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    6 hours gone since my last post

    x tusands has been affected by this, keyboard for Android 9 was first fixed yesterday, 7 staff member been online since my last post - not a word again.

    I wonder why i pay for this game - RN give me an App (i am Happy) but when it is not working it is my own problem, support use your PC !!! (many people only use phone for this game)- people miss PP - End game - and daily revenue.

    Samisu try to cool down people with nice words ( sry Samisu not U i shoot at - U are extreme good and proff) but anything official Sry no - no comment - is this the new style of RN ???

    Only official thing since my post is a new gold sale (now i need to pay again to get + 20 %)

    Any words why this issue is so difficult so it take 9 days to fix a keyboard - 10 + to find a solution- no !!!

    And with Master start in a couple of days hmm- really hope for those who dare to join all works

    After all have a nice weekend

    Cheers Rype

    Hey Samisu

    It is now 10 days since this issue hit us, and U still not get a answer to us - do we get a compensation ? or will U just leave us in silence and hope we forget it ?

    I think 10 days ( more than a full work week) will be more than enough to isolate all Android users who was affected by this, and tell us what U planed for us.

    Cheers Rype

    Hey Samisu

    Thx for your update, but i think U owe your loyal customer an answer very quick about this compensation, people use money on this game, and we where all in no mans land for more than two days in this issue. I know part of the problem was Google but in the end it is a Travian problem, and to discuss a kind of compensation does not take that long time, earlier U have been out with compensation in a day or two so why not now ?

    Cheers Rype

    Hey RN

    How will U compensate all us players for that mess, many ( Android users) was not able to log in to the game for days, bank ran full, loss of PP and so on.

    Because U U will compensate all Android user for this right ??

    P.s the keyboard is still not working in the App pls fix it Asap

    Hey Samisu

    As U know we always use Slack, i would like an ingame system like Slack, where all information pup up in a new window/app - where U can write in realtime incl emoji and real type writing (special where U can see another person is about to write something) - like in Slack where U can set Slack to translate automatic, where U can send buzz to people or your asso - U can make different room/channels for different people (Chair only to do that or maybe deputy), where U can see message in an app without open the game.

    • 1) Should the strategy be defined by a certain group of people?
    • 2) How are those people selected?
    • 3) Should there be votes?
    • 4) Would association leaders be an option to form this group of people?
    • 5) What would be a good way to encourage (not force!) players to follow the decision (for example to level a certain city) of this certain group?
    • 6) What if someone in that group doesn’t do his job?

    1) No - i guess U mean players in the game - will make the game good for very few and strong asso and bad for rest.

    2) If U mean a board of players then it must be all about votes - but again the strong asso will win all votes and many player will loose, so no - what about a random strategy where every game hold 10 different strategy - one focus on LM + 10 % on money - one same for Cit - one + 20 % on harbor (to develop this great feature - but need some twist) one for WH - one asso develop - one for money run and so on, so game change every 24 h to a new focus point but random, will force the big asso to change tactic - and the small player who is active can benefit.

    3) Yes - but we need to rethink the system vote, a president may need majority of votes but also the majority of asso vote (one vote from every asso in the region - here he/she will need 50 % of asso vote also) to get elected, will help small asso to get involved and heard by big asso to get there vote.

    4) No

    5) U can not lead people who do not want to be lead !!! so diplomay diplomay and diplomay that make the game good, U need players to f... it U to wake the big player to focus on small players need, but of course we need to take out trolls ( how - hmm your problem RN)

    6) U mean asso or region ? - asso Chair got the power to dismiss him/her no prob - on region LvL U might introduce a system like : one warning from president (10 % extra WT on RG in region) - 2 warnings (minimum 48 h between these two) 20 % delay - Red card ( need president and 50 % of the player in a region vote for tha)t 90 % WT for one day and then all over again.

    Cheers Rype

    Cheers Rype


    Seems like Google put up the right RN App this time - U need to delete the app and reinstall - the white screen will be there for 1 min - and then U will get in ( but very slow)

    But when U try type in your password there is no keyboard !!!!!

    Cheers Rype

    Seems like Google put up the right RN App this time - U need to delete the app and reinstall - the white screen will be there for 1 min - and then U will get in ( but very slow)

    Hey all you good people of RN

    Can you bring us some colour for the rest of 2019 ?

    How many update can we expect ? - When ? - new feature ?

    I know you work hard on Htlm5 but you also do that in September 2018 - pls bring some info will it be Q 4 or first quater 2020 ? and what is your ETA.

    First time since i start play this game - where there is total "Fog of War" no info no news no update.

    You tell us earlier we could expect a new "Winter event" before summer - i guess you mean summer 2020 8)

    Have a nice evening

    Cheers Rype


    First of all i see naike and @sacroima's argument and yes i got no doubt that it is correct on many servers, but on Scandinavian is most people ( as see and hear it) working and gives some problems when Start/EG day is Monday to Wednesday, because people need to get free from work to participate and on a small server below 1.000 maybe even below 1.300 it create a lot of problems, because EG is very difficult to run with only 25 % of your asso active, on many other servers U may got 5 -15 active asso during EG on same City then no prob, but on the small ones it is a big challenge, and people on the small servers also pay for the game, and i hear from many it is not fair we pay for a game and need to use our holiday for EG, maybe RN should look more into this during your survey.

    So how to deal with that:

    1) small servers( below 1000) based on last 5 games always start on Thursday or Friday ( and Yes i can still not explain why people more often can get Fridag off to EG but not other weekday)

    2) Reduce EG demands on smaller servers so it will go quicker, maybe half the tonnage to haul

    3) Extend Era 6 ( then start day is not a problem anymore) so EG always will start Friday on small servers.

    Just a thought

    Cheers Rype

    Hey Naike

    Yes U are right, but on Scandinavia most people can participate in the weekend ( played for last 6-8 rounds - so get an ok feeling with it), a hard number of people always play on Scandi (guess 500) they are most online in the weekend, so to get as fair EG as possible it will be best for such s small server to start Friday


    Scandinavian M1.201 start on Monday 15/7 But that is very bad - Why - normal Scandinavian is a very small server max 700 up to era 6 then 900-1000,, but when EG start on a Monday people needs to get the off from work Tuesday and maybe Wednesday, or EG will take a VERY long time, why not postpone it an let it start Thursday 18/7 or Friday 19/7, this will make sure the EG run better and more fair for all.

    So pls RN lets is it be fair for this small server and start it Friday 19/7 or Thursday 18/7(someway more easy for people to get the day off when it is Friday)

    Cheers Rype


    I also prefer 1 week break, but as Stubaski wrote

    I really don't mind if it changes slightly, what annoys me is having to wait to find out.

    When the game ends, before you take the server offline have a date ready, shouldn't be difficult to shcedule, maybe put the server offline and have a date in the interface? It's really annoying having to rely on a forum post which could be missed.

    it would be very nice with the new date in interface, when EG is done and server run offline for two days.

    Personal i also prefer start day Thursday, Friday or Saturday ( it is much more easy for people to get Friday off from work when they know EG will be done during the Weekend and they can participate in full EG) so EG will run into the weekend, not always so easy to get time for EG on workday. It ruin EG a lot when half or more of your asso is on work during EG.

    Cheers Rype


    Very interesting

    We for sure need some new stuff into the game

    I would like some random things to happens

    1) Every Era is 14 days - in those 14 days somethings may happens max 3 times minimum 1 time - every Occasion should last one 1 day - E.g 24 hours of hauling LM (SoE) with minimum 90 % of asso will give a bonus next 24 hours of + 50

    % - Same with city hauling, of course City hauling (Asso chosen City) will again pay of for next 24 h. Harbour/ WH - Maybe coorberate with another asso for 24 h (input pls) will give the both asso 24 benefit in the other asso RG of 100 % for 24 h.

    All this to give the gameplay a more random output so people need to be more online and follow TEAM Call, it is all about Team work so all who can benefit that would be great - but maybe 9-10 Occasion could happens (i just mention 3) so all asso need to work harder and be smarter be online -be ready to shift focus for 24 h.

    Cheers Rype


    The money grubber title is all about your turnover during 24 h not what is in your bank.

    Use the money for upgrade, wagon or investment, and your will have room in your bank for a steady turnover, in Era 6 your turnover can easily hit 6,0 mio each hour, so that demands ýou to use the money.


    As i wrote GDPR is all about of what U want it to be - a problem OR a better way of protection your client - BUT NEVER defeat your Client with GDPR