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    I've tried out an Elephant for the first time. Those things are PAINFULLY slow. It takes forever to change routes with them. Why not double their speed and have them take up 2 engine house slots. That way they'd haul the same and be more useful.

    I was interested in figuring out the consumption beforehand so I'd know when to pull my trains off a green RG and still have it stay green after consumption. Seems like my guesstimate system is my only option. Thanks for the reply hilti2

    I guess I'm not explaining this too well. At the bottom center of the screen are 7 icons. The leftmost says "trains", next says "corporation", and 3rd from the left says "licenses." Click on "licenses" and another window opens. Right under the title are 3 choices, "auction", "soon", and "own." Click on "own" and your license will pop up. Top line lists what the license is for and how much extra it pays. Next line down says "costs." and the 3rd line down says "profit." This is the profit number I had a question about. I'm assuming that's just the profit from the license itself, but thought I ask a question and verify that.

    I just got out my calculator and figured it out myself. That profit is just the money you've made from the license alone. It does not include the money you made for selling the good itself.

    thanks for the answer. What I was wondering was, say you're direct hauling leather to the city. Leather is selling for $100 a ton and the license gives you an extra $10 a ton. If you hauled 1 ton to the city, would the profit listed on the license say $10 (the profit from just the license) or would it say $110 (the profit from selling the leather plus the extra $10 from the license)?

    Thanks for the info. Very interesting. The rule that I believe is being broken is:

    • 1.1. Every player is only allowed to possess and play one account per game world.

    That's a good rule to have. It keeps the playing field level. What do I do if I suspect that rule is being broken?

    P.S. He may be violating this rule also:

    • 1.5. An account must only be played for its own success and is not allowed to exist for the exclusive benefit of another account. Accounts that are exclusively used to provide other accounts an advantage (‘pushing’) are forbidden.

    In my hometown there is 1 player who is using 3 computers to play in the same corporation simultaneously. This gives him access to 57 engines and he uses this power to sabotage everyone else's efforts to level up the city. He seems to derive some kind of perverted pleasure from doing this. Before I spend millions on track to a new town, thought I'd ask if this is allowed under the rules.

    Thank you sir, you are correct. I never looked at the bonus square when it was grayed out, only after it turned green.

    On a side note, they made me watch an add for beer and bourbon scented soap. pffft... Just what I want, soap that makes me smell like an old bar rag.