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    This game does nothing when you report bullying and blackmailing by a member!! A member speaks Russian in a dedicated English channel and is told this.. This person gets mad and starts to invest in our cities goods to up our wait times and is pushing our corp chair to apologize or he will keep interrupting our wait times.. I have messages where this person tells our corp chair person that if she apologizes he will stop investing and he will move on ( *Edited: the problem is one person in this town. If this person apologizes publicly , this so-called bully will normally play)!! He is not hauling any of these goods, matter of fact his home city is far away from our city!! I have sent over four complaints to game support (yes the above message went to support also) that this person is bullying our chair person and blackmailing her and all of us in the city( if you do this it will all stop).. I am told by support this person has the right to invest all he wants, I get this fully but when you threaten and bully I am not ok with this at ALL!!! He broke the games policies and rule but speaking in an English (only) chat. He is just causing trouble and problems!!!! This person also bragged that he has been banned several times in a message. To this day this person has not been banned or kicked off the game for his breaking the rules and the threats!!! Unfortunately the city I am in will be in The End Game and I don't want to leave my city as I enjoy playing the game but I can not be part of a game that does not protect all the other members playing here.. He is ruining my gaming experience (more so I am so mad he is holding our city hostage basically) and investing to force our wait times. If not for him I think we would be 1st over all but he holding our city back for his childish behaviors like he is.. Yes is screen name is *Edited!!!!!!

    *CM has edited the name of the player