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    Answer: Yes.


    As train A covers 160 km in an hour, it will cover 80 km in half an hour.

    As train B covers 120 km in an hour, it will cover 60 km in half an hour.

    After 30 minutes both trains will have approached by 140 kms (80km + 60km).

    As the supervisor notices the problem when the trains are 140 km away from each other, he will have exactly 30 minutes to reach the switch.

    As the supervisor can run at 14km/h, it will cover 700 meters in 3 minutes.

    Then, it will take him 27 minutes to run 6300 meters (3 * 6300 / 700).

    Consequently, he will reach the switch 3 minutes before the trains crash.

    I hope the trains have a good braking system.