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    This works for all the goods EXCEPT when you click on only the Required goods button. For whatever reason the filter will then ONLY show RG's for the city that your selected train is currently hauling to, no matter what you do with the city selection tabs.

    This is so stupid...take them away for a day then put the things back in. Nice work Rail Nation!

    FWIW, I don't have a skip button pop up, so no video's again.

    Why couldn't they just leave well enough alone once they got them out?????????????

    Apparently someone there really wants me to go to Vienna, since those are the ONLY ads that play.

    Of course they could use back up ads only, but they don't get paid for them, ao they pf course try to use ads, which give them money, thats the whole sence.

    Well they're not making a whole lot of money if the system only plays 1 ad.....And really that's not the point. Any ad that the system plays that doesn't give a reward should be removed immediately. The fact that it plays the same video over and over and that it's 5 minutes long is just like some sort of sick joke on top of the add not giving any reward.

    I get it, if you're not affected by it, or if you don't watch any ads anyway, then this has no bearing on your gameplay. But as someone who spends a small amount of gold and uses the video system to stay competitive with the big spenders, it's like fighting with 1 arm tied behind your back.

    Don't know why I thought they would get this fixed quickly. I mean, mobile went what, 6 months without being able to watch videos at all?

    The videos come based on cookies, just like Google puts banner ads on different websites people visit. These are based on your location for example, so we all get different variety of videos. The Vienna vids - I've never seen them. As back-up videos we play our own ads (other games from Travian Games).

    There is a filter or whatever you call it making sure that videos are family friendly that play on our platform. If a video is broken, we use the ID number to remove the video. Just like on regular websites, the owner of the site can set criteria and decide what sort of ads can and can't play on their sites.

    I hope this helped explain this a bit.

    So why can't you guys just revert every ad to the backup Travian ads until you can figure out how to remove the Vienna ads?

    Is there not some stipulation on the types of ads that can play? How can a 5:30 ad or an ad that doesn't register as complete after it is watched make it into the rotation?

    I would like to be able to use or not use the bonus % off building upgrade. Sometimes you need that for the Lab or Roundhouse, but you need to or want to upgrade something else, but you can't choose not to use that on the hotel or anything else. I think like instant upgrade or gold use you should be able to not have to use it.

    I agree. It doesn't do much good when you are forced to use it on a very cheap building.

    If only there were some sort of patch notes that explained these changes......

    I know, I know...way to much to ask. It's only one guy on a unicycle after all!!!!

    I think they made everything much smaller too... everything seems smaller... maybe it's just me?

    Not according to the devs, lol.

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    One coder does one thing, another coder does something else...then a PR guy rides around the office on a unicycle catching bits and pieces of what's been changed.....he then throws out a guess and those are the patch notes.

    update this morning on rocky mountains, very proffessional looking "please buy gold" page, however, game is still way too slow, messages and chat still dont work, freezes or crashes constantly, STILL DONT get bonus from videos, not ALL trains reschedule at same time, the list goes on and on, and on, like an ABBA song, new update promoting gold buying, but no improvement on any issues that have been highlighted for over 3 months.

    The ONLY thing the update today was for was to change the store, take away daily free tickets and change the log-in rewards. No bug fixes.

    The video IDs help us tell exactly which video should not be playing (improper content, does not work, etc.) and we have always managed to take videos out from circulation if we just had the ID. This is the first time I can remember when removing an ID did not remove the video. Sitting around is not the plan - plan is to fix this Vienna business as soon as possible and overcome the difficulties.

    You're acting like there's thousands of videos that you guys have to painstakingly sort through to figure it many videos do you guys have in rotation? 50? Maybe less?

    Again, you guys have known about the issue for 6 days now, and you waited around for your player base to give you the video ID instead of someone taking initiative and just figuring out which videos are causing the problem.

    Video was removed based on an ID number mentioned in this thread, and multiple videos seem to have shared the same ID number. This is what has worked thus far.

    But, not this time - and we will find another way to work with the Vienna videos. Thank you for letting me know.

    So another week then, of no videos while you guys sit around and try to figure out how to remove an add? Is it really that difficult?

    Why is it when you select only required goods with the calculator it will ONLY show you RG's for the city that the train is currently hauling to???

    Even if you manually chance the city selection to another cities/cities/unselect the city your hauling still ONLY shows you RG's for the city you're currently hauling to.

    If you don't use the "required goods" selection, it will show you all the goods to all the cities....which is how it should work with the RG's selection as well.

    Is this working as intended or a bug?