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    I like all of these ideas in theory. The problem is EG can go 1 of 2 ways. Either you have a very successful run, where you're closing good quickly and it's enjoyable. OR you have a bunch of people tainting goods and running up wait times, and EG becomes a monotonous slog fest.

    If all the games were like the first scenario then those ideas would be a fun twist. But if they're like the 2nd scenario, then they become even less fun than a normal EG.

    I keep thinking I'm missing something from the update to American Dream...heh

    There's a huge advantage to the widget in regards to videos. It's the same advantage you have of being able to 1 click on every single person's bonus and collect it. Because you see when everyone's video is available without having to go into the station screen, then you get to collect them all without having to figure out who actually has a bonus to watch and who doesn't, and on top of that you see a counter for every single person, making it easy for you to time when you can collect bonuses/watch video's and when you can chat or actually concentrate on playing the game. How is it fair as a mobile user I have to flip through every station 1 by 1 hoping a bonus will be there, with no way to tell if one will or one won't? Am I just supposed to stop playing the game and endlessly cycle though everyone's station and hope that maybe, just maybe someone on a desktop didn't already spend 10 seconds collecting it? Or if I see someone is going to have a bonus available in 2 minutes then I just sit looking at their station for 2 minutes and hope a desktop user doesn't have better ping and collect it before I can anyway? The widget is a HUGE advantage. Giving mobile a 5 second skip just evens things out.

    If you earn 28000 prestige and the worker bonus gives you 50%, then wouldn't you earn 14000 prestige from the worker? Not 48000??? IF you do earn 48000, then shouldn't the worker tool tip say that you earn 200% bonus prestige, not 50%? This confuses me.

    If we are to have a level playing field, then mobile app users need to be able to use a widget, just like the desktop users. If you just put a 5 second skip button in for the desktop people, then mobile users have no chance again.

    Solution: Put a 5 second skip in for desktop and remove the widget. That way desktop users have to flip through every station, all while not being able to do anything else, just like the mobile users do.

    Yes, also have the same issue. If you drag the window around it fixes it. Just have to do it every time you open the window. Which is annoying.

    A couple questions regarding career engine. 1, does coupling work for your career engine? 2, if so, is there a way to reset your career engine (or could they add that option) so that I could get all of the points back that I spent on unlocking the eras?

    Like the unique ideas and interesting take on a competition server. Bravo!

    No, the widget doesn't work like that anymore, that feature is gone now where everyone can watch all of the videos at the same time. This is the whole reason for the video discussions in the other threads.

    It's just a race between all players now to watch videos as fast as you can before they are gone.

    The web players take at least 1 minute to watch a single bonus (2 videos) while the app players only take 10 seconds.

    That's not true, you get to see everyone's station at once, and you get to almost instantly collect the bonuses. Yes, the video's take longer to watch, but you get to see who has a video and who doesn't and not have to flip between every single person's station one by one to see if there might be a bonus available or not. Like I said, it evened the playing field in my opinion....since this is how mobile has worked forever....well the forever when we could even watch ads that is.

    Oh, I forgot. How about how the text wrapping feature just doesn't work randomly about 15% of the time....This causes some or most of the message to be cut I have to copy and paste the message that someone wrote, so that I can actually read what they said. Very annoying, and been like that for years.

    So the web players get to use the widget to instantly collect everything AND they get to skip the ads as well? Then what are the mobile players supposed to do? I already get nothing on roughly 50% of all the ads I try to watch because if someone else has started it I still have to sit though the countdown, only I can't collect it when the button turns green...then sometimes can't close the screen for 30+ seconds. All while the web players are collecting and watching everything.