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    You don't understand that the problem is, "where is the server physically?"

    Yes I do, but in your answer you start to explain it does not matter where the server is since the rules are for citizens of Italy.

    Being European I start to wonder how they got such different rules while still being European.

    So I read back to your earlier post and there you confirms I am right. The regulation is about Italian soil as I posted earlier, an English citizen living in Italy can still not participate.

    But let's stop the discussion since you can not drink at age of 18 in Luxembourg (Europe) and other places.

    Being an 18 year old American in Luxembourg does not give you the right to drink while there.

    There now is many places in the USA that have a legal age of buying cigarettes of 21+.

    The laws are for anyone using those servers in Italy. Does not matter where they are born.

    crap i figured it out, i will loose it..

    what a bs to give me this gold in era 6 !!!!

    got 4 days to spend 9,200 gold.. what a wind up


    I just won a ton of gold on a server that is nearly finished, what happens when the game is done?

    Do I get to keep the gold, or do I loose it because I won it?

    When I look under transfer it says I can only transfer 1 gold...

    This is because I could be an English citizen living in Italy.

    So? Anyone living in Italy has to follow Italian rules.. what if it was legal for me to gamble at say 18 years old in my country and in Italy it would be 21.. do I get to enter the Italian casino b/c of my nationality? naah