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    This solution give some release but isn't perfect.

    it stil doesn't give me the possibility to cluster different trains in one group and other in another group.


    I would like to have the opportunity to cluster my active trains in several groups.

    eg. I have a lot medusas, some bonus trains from previous era's, a slow carrier train and one poseidon.

    When I want to change the timetable of all the medusas it takes a lot of clicking to select them. In this case the 'select-all' possibility in PLUS also select my unwanted slow trains.

    The idea is I'm able to select a previous selected group of trains and then can change the timetable of only those trains with one click.

    Now I can order my medusas in a group and let them travel around on my network to drive competitions and join the slower trains in a group leaving them on the old scedule.


    During ERA 1-6 there's a regular city competition between 5 cities.

    I do understand why these particular cities are grouped in this competition but can anyone tell me please:

    1) What are the winning conditions.

    2) What does the (every now and then changing) good sign mean in the main screen just above the city

    3) What does the number mean in the right upper corner of that good.