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    Hello Steve,

    I would have to say that byuing gold makes this game roll for the ones who play without buying. What you are actually asking is for Travian to stop one of the main resources of making money. Speaking on a business level, they should not (and will not) do it at any level.

    Just my 2 cents in the discussion.

    I have a new computer and the problem still excists. It's told with sending in a ticket that it is a syncronisation issue of the servers and not our computers

    This happens with all internet applications. Laggng will exist both on servers and pcs, that's why I wrote it is not necessarily the servers, could also be other reasons like one's devices.

    Thus, you have to take it into consideration while placing bids

    Hi all,

    it is not a syncronization issue as for the fault of the game necessarily. I had the same issue in the past which was caused by a lag on my laptop internal cloack which was like 10 seconds late in the correlation of the core, and thus affected the game as well.

    When I switched laptops it stopped existing and after I tried to open the old laptop it was there again.

    Additionally, internet delays, workload and everything can make these 2-3 seconds delays possible. Having checked the app, that is faster on the timer (mobile network is better than laptop) but slower in responses and showing info of who placed bids.

    Do keep that in mind and place the bet few seconds earlier.

    Well you can always ask the developer to split the prestige in the End Game or even the main game

    So you get PP points for how much your asso has hauled and PP points on how much you hauled and then you add them up. So if your asso is 1st you get e.g. 1.000 PP and because you were 12th of all people in the city (incl other asso) you get another 250 while the 1st guy (irrespective asso) will get eg 1000 PP.

    But do note that my belief is, this will make it even more difficult to stop outsiders to start hauling crazily - you will probalby cause more problems than you fix. Also the developers might not like it because this all comes from players who are not spending crazy money, and they want the crazy money people to create the wealth.

    Food for thought as I believe you will never find a system that makes all happy, maybe not fix sth that is not broken? Probably changing anything in the EG will cause more discussions than solutions.

    By the way, I like the current system, as long as people respect the city. Personally I setup a network around a city that doesn't go to EG so I use my fast trains to haul some staff to the other megacities (like 10-15 tons etc) and this way I can use those unneeded industries and make some small prestige with the current system that will increase my gold earnings without affecting the city... so I am good with it

    Well how about any member can donate as many times as they want, but the total of all donations can't be more than the number of the members of the association.

    e.g. if you have 6 players then the total number of donations per upgrade can't be more than 6 even if all 6 come from one member. This way you can help the new members setup, find some space for new members, and at the same time, you won't end up with associations that have 20 spots with 3 members.

    Well I would suggest a different level of worker / increased element

    2 different workers - one for passengers and one for goods that have the following effects:

    1. Eiji Mitooka --> Designer of the Kyushu Sever Star Train, and the winning association gets a passenger train similar to the bonus one of each era for 24 hours but passenger ticket would be 2x the price of the standard ones as a luxury add-on

    2. SATS (this is not a person but South African Transport System - could be someone's name) --> They have operated one of the biggest trains ever (if not the biggest still, longer than 7km). It would give the winning asso one goods train that has a capacity twice of that of the best train of the era - e.g. the olympus - but with a smaller speed (heavy trains can't go with 200km)

    Once the effect is over, trains will arrive to the last city and disappear. This way winning asso can make some nice money, increase hauling and make it fly.

    I disagree. When I first started playing this is what I would do. Now I level up my restaurant and hotel first to produce the cash needed for the rest.

    Hi Jalistair, and all

    Just to be clear, this is a forum proposing things. I play for fun and the way each one plays is different. Maybe going for the restaurant and hotel is better. Personally I got my lab at level 9 in a test event I did in the German server, started 10, and then bought the starter pack. Worked out just fine for me. Maybe as many "pros" here say, restaurant is better, I don't doubt it, I just find it has a small difference on the long run and prefer to focus on the laboratory.

    That's the fun of the game. People enjoy it in a different way :D


    Early on you need to cap your economy building firsts.

    Not for me, I prefer to finish them after the laboratory as their pay back time is around 25 days for the restaurant and more for the shopping centre. Each one prioritizes at will I guess. Laboratory for me, thank you