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    No, when the server restarts you only have your carreer engine again. Bonus trains won in the previous round are lost.


    Watch your thoughts because they can become words

    Watch your words because they become your deeds

    Watch your deeds because they become your habits

    Watch your habits because they become your character

    Watch your character because it will become your destiny

    Watch your destiny because it will become your doom

    Watch your doom because then there's nothing left

    Are bonus trains kept, even after world restart?

    In era 6 there are 4 bonus trains, 2 of them (Titan, Aurora) say "can be unlocked in latter era", but it's the last, how to get these?

    How many Bonus trains can you have of one specific type?

    I have an Elektra already, i recently won a contest where the price was an another Elektra.. BUT even though i won i didn't get the train :cursing:

    (Date of contest: 03-08-2019 - 21.00 kl.)

    Can someone explain this?