st through 3rd position. I have also been told that they get perks. They would not say what. They did tell me the perks are how they can stay in the top of the standings

    It's on you to do this:

    If you have any specific complaints and are able to back them up, please contact your regional Community Manager or Loeki (our Senior Community Manager). If they can't help you, they'll forward it to me. If there are volunteers who behave incorrectly, that is something that needs to be addressed. But it should be addressed properly (i.e. with the person that misbehaved) and not by badmouthing all those fantastic players who invest their free time just for the joy of helping others. They don't deserve that.

    And that's it.

    Or you maybe think about, why these people are in top 5 on a regulary base.

    - Maybe they got more time to play ? Activity is one of the basics to win game rounds.

    - Maybe they just know, how to play the game ? Well, this could also be an answer to the question, why they are mods.

    I think it's not fair to suggest to people that they are cheating. And they only win, because they are mods and get special perks.

    I have been asked to become a moderator, too. There have never been perks or money a subject of our conversation and to be honest, I don't think, that RN management would agree with any perks or something. If you want to be a moderator, you have to do it, because it's your passion. Not for perks, not for money or anything else.

    My angle of view is, that right now there is no reason for these individuals to act differently.

    And exactly this is the point. It is YOUR angle. Not the angel of the other player. And no matter, what he does, he/she has his/her reasons for this.

    To be honest, it took a while for me, too, to understand this and let the people play, like they want it. I wrote countles messages to "trolls" and other single players, I send thousands of invitations to the people, everytime hoping, that hey will join my corp and won't be an enemy any longer. I asked myself every single time "wgat the heck is going on i those heads, that they brake majorities at this point"...but I couldn't find an answer.

    I also was into "we have to bann them/we need personal embargo or something else." And trust me when I say, I totaly understand your point. But also trust me, when I is something, you can learn. Something you can grow. And at the end it's always the same...if you stop talking to them/about them...they will quit, but as long you show them your personal anger, they will go on...

    So think about it. Is it's worth, to spend your breath about this nonsense ?

    Well....I learned, nope, it's not.

    Take care ;)

    This is the same idea, like it was suggested before, only different words.

    And I will give you the same answer:

    A good association don't need this option.

    You will always find people, who do their owen thing. Why do they do this? Well, the reasons for this are different and a lot. Some people are just trolls, some are into single play...and so on.

    And they do, what players do. They invest, they brake majotities...and so on. And if you, and your whole corp are not able to find a way to deal with this...well, than take a closer look on your corp. Maybe your taktik is wrong ? Maybe you are just not busy enough ? Maybe you think you'll get everything, because you are the biggest corp ? Noooo way, you will not.

    You and your cop should learn do deal with single players, with trolls and all the other people, who don't want to play the game exactly the way, you want them.

    I don't understand why a player can not be more often in the game than once in a day. If someone has a problem, he/she can have a replacement. It's also a good idea to buy Electronic wagons for save your money.

    Well, because they have to work? And really to work, not play RN at work? Because they have a real life?

    A city needs 4 RGs, a LM many, with the prices paid per ton varying widely. Why do you think you should be only hauling the more valuable goods leaving everybody else to haul the lesser paid routes?

    This is a very good question....and here is the answer:

    Because more vauable goods bring more profit, more profit brings more PP (more/better buildings, invest...etc.)

    Isn't it the goal to get as much PP as possible to win the game ?

    Don't get me wrong, but the winner is not the guy or girl, who is citicens of the highest developed's the guy or girl with the most PP.

    Samisu, what is about this case:

    The pre-registrated corp. does not close the city/region, let's say because they are 2 members to short. Now a second corp will do the same, but they are 25 people...and 10 people would close the know, what I mean ?