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    They say all (good) things must pass.
    Man, I've seen you put up with a lot of crap here on the forums, but always maintained an even keel regarding the perspective of it all.

    Your ability to stay cool, calm, and collected, was what intrigued me to search you out in game.

    I regret not having shared playing with you, over all this time.

    I hope you find contentment, and be rewarded for your endeavors, wherever your journey leads.



    - First of all; everyone has a life outside the game. Real world responsibilities come first. This is a game. keep this in perspective.

    - If you're there because you think you're the best player and therefore deserve the chair - then you have the wrong attitude. You're there to manage the team, and should instead, try to be the best leader. Let your members become the best players, through your ability to steer them in an effective manner, to accomplish the associations' goals.

    - Promote someone to the position of deputy because of merit - not because they have "x" stars, or "x" number of rounds played, etc. No one should be in a position of authority, unless they have demonstrated that they care more about the team as a whole, than their own personal position.

    - Designate your two most trusted (and active) deputies as your sitter(s). Make certain to toggle all the options in the sitter menu. If something happens to you, at least the association can still function, and one of the deputies can take over in the meantime.

    - Clearly state in your associations' forums the expected code of conduct, and/or rules, and/or guidelines, that each member is expected to abide by, while belonging to the association. That way new recruits won't be shocked by the way you operate, and can quickly make a decision if this association is a place they can be comfortable with - depending on their play style. (Alternately; advise them of this before accepting their application, if you don't want people leaving immediately after joining.)

    - Each deputy should have a field of expertise and/or competency, and/or responsibility assigned. Examples; caller, back-up caller, diplomacy, recruiting, teaching, night watch, bar tender (moral), strategist, etc. Give them something where they feel they play a role in the functioning of the association (because they should rightly do so). Each deputy is an extension of the chair (you). If you do all the work, you get burned out, and your deputies will feel somewhat useless. So; learn to share the responsibilities, and delegate.

    - If you are going to be the "tough" type of leader, then also be "fair". Everyone gets treated equally, by the same criteria for judgements. If you're going to be the "laissez-faire" type, then you better have an already veteran crew of players, who can pretty well act on their own, or some deputies that can keep people going in the desired direction. Else, the members will eventually just do what they think is best for themselves, and you'll lose cohesion and not get anything accomplished.

    - When you give an order, watch how your members act/react. Go through their train schedules, etc. Look to see if they're following, or not. Learn which do, and try to figure why some don't. Try this a few times, so you can see which members can be depended on, most of the time. This will give you an idea as to the "strength of the team". Then you can figure if some actions are feasible by your association; like initiating rivalries, tracking to another city, hauling power on leveling, etc.

    - Whenever it comes time to make "the big decision(s)", then always make it in consequence for what is best for the entire team - not just a few members - and especially not for your own personal position.

    - If you don't know, or have doubts, or are unsure about something - then by all means ask your deputies, or your members, what they think. You might just learn something, and also learn which members want to get involved and/or be helpful.

    - Reward good behavior / conduct. Especially to new players, nothing makes them feel better, than when the boss thinks they did well - and recognizes it. If you have a hard time saying something nice (for whatever reason), then designate a deputy to do so. He/she can say something like "I mentioned to the boss how good you're doing", or something like that.

    - Discourage bad behavior / conduct. Point it out in your forum in a "general way". Say "there are some members doing 'such and such' a thing wrong, or against the proper functioning of the intended goal, or are not helping with worker auctions", etc. Don't call them out by name. Hopefully they'll recognize that they are the ones being addressed and correct it. If it repeats itself continually, then message them, or have a deputy do so. If there is no response, or it continues, then you'll likely have to kick them from the association (then usually, all of a sudden they will "wake up" and message you, as to why you kicked them!).

    - Lead from the front - or by example. Don't ask for, or order, something that you won't do yourself. If I'm going to ask my team to haul the worst paying good, from way out in the boonies, so that we can finally level the Land Mark - then I schedule my trains doing that first - then I ask the team to do so, and/or follow me. If you're going to expect the rest to do the dirty thankless jobs, then you do them too - and so do your deputies.

    - Keep calm, don't pull a fit in the forums if someone did something stupid. I know; if someone would have put in just another 100k for the worker, we would have got him. I know; if someone would have just followed the call, we would have won the city competition. I know; if someone would have bothered checking the time of recalculation, we would all have gotten the GH. I know, I know, I know... Get up from your chair, get a drink, go outside for some air, compose yourself. Then come back and state what action (or lack of) has disappointed you (to put it mildly). I know it's hard, and often frustrating, but what can i say, other than: I know...

    - If you get to the point where you actually feel that someone has to be either demoted, or kicked - then message them first. Clearly state the reason(s) why you are taking such action towards them. I know that you feel the player is a jerk, or an idiot, or a griefer, or just plain doesn't care. But that doesn't mean you have to be either. Show some class. Message first - then kick them.

    - At the end of the day, think about how you performed as leader. Would you want to have someone like you as your own boss? If no, then correct appropriately your ways, as to the reason why.