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    this is logical, paying players have the second video. e.g. when I watch the vids from my teammates 25*2=50 vids. A none paying player without + account when he/she watches from 25 players the vids it might be 30 in total because there is a chance of the second vid. That's already a difference of 20 vids.

    There's very little incentive to watch the first video if you can't watch the probably even lower than that.

    Personally, I think you should just tell everyone to play on mobile. That way nobody gets to use the corp widget (very unfair to mobile players who have no widget anyway.) It also gives the added bonus of using the current mobile video system where you don't have to watch a video at all.

    I watch a lot of videos (100-1000 a day depending on time and activity of other corp members) and there's two distinct ways that I do this. In my very active corp, it's hard to even get a video to watch, as everyone in the corp is always trying to compete to watch them first. But on my other two servers, hardly anyone watches the videos. It's not uncommon for o be able to roll through 75 videos, then collect station bonuses and watch another 25+.

    The second scenario is where mobile really shines, since you can watch two videos in 10 seconds and cycle through the whole corp very quickly. It would take so long to do this on a PC I'd never be able to get all the videos watched before they started popping up again. However, in the active corp, the use of the widget is super helpful

    I played on Fast Track. My entire association spoke English and all of the city announcements were in English. That's with 4 full associations in the city and 630 people connected. There were a few comments in Russian, but 95-98% of what was said was said in English.

    My only complaint with the server was that End Gsme was won of the worst I've ever been a part of. Twice we literally just stopped trying to fill any good for 8 hours and everyone went to bed, because the tonnage requirements and consumption were so outrageous it was just impossible to fill a good. After the end of the 2nd day the other cities just gave up all together and we win through attrition. End game should be the most enjoyable time of the game, it's the playoffs basically for the title of winning city. It shouldn't be an exercise in boredom and frustration.

    I understand that the changes put in place were put there to try and foster a better competition between the larger cities and the smaller...but all it did was take the fun out of what should be the most enjoyable time of the game.

    I mean 4 days for an end game is a whole entire era. Do end games last 7 or 14 days on other servers? Why would we want to play a fast and exciting game for 24 days only to be put into turtle mode for EG?

    I'm a newbie/returning player. I'm concerned about the need for so much gold. and if I were to buy any, being here in the US, I'm not familiar with the Euro/ USD currency rates. I wish there were someplace I could go to just to ask simple questions. I've got a bunch. It can be a little daunting trying to understand scheduling (I know, probably real simple, but...)

    A plus account is basically a must have. I strongly suggest taking advantage of the offer you will occasionally get that gives you "plus account days" for any gold purchase and then buying at least the small gold package. It will greatly help your enjoyment of the game and also support the company.

    Love Love Love Love (haha) the 4x server that I'm playing on. I would 100% play this as my only server if it became a permanent server. Hate that I'm invested in a couple others, but it would be worth the swap I think.

    There's always something to do! Currently connected to 5 cities and it's so much fun. The express servers can be slow at times, and the normal servers are just to slow IMO.

    Bravo with this iteration!

    Playkng from mobile (android.) Havent been able to watch a video for about 4 months now....submitted a ticket a couple months ago and was given the standard "blah blah blah we're working on it" response. 2 months later a new patch with "bug fixes" nice that you guys can't even bother to list what you supposedly fixed on the play store.....but whatever you fixed, it wasn't the videos, as I still can't view those.

    As already stated, put some more effort into the app. It's by far the most convenient way to play, and the gameplay in rail nation lends itself perfectly to an app.

    The problem is there's so many bugs in the app. I love the game, but it's seriously frustrating. Case in point, I haven't been able to watch videos for months. Now today all of the sudden I can't even log in. And even when I can, the load times for the game are seriously slow. Would love to see some optimization on this end.