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    In an year, which was marked by not only COVID, but also constantly failing transition to HTML5, one would think TG management would try to attract more new players, while keeping existing ones happy.

    Doesn't happen. I see a lot of quitting players, and can't recall even a single one, which joined this year, who's here to stay. And decisions like this one are part of the problem.

    I understand TG resources are quite far from Blizzard's ones, but there are a lot of things you can learn from these guys in terms of keeping the most important asset an online game has : community.

    Let me give you another failure example : when Docs passed away, I asked support if it's possible to rename our EG city (and her final ingame resting place) to Docsville or something similar, just on Grand Central, just for 1 round. The HQ answer (not support, support was always very helpful) was NO, too hard.

    As a software developer I know exactly how much effort does it require - 10mins. Deployment wouldn't be a problem either, as there was maintenance several days later. The impact on community though would be huge, not only on Grand Central, but across the game.

    Getting back to Blizzard, here is a compilation of ingame memorials in WoW : A Guide to In-Game Memorials - Guides - Wowhead

    See the difference? See why WoW is the top online game for almost 20 years now? Because they can keep their community hooked & happy. Such gestures touch people. Pay-to-win pushes them away.

    Agreed, this is abusable :)

    In fact determining 1st set WH size is the only problem.

    For next sets WH can be scaled purely on last set speed - let's say golden standard is 8h per set, then if 1st set is closed in 6 hours, next 2nd WH should be 1.33*WH_1S. So the number of active players and 1ton cheats will no longer matter ;)

    This would also eliminate the second balancing coefficient in consumption (progress speed), thus consumption can be removed at all during EG. In fact consumption itself presents a huge balancing problem for EG ;)

    My 5c :)


    After the recent changes in the PP balance, it is no longer too difficult to have 1M PP in Europe.

    And the prestige is mostly earned from deliveries to the city.

    Absolutely :) 1M is now a golden standard for top spot, even on semi-dead servers ;)

    Buying prestige will still work, just priorities will shift ;)

    We have to wait and see what is going to be the ratio between industry and city prestige to speak about real tactics, but it looks like new type of GHs will emerge :)

    Overall, adding industry leveling prestige is a very positive change. Removal of daily prestige and equalizing EG city WH size is reducing the complexity, which I personally dislike ;)

    A quick question - how is going the new "active player" recalculation be applied during EG? On each set or on industry recalc? I read is as second, but this can become caller's nightmare :) Also, will the same rules apply to consumption?