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    Any deputy can promote himself to leader if the leader ist inactive for at least 7 days. It there is no deputy you have to ask the support for it.

    There are also situations with no active deputies ;)

    We got into one more than an year ago, once chair became black minus, they can promote even a regular member to chair :)

    • The normal waiting time is multiplied by (factory_storage_wait_factor^((100-La) / 100)) and added to the previous time.

    Three quick questions :

    1. Isn't it the other way : 100/(100-La) ?

    2. factory_storage_wait_factor is equal to what?

    3. From my experiments the formula is linear only above 75%. What happens below? For example, if La is 0, WT is not infinite, but rather the maximum multiplier is 3x, is this correct? At most an industry should have 90s * 3 (occupancy) * 3 (supply) * 1 (no investments & other benefits) = 13.5mins WT, right?

    A question on another black magic : Integration bonus (chaining). Could you please give example with real numbers, the formula you have put is quite unclear :(

    And another question on integration : does the bonus reset at some point or decay with time?

    I'm staying below 25 lol of course that ruins my strategy

    25 will be my choice when going for top 10 on SoE too. Doesn't worth the hurt to get more if you're not aiming at the top.

    On US and Classic I'd stay even lower - 20 is absolutely enough for No1 even, let alone top 10 ;)

    I have never connected 50 cities but I know that when I connect more than 25 cities, it takes hours to change a route and to load the game again.

    This. Haven't had a single GH without reload with over 20 cities in HTML5 version, no matter what OS or browser I use ;) On 40 things become out of control, so I stop there ;)

    Is it your teams fault for leveling the city? Is it Gambei’s teams fault for leaving the city vulnerable to be leveled, especially with a pax component? I think both, but hey just one guy’s opinion.

    Pax is not controllable, everyone can and will bring pax to the city. No way to keep it red when the city was last leveled a week ago. We could probably be faster moving our trains out and setting up rival statuses, but hell, it was Sunday before EG!

    When city is expected to be lvl45, but it's only lvl35 consumption is very low and it makes it really hard to prevent force leveling.

    I'm curious to see what Gambei has to say about what I sent him on Origin.

    You honestly don't want me comment it.

    1. Adding 5K tons is roughly equal to 10 Olympuses running rampart 24/7 or 8 full sets of trains running for the first EG set. Yes, it's the same.

    2. Thanks, this was the honest answer I would expect. I do agree with you on many things, but not on everything, sorry.

    3. Here we come to the point of my responses, which may seem aggressive to the public - and I had my reasons.

    So, fighting against supposed multies (initially 3, they somehow became 6) you decided use all possible weapons.

    Including sharing accounts, which is exactly what you did accused us in, and exactly the point of your topic here.

    And that's in the middle of EG YOU were calling!

    This is thief crying "catch the thief"!

    I'm not going to ask which account you have logged on, but I know actions wouldn't be taken without a ticket. And I know tickets were submitted about Joelock23. Should I draw conclusions? I'll leave that to the neutrals, I've drawn mine long ago.

    In general folks, whenever you see a honest post from this Pillar of Morale about the injustices of life and RN in particular, take it with a grain of salt - he not always shares the principles he's standing for.

    Case closed.

    1. It's as "unethical" as running rampart through uncalled EG goods, but more innovative? I see...

    2. I don't really care who of you created this char, but it was there on purpose - please don't try to convince me it was purely random action from a newbie.

    3. I'm not asking Ken Boi, I'm asking you, here in public, because your whole case here is not against supposed multies, but to justify your own actions. What did you got a ban for?

    So, the EG is now over. Congratulations to your team, Mr. FairPlay.

    Couple of small questions :

    1. How fair is considered to force level your opponent's EG city to increase their EG quota?

    2. What do you know about a newbie called Joelock23, created in Era 6, which jumped on Pharma* immediately after Stamford entered EG and never logged back?

    3. What exactly did you get banned for during EG for 12h?

    Good luck in your future adventures, and please come back to tell us magical stories about dragons, multi-accounts and other fantastic creatures!




    * For those who are not aware Pharma is by far the most critical EG good in Stamford (Classic).

    It's has only 1 industry, 9 tracks away, always lvl1, and if messed up can block the city indefinitely.

    It's also in middle of nowhere, so you don't connect there by accident.

    Yes, there were new players when RS got reassembled. Kinda normal, they started in Milton, is it a surprise?

    They stayed online in EG. So did me, Bill, bunch of other people - this is happening when your team is an underdog, but wins, dosn't it? Especially when EG is on weekend ;)

    Engines low just before EG? Really? Most players I know take almost a day break before EG.

    What's next? All of them hauling the called good during EG?

    Try to start looking into unusual, inexplicable patterns - like 5 of them hauling grain into cattle in era 5, etc etc.

    Most of all, try not to cover your wrong actions with words. Stinks.

    You need to provide a ticket. There is no other option.

    We have opened plenty of tickets for both pre-registration and multi-accounts last round, so we did and will continue to do this round (and on any other server where we play and face such issues).

    The results are far from great so far.

    For a start, both type of issues are handled by your internal team, so support has neither power, nor shareable information. Pre-registration mechanism needs serious rework, and we have no visibility on it. As for multi-accounts - sorry, but none of us believes you're doing a good job handling them.

    Hence we use the forum to involve more players in this discussion, which in turn may hint your management that something has to be changed and has to be changed soon.

    Pre-registration has been an issue a lot of times, and this is especially common in SoE.

    For those, who do not know, this is how it works :

    -once EG starts you can pre-register for the next round in a city of your choice, provided it's not overcrowded.

    -pre-registered players stay in the same association, which effectively bumps asso's HQ for next round.

    -association members have reserved spots in the city, in which their "seed" is - even if it's overcrowded.

    -here comes the absurd : the seed is given to the FIRST pre-registered player, no matter newbie or chair, and can only be passed to the next if the player withdraws registration.

    The last part means that 1 action of one random player, which doesn't even know what the consequences are, can destroy the tactics of a whole team of associations for the whole next round.

    The round on Big Ben just finished, our region won, so did our association. And I was proud to be the President of the region.

    But it turned out I cannot pre-register in the region at all - let alone in the city we targeted. So does half of the guild, a guild which is winning the server for countless rounds now. And this is just because the seed went to a person, who simply pre-registered outside the region and logged off, and there is no way to move it. Needless to say I asked support to move the seed, needless to say the answer was negative.

    How careless and irresponsible designers have to be to keep this obvious absurd for so long? I'm pretty sure countless tickets were sent to support, yet 5 lines of code needed were never added : simply check if current pre-registering player is higher ranked than the seed holder, if yes - pass the seed.

    How many successful teams will have to disband before someone makes the 1min effort to open a task in the bug-tracker?

    How many pointless visual effects will be changed before even a line of explanation how pre-registration works is added to it's panel?

    How many useless communication channels are going to be open, hitting the same first line of support with limited access and rights, before adding second line, where you can escalate urgent and important issues?

    I agree with you fully. It is possible to win fair and square without using multible accounts. If organized enough, you can easily levelup multible cities a day. My team has done it regularly, and we are good at it. Many teams might have a multible account or two that most do not know of, but if someone builds a team with several multible accounts, it is not fair at all.

    Most of all - it beats the purpose of the game ;)

    Where's the fun to play with 24 copies of yourself?!

    On videos (amount of videos), players have been pushing for an increase based on the comments here, and our team is gathering similar feedback from different domains. It's impressive and the feedback has been heard. I do not have more news at this moment.

    Good to hear :)

    Have a nice journey ahead Samisu, best of luck ;)


    I know, and most likely everyone else on the thread have already noticed, that you love to argue for the sake of arguing.

    But in this case you're doing a very bad favor to the game. This thread is vital for many of the core players, yet you bloated it to the point very few would actually read it.

    So the voices will simply not be heard. This is never good.