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    The ads on the iOS app whether on the iphone or ipad does not work all the time. Sometimes I get a message on the app saying that there are no more ads available but the ads are available on the browser version.

    The second ad is extremely unreliable on the app. An ad from Sun Bingo keeps coming and repeating but I do not get any rewards.

    I have returned to the game after a long time and possibly the most disappointing thing is the communication. This includes the chat, messaging and internal forums. These are my thoughts.

    1)There is no use from Travian’s side to work on this project if no one is going to use it as intended.

    2) The chat is basically dead. However it is better to see a chat where the quality is greater than the quantity.

    3) Chat systems should be made as simple as possible.

    4) Have a simple group chat system where players who accept invitations can chat. There should be a mass select and a player search function within the system.

    5) The person forming the group can disband it or if there is no activity in it for one week then it automatically gets deleted.

    6) Any chat system should work seamlessly across all platforms.

    7) Are these chat rooms going to be monitored by Travian or volunteers? The last thing that should happen is people using these rooms to radicalise or groom people.