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    I am just wondering, if you are aware, that advertising gambling sites to Finland with Finnish target audience (in Finnish language) is illegal in Finland ;)

    I'm not so sure if gold feature would not be commercially viable. The test rounds "problem" was ofc that all the players knew, this is now once off chance to raise gold, so everyone probably mostly spared it. Personally I used gold just couple of times little bit more for getting daily card I wanted (bonus from buildings), but was saving pretty tightly, because it _was_ once chance to get gold.

    I'm pretty sure that if it was a normal feature, most of the players would use most of it during round. And maybe if running out actually easier buy it. That is a flipside of coin. It would for us fudge the border between cash and gold, and some players might burn real money in gold much easier much more, which ofc could fudge the balance in burning real money, if you are not careful. That is more of why it probably would be bad feature, it could heart people who cannot keep their cool head, and would burn easier more money than they might be afford to (compare to gambling problems). That could also give if it happens pretty negative PR for the company.

    Maybe better way could be to consider have some of gold feature to be some other value features, kinda of game diamonds or something like that, that will be earned much less and by like that shopping centre / events / whatever rarer things, and could not be bought, but could then be used for getting plus account or bonus trains? Kinda of alternative way, that is harder and more time taking, but does not cost money, like gold.

    Yup, in what univerese you get those 2 upgrades among first 14 bonus video pickup... this account is without plus... and this is not first time, still waiting... this add train is fucking annoying, and even more annoying if you pay plus (quess, does it make concider not getting plus ;) )

    Oh, didn't think to just scratch an old ticket, when the task is "buy and scratch", got task done by scratching existing ticket, but the problem was that "buy" part, when system keeps buy button disabled, when you _have_ tickets unscratched (I think earlier it allowed you to buy that one ticket for Lucy task).

    Last part was: I just clipped image with windows-shift-s and painting to clipboard. And pasted it here. System told, image is too big. Not going to bother to modify a screen clip.. so writing.. maybe it would be smart to enable a bit larger image size so it is possible to clip and click problem image ;)

    Seems its impossible? Either you need to scratch all starting tickets (which is just stupid before 1000 points) or then gold and ticket sale is not compabtile with your starting tasks...

    Server: M1.201 Scandinavia...

    Oh and you have insanely low size for images.. thus paste from clipboard is impossible for image clip.. thus: buy ticket button is disabled...

    Just to ask, what did you do? It's day 6 going on in COM202 Loch Ness and STILL that annoying popup try to sell trains with gold.. seriously? Are you trying to annoy your players out of game? :cursing:

    I do not disagree with the fact that it is impossible to have different starting times for all the servers.. that's not the point here. The point is, that (what I know) 3 of 5 of the top-5 alliances in the Skandi server are playing next round in LN. All of them also planned to play in Skandi too. And now (I know situation in two of these alliances) players discuss that they will leave Skandi at the beginning of the round and move their gold and plus to another server, if they start same time. If the situation is similar in other of those top alliances, well, imagine level of game you have next round. And for RN as company, that means visible decline in gold sales too. Which, in the end, probably means that shortly there will be no new rounds in Skandi server, because of low population and low income for the company. So this discussion is about these two servers, and what will happen, if they start the same time.. RN admins should see pre-registrations for the alliances and understand what this means..

    I have myself too pre-registered for both servers, and bought super-starter package for both of them.. but if half of the people in our associations decide not to go with two servers with same timeline (like it seem to be) I also will say buybuy for Skandi and focus only on LN. Practically, if they start same time, as far as our discord discussions give a hint, it means that most likely two of the top-5 associations of the server will leave. That does leave you pretty boring round and dead end population there, and a dead server. I really do not understand the point of this? I agree that a week waiting might be unfair for those who play only Skandi.. but maybe above mentioned suggestion, that other one couple of days earlier and other one couple of days later..

    Well it is a bit overburden to run two end games simultaneously. It would be pretty good, if those servers had some difference on starting time.. Is it worthwhile to loose active top-associations in the Scandinavia server, if players on it choose not to run those same time, if starting time is the same? Means pretty surely boring round to Scandinavia and after that death of the server.. I'm pretty sure, that even couple of days time difference would make it better, but why to start those the same time? A week would be probably optimal, to give players couple of days to rest before the next end game.