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    We seemed to have come from the point where bonus videos didn't work very well, if at all on tablets, to the point where people can collect the bonus reward in about 5 seconds.

    It has caused massive issues in the association i'm in.

    Basically people can anonymously wipe out everyones bonus videos in a matter of minutes.

    That's crazy, and not very nice.

    We've gone from one extreme to another.

    My association previously had a good team understanding, where everyone could watch each others bonus videos when the time left went under 20 minutes.

    Worked really well. As a PC user i could watch a certain amount, as could other PC users.

    With this 5 second issue on the tablets now, they are scoured away quickly.

    Surely RN can't leave the situation like that, as i'm sure my association isn't alone where members are getting upset.

    Hi. I'm not sure i have noticed this before, before i have a question about wait times. OK. So im the chair of a small association. This association have the majority investments of a grain farm. The deputy of my association has invested $84k with a WT of 6secs. I have invested $43k with a WT of 29secs. 3rd and 4th who are from different associations have invested $14k and have WT of 11secs.

    Am i missing something obvious?