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    Last option : join us on FR-201 in Moscow. Sadly, the server is in era 3, and is not an express. But otherwise, you could be part of an active corp and we are always looking for active members. You might have a difficult time catching up though, and it might not be very fun for you. Your call.

    Hello sacroima,

    Thank you for the invitation. I think joining in era 3 sounds like a great way to meet the group and see if I fit in well. I'm a US player, but the French server I joined was the first one starting after I discovered the game. I plan to start day one on the July 5th launch, so I'll still be looking for more immediate groups. One thing I can help with is watching videos and collecting bonuses which must be quite profound in era 3, so I might not be entirely useless.

    If you want to try to apply with an association through this medium it would be helpfull if you mention which scenario and the server you play on.

    Thank you for the feedback naike. I started on US101 Crankshaft, but quickly realized that losing multiple days is a rough start. I only log in a few times each day just to update routes. I then joined FR202 Arc De Triomphe on day 1 and have learned the most there. I'm in Sarajevo, in S SE region and we are number 4, but Sarajevo is still level 3 with a level 3 landmark.

    My thought was that I would accommodate a group that was interested in teaching me and try to become valuable somehow on whichever server they were on. If that means joining an older server because there is something I can do that is useful to the team, I would do that. I can also wait until the group starts new. Due to building the career engine, I am interested in trying to juggle multiple games.

    Congratulations on reaching level 3. The mentor program is for players on level 1, and from there you have many ways to learn how the game goes.

    You could start from here if you like: Newbie Guides

    And then what many players suggest is join an association and let the whole association mentor you. Rail Nation players can be very helpful and many are building long lasting associations. Ask in the game chat or in-game forums who would take you in, or create an association of your own and start recruiting :)

    Thank you Samisu, That's kind of what I was doing with the post. I realize it's an old thread and people might not read it, but I hoped a veteran might invite me to there next server start if they have room in their association. This seems easier in a forum than a game world where I am starting blind with my neighbors.

    Greetings, I am a new player who has figured out quite a bit and made it to career level 3, but I would really enjoy a mentor. Since the program appears to have failed and there isn't any benefit to veterans, is there anything I can do as your protege that would interest you in mentoring? I wash trains and am not opposed to mopping station floors.

    Thank you for your consideration,


    No. What we need is actively offensive measures to hit specific players we don't like.

    I don't like making Rail Nation a war game, but clearly you have a great theme for the next ARC/City builder/ship builder game. Massive train based ships moving around the world unloading teams of SUV, Infantry and airships. One of the biggest issues with FTP players in "city builder" games is the teleport system. To have whales drop in on weaker players to farm is not only frustrating for a growing city, but thematically ridiculous. Build a monster train however that moves around refueling at friendly cities or over-throwing competitors sounds like a block buster hit.

    I'm a new player, CL3. I really liked the "Full Throttle" idea. There doesn't have to be an item for it. It could be simply a full throttle switch which of course leads to great repairs and the potential for a destroyed engine.

    Another idea - You could also add an exploration office in the station. Invest cash to level and have more explorers, then pay to send explorers out on missions. They might find artifacts that could boost their game, or they could be killed. Explorers could have levels and the cash shop could make some more money by having rare or epic explorers as a possible reward. Of course FTP players will still have a chance to win an explorer just as they can win epic trains.