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    The forum works well *IF^ you access it from desktop.

    If you go through your career tab in the mobile app and open the forums that way, they are super slow and super buggy. It's so painful I try to never do it that way.

    I'm not even asking for unlimited videos....just the ability to watch A video would be nice. They still haven't fixed the "Vienna Video Fiasco" now for 6 days.

    I was completely fine with the bonus video only being able to be watched by 1 person. It makes for good competition in very active corps (peak time it's not uncommon for our corp to have 22+ online.) We did have some unhappy people who could almost never watch a video. Is that fair to them? Probably not, but even in the same corp, everyone is trying to get any edge they can. Do I wish I could have watched every video for every person whenever I wanted...sure, but I didn't think that was the way the game was intended to work, so I was ok with them making it 1 video per building recycle, not per person per cycle.

    Fast Forward to today. I just counted and there are 54 videos available to watch. People point blank won't stair at their phone screen watching a 30 second counter for such a small reward, it's boring and dumb. Then on top of that, some of the desktop players can't watch videos period....yes, it's still broken, thank you Vienna Video!!

    Classic case of "we need an adjustment, lets make a HUGE change" instead of just a small guys increased the video countdown on the video's by 600% ...not a 100% increase, or even a 200% increase, but just cranked it all the frigging way up.

    Who in their right mind at your company thought the players would find that acceptable? Why not just increase the mobile counter to 5 minutes and 30 seconds and then don't give a reward after you watch the whole counter....That sounds like a good idea too!!!

    I like all of your suggestions HMR.

    What I would like even more is if they actually got the chat to work on mobile. To many bugs to list, going on for years now.

    How about we fix what's broken before we add more crap on top of the system that already doesn't work.

    Please report the faulty videos to our game support. For example the Vienna 2020 Youtube videos have been reported and we will get that fixed asap.

    To demands of 5 second skip button for "useless and boring" videos have been heard, but there are no plans to add a 5 second skip. For mobile, players will get a pop-up with a 30 second counter if the videos do not work, and on browser players get the full videos with max 60 second skip option. Mobile players used to have a 5 second skip, but now app version is more in line with browser version - players have similar chances of collecting bonuses from videos. Mobile players used to have a clear edge.

    When reporting faulty videos to support, please add the video ID in your message. These 5 digits can be found at the top corner of the video, usually at least. With the above mentioned Vienna vids, the ID flashes for 1 second or so when the long video ends so it may be hard to catch the number.

    So the desktop players still get a widget to 1 click collect everything with timers on them and to be able to see all of that while watching ads, or to see when there is chat, or countless other things..... mobile players have to just look at a stupid counter while not being able to do anything else or know if any other player has a bonus ready, or anything? On top of the desktop players getting a 5 second skip on at least some of their videos? How is that now remotely balanced???

    Why don't you guys fix the stupid video function instead of continuing to turn away loyal customers?

    How long does it take to remove an ad from the rotation? Seriously?

    You guys have known about it since Tuesday, and it's not like you have millions of videos to search through, ID or not....I only ever see the same MAYBE 15-20 videos ever, even when it worked. And now you've had the ID for 12 hours....guess someone couldn't spare the 30 seconds of removing that ad from the rotation?

    Scroll up and look at the list Samsiu. Listed under the "mega bonus" is 1x free lottery ticket.

    If someone wishes to know, here are the new random prizes for login bonuses:

    • 25 Gold
    • 1x Track voucher
    • 1x Investment voucher
    • 10 Gold
    • Plus Account: 1 day
    • 1x Engine voucher
    • 1x Building upgrade voucher
    • 1x Free lottery ticket

    And after collecting the login bonus for 13 times, you can collect a random mega bonus:

    • 100x Free lottery tickets
    • Cargo bonus engine
    • 500 Gold
    • 10x Free lottery tickets
    • Plus Account: 7 days
    • 5x Halve waiting time vouchers
    • 20x Mechanic vouchers
    • 50x Instant dispatch vouchers
    • 1,000 Gold
    • Passenger bonus engine
    • 250 Gold
    • 100 Gold
    • 1x Bonus engine upgrade voucher
    • 5x Free lottery tickets
    • 50x Boost vouchers

    I believe you have not grasped the real problem: it is the difference in treatment, because those boring things you write about, the others that are not part of the associations already pre-registered, must face them all in full. --- These have deliberately chosen to help the strongest, who take advantage of the case to take everything (how does a new one or a small ace rival the big one on the majorities of the industries? It cannot and will always remain small)

    In practice, the strongest and most experienced players are helped a lot at the expense of new and unorganized players. - It is as if in the real world I had a billion to finance the trade and I gave it all to Amazon, leaving all the traders to die; as if in a 200m race they gave 50m of advantage to those with the best times, a real madness.

    The real skill is seen when everyone starts from the same starting point

    So take a game round. Find a good corp. Get in the corp. Pre-register with them for the next round.

    Problem solved.

    We can't fix any of the problems with the game, but we can sure put new ways in for you to spend money!

    99% chance the "mega bonus" is 1 lottery ticket.

    Still can't watch videos in the browser because the same one keeps playing.... Samisu there are no 5 numbers at the top of the video. I tried to attach a screen shot, but it won't upload.

    Now this morning you guys ninja made the countdown in mobile 30 seconds. So I just stare at a countdown for 30 seconds. That's a fun game.

    I'll be using up the gold I have saved up and quitting.

    Starting this morning, the ONLY video that will pop up in the browser is a 5 minute 30 second youtube the end of which I don't even receive a bonus for watching.

    Well played Travian, WELL PLAYED!

    Back to the craptastick buggy mobile platform.

    I like all of these ideas in theory. The problem is EG can go 1 of 2 ways. Either you have a very successful run, where you're closing good quickly and it's enjoyable. OR you have a bunch of people tainting goods and running up wait times, and EG becomes a monotonous slog fest.

    If all the games were like the first scenario then those ideas would be a fun twist. But if they're like the 2nd scenario, then they become even less fun than a normal EG.

    I keep thinking I'm missing something from the update to American Dream...heh