After reading the other post, i completly agree with you...

    the distribution of prestige point is not good : are we a team ? if the answer is yes, we should win nearly the same amount of prestige points (when working together) with only a slight difference... (for example 100%, 95%, 90%, etc... ) this system would reward players that focus on doing re-appro duty, players wasting time checking if evrything is ok and moves their train to lower waiting times when it's needed.

    Another Final Round and always the same feelings that something is wrong...

    Something is unfair and players are taking advantages of it.

    What i'm talking about is how prestige is distributed in the fianal Round.

    We see newly born association just before final round, winning too much prestige in comparaison to those who hauled so much...

    If we have a major association with 20+ member in the final round, most of them will be at a great disavantage compared to a 2nd association of new comers that haul a minimum of goods and still won tons of prestige; something is wrong !

    Prestige that depends on your position should depends on the amount of goods you haul too.

    Example of prestige you won with actual rules :

    1 asso : 1st=1170 ; 2nd=878 ; 3rd=702; 4th=585; 5th=491

    but the 2nd asso will start at : 1st=842 etc... why ??? even if you haul 5t ??? i can't agree with that

    It must depend on the qty of goods you haul. If it was fair the first hauler of asso2 should not win more prestige than any player of Asso that have hauled more than him.

    The First association should earn more prestige because the whole association is hauling more than the 2nd one. (they should have a bonus for that).

    But now, if only 1 player in the second asso haul 5t, he will won 842 prestige point ? the same as the the 2nd best hauler of the first Asso... not fair at all.

    >> There should be a multiplicator; a % calculated on the Qty hauled by ASSO1/ Qty hauled by ASSO 2 :

    for example, it will change the 842 ppt to a more deserve 84 ppt after total qty are compared.

    I think this game is based on management, on how players handle their shedules, how theywork together to achieve lvl up and how much you can Haul RG to city ... and not based on our capacity to earn prestige point without doing anything at all.

    i don't like it, there is already so much way to make money easily.

    Doing the appro while other haul the final good to city (direct) is one of them and your "new members" that lack cash won't need to buy new wagons to do it.

    Also, i think there is a problem in the game with players who can have too much revenue like 350M daily cash... when you haul from warehouse to ports or from close factories near warehouse (era6). It's OP and that's really too much cash.

    hmmm... i get mine with a free tickets (The Primus) :whistling:.

    It's a very good cargo, not better than the last cargo bonus (era6).

    I'm not a "lucky player", but... :/ i'm just winning lot of free tickets :saint: from all possible way (competition, free gold, vouchers, video, station clics, trainspotters, events, forum games, etc...)


    I like the intercity competition, but we can't say that evryone is trying really hard to win it.

    Prices for winners are interesting but not amazing and if you are working on the LM you can win more cash there than wasting time with the competition.

    Here some changes that could be done,

    - Prices :

    adding few free tickets (3 tickets for n°1, 2 tickets for n°2 etc...) for every players ( home city players )

    adding a special bonus for all home city player, something mysterious like the trainspotter reward

    adding a special worker (or why not filling the 3 slots with random workers ?) for association working in the winning city


    - Different rules for the competition : to be unable to know what sort of competition will start is fun.

    1- Hauling the 4 Required Good is a good idea, but it should evolve with era, to be more complex & difficult.

    For Era 2 you should haul 6 goods, Era3 8 goods, etc.... at era6 it's 14 goods that you need to haul in the city with the same rules (based on lowest qty).

    With 14 goods to haul it looks like a mini Final Round, and it will need a good team to manage and win the competition. Rewards should grow with the difficulty and deserve better than x2 prices.

    2- Another type of competition : Always the 4 RG is boring. It can be the last unlocked RG, only 1 good for 2 hours... that's a good challenge too, how to manage factory occupancy, appro and secondary factory to help win the challenge.

    i'm sure other players have some good ideas to share too ;)

    I remember we've discussed this here on forum earlier - to be able to 'lock' an engine to keep the schedule while others could be grouped for another route. Now the option is to select all, then deselect the engine or two you do not want to group together before setting a new schedule. Not sure which is more useful way, and I'd like to hear more opinions of locking engines.

    Grouping engines together: Do you mean you would like to, for example, make 4 medusa groups and then with a shortcut button you could select the group you want and give new orders? A new widget or can the 'save schedules' widget be used for this in some way? (Asking just to get a better picture of the wish).

    1 - Locking some engines is not the same as selecting all, then deselecting the ones you don't want to... Sometimes, the game lagg and you need to be fast with recalc time etc... locking some engines on their duty is a very simple option. By locking the engine it won't be selected until you unlock it.

    I can give you examples (but they are tons) when it is very usefull :

    - i log in, there is a competition of wood in a far away city, i quickly send all my engines there to win the 1st price. Now the comp is over, i'm sending them back to do something usefull hauling era3 RG to city. But in the process i forget that my carrier is hauling only era1 goods and it stay over there hauling wood forever until i finally see a horrible average gain/h in the list of Train.

    - Other scenario, in the exact same situation is : i want to only send my Engines to do the comp but my Bonus engines are too slow and won't get there before the competion is over, i don't want to unselect each time then reselect after, the more city you connect the more competition you can do and that's really anoying to can't be abble to lockdown a train on a specific shedule.

    - 3rd situation, your carreer can haul era1 & 2. you focus on RG on era5/6. sometimes doing fast reappro etc... i don't want it to move every time it can and then get stuck not moving every time it can't follow. i would prefer to lock it down on a usefull duty somewhere until i change my mind. (that s still true for special cargo that can't haul other era goods until you finish the research).

    For grouping, yes i mean that the same idea as double clicking (txs for info) to help select for example half the fleet. Sometimes you can't buy every wagon when they are too expensive (era5/6). you can make groups to simplify the dispatching but doubleclicking on different series would be a good start too. it could be simple to add like in most games Ctrl+1 Shift+1 ; ctrl+2 shift+2 ; etc... that's the shortcuts evryone knows about and like this you can group different engines too.

    Save schedules is ok, but you have to redo them very often, everyday, each time a new good is unlocked shedules become useless. You can keep some saved schedules for long hauling but when the city levelup you won't use them anymore after 1 or 2 days.

    - I would like to see a "lockdown" option on train shedules.

    Ideally, when you open the list of train on the left (gold+ account), a simple checkbox would be enough.

    When you have 16+ engines, you sometimes want to move almost evryone but don't want to move carrer engine or bonus engines because they are too slow, or because you just want them do their task forever.

    It can be usefull if you want to block a group on city duty, while still roaming for competition in the area, etc...

    If you want to block your old bonus engines doing Grain>LM & be sure to not move them away when doing something else, etc...

    - In the same way, i would like to group some engines together :

    For example you have 20 Medusa, you can save/call them M1, M2, M3, M4 and select them to do whatever you want them to do.

    Should be part of the gold + account, and i think it follow the ideas of the already added option : the save shedules, and save set shedule (i find them trully amazing! :thumbup:)

    Let's take for example the Landmark :

    You invest cash to level up the LM, 50M while other invest 0.

    you are rewarded for all the whole next level by a bonus to futur prices (same system as licence but only for the LM lvl)

    and why not the same thing for hauling 1st in grain in the LM :

    rewarded for the whole next level by a reduced waiting time in this specific closest factory and reduce investement price.

    there will be positive benefits because you will see player focus on specific goods to get better ranking instead of hauling evrything evrywhere for few prestige point and causing more harm than beeing really usefull. (Multi account will be useless, they will never be abble to achieve this sort of bonus).

    etc... etc...

    There is another way.

    More rewards to "actives" players. By "actives" i mean that you can't have multi account and get online evrytime on each at the same time, that's physically impossible, you still need to clic with your mouse...

    More rewarding to offline player too that have a "positive" behaviour, hauling RG, leveling cities, hauling passenger,

    More rewarding by completing more competition, city-competiton, etc...

    How ?


    1- today you play a lot actively doing rushes for hours to help your city lvl up.

    The day after, when you get your daily cash bonus you earn a cash multiplier bonus x1,2 for the whole day because of it. (rewarding)

    2- you help level the city again (for example by hauling 10% of global need). you just won 1pt towards your city buider personal rank. Good, now you're level 12 and it give you a bonus for your deliveries & even better, a decrease in waiting time because your doing well. This can be used for passenger as well, hauling more passenger give you a pax city rank that give usefull benefit. When the Game is over, those rank go back to 0.

    i can imagine hundreds of ideas like that, that could resolve the problem of multi by raising the advantage of playing "positively" and actively. it can be applied to evrything cash gain, waiting time, engines, research, construction, investissement, ... it's unlimited.

    i have another idea about this risk "thema".

    First, all player have a new building available in their station & like other building, you cap it to a max lvl each era.

    This building is an "advance research/engineering lab" used to create new sort of prototype parts for your engines and will generate few engineering pt too.

    With enough engineering pt you'll try to build a random new part like : +acc; +speed; +extra wag; +lower price etc...

    The more pt you have the better the result with some great mixed combinaison or unique parts but evrything is still random, cost cash and can fail too.

    Then you can use this new part on your unlocked engines:

    Each engine have 1 free slot (in the research tab) that you need to unlock first with your research pt + engineering pt.

    Just add the new discovered "prototype parts" in the unlocked slots (research tab) and you have a personalized engines ready to use.

    the risk is about the choice you made in developping an expensive building, and using research pt to unlock slot without control of what "prototype part" you will have. will it be effective or have you lost time and money for something trivial...

    If it's about risk you take i think that a "small turbo" you can research in the lab.

    Giving a time limited boost for your engine that will increase speed or acc while doing extra damage too, and a risk to break the engine > 0% and park in the city until you repear it.

    Would be very fun for competition and city-competition, it should be very limited use too with slow reload.

    Another idea would be to make a special research in the lab, for example for 100 research point you'll earn a special bonus for all your engines :

    for example +1% reliability until the end of game or +1acc etc...

    result have to be random and expensive enough to be balanced risk/gain that you have to think twice before doing it again