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    It's not that friends can't play together.

    Excuse me please, but this is... bull******

    Nobody can tell me, that 120 and more people are "friends". They know each other from the game. Ok. That's all. Even they played 20 rounds together, this doesn't include the right to dominate a complete server and win it from the start up. And this is the point. They are not friends, they just want to dominate the server.

    Now they cry like babies, because RN says:

    Nope, you are not supposed to dominate a server, there are other players, too. If you want to win...just do the same work like all other players.

    Excuse me for this harsh words, but this is exactly the thing I read, each time I see a new post about it. The are explaining "it is a grown friendship"...but they only want to be sure to join the winning team. That's it. Grown friends also can be competitor. There is no reason, why grown friends have to be in the same region from the start up....

    But to be honest...the new system is not clear. There some unclear points, as long a region/city is not realy closed. I'd like to see some..."updates" about this system.

    Boys and girls...what about change you tactics and give your bank a higher priority ?

    Well, you can buy plus account and double your account. But it's much cheaper to change your tactics. It's not that difficult to take a look on your train list and see, how much your trains will earn next 8 or 10 hours, Than compare it with your limit. Is it enough, not enough ? Ups, not enough, ok, so focus on it.

    I played a lot of rounds without plus account and yes, sometimes the bank account limit is not high enough...but it's jus the same with plus account. Some days you earn more money than expectet over night...because the city is growing, because majorities are changing or whatever.

    But basicliy it's on you to think about your tactics....with or without higher limit....and I see no reason, why there should be's good, as it is.