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    So, are there actually four same workers at any given time?

    I'm looking at this for Firebox and form Rok Dawgz (16.) point of view. Number one Night's Watch has 30,318 prestige, and less than 10% of that is form ranking 46. Sally flyers. If the rest are devided evenly by ranking, there should be 15 in each basket. If they are devided by prestige, the result is the same, we shouldn't be at the top basket, but yet we are. We haven't been higher in the rank at any time. Yet we are in the same group with very top associations...?

    I heard a rumour that there would be baskets for associations. By basket I mean that big associations compete with each other (about workers etc) and smaller with other smaller associations. Is this true and how can we find the limits for baskets, if there is such system?