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    Hey Samisu

    I would prefer a extra thing for Asso, that would put even more focus on TEAM play, and also help small asso against PP hunters and make EG faster, what could that be ?

    A system like HQ where 80 % of the asso need to donate money or Resarch point or maybe Half wait time to gain a Team advantage.

    1) Donate money = Extra HQ building ( maybe 10 LvL - very expensive) helping Asso trains = reduce wt in "own" RG with 5% on each LvL

    2) Resarch point = Asso Lab who will donate Resarch Point to e. g the 4 weakest player in Asso

    3) Half Wait time = Wait time Asso Bank - Donate half Wait time and build a buffer to End game where U can reduce wait time

    This will reduce EG haul time and U will get a more intense fight where people can schedule to be online - today an EG take between 20-60 hours not smart/ or funny.

    Cheers Rype

    Hey Samisu

    A couple of question:

    11 new RG or 11 new supply/goods - is it replace some execisting RG ? or will EG now demand 48+11= 59 ?

    When will these be available - event unlock or normal way by City LvL ?

    And will we need to take a City to lvl 57 to get everything unlocked ?

    How will the price on the new wagon be ?

    Today a full wagon set (one of each 48 RG) cost 2,722.500 - 11 more will maybe influence the balance


    I also think U should be able to pre reg - BUT RN will decide where U start - that means if e.g 300 players pre reg for a new round they will start in there own asso but RN decide where the asso will start and can get all region almost at same strength ,that will make it more fun and U don't will see 3 or 4 Asso working together in same region and own the game from start.


    1/2 a year ago +/- U wrote about a hole Asso should be able to move/copy to a new server, it would be perfect here, my guess U would get a lot more people playing if they can stay in there normal asso, what is the plan about that ????

    Would love to try the new senario with my own Asso (I already build up a lot of Asso from start- been there, done that - next)

    Have a nice Friday evening

    Cheer Rype


    I fully understand this problem no matter what RN will do it will never be fair, so another way out of this could be look into history books.

    What do a country with to high inflation - Yes either U change coins to a new coin or devalue ate the coin.

    In this case i think - find a new metal, and offer all with diamants to exchange to new metal in a rate RN decide, then U can take the offer or not, and If Rn is very nice U can exchange to gold in another exchange rate, and we all start up again with a new metal.

    Cheers Rype

    Total agree

    Feedback = best event in RN really fun !!!!

    And real hard fight to see the videos from wintercoin

    A small request:

    When U win the bonustrain - it seems like U miss something - why not put in bonus upgrade like the real bonus train, so if U win bonustrain in era 1 U need 4 * 5 era bonus upgrade to develop the bonus train trough the full game - WOULD LOVE IT !!!

    But very good feature U got here RN !!!!

    Cheers Rype


    i both agree and desagere, some uf the best with EG is the tactical (at least for the 2 or 3 best Corp) we where behind with 7 in last EG 31-24 and end up with a victory of 3 after a very nice EG (most fun i ever played) but for rest of the regions i understand it was not fun, so:

    Take nr 3-5 with same slate
    nr 5-9 same slate
    9-rest same slate

    but don't ruin the first 3 always a nice and hard competition.

    Have a nice Friday

    Cheers Rype

    Hey Saphirus

    I tried it, go via my PC and checked all RN and Travian files was deleted, reinstall from Playstore - but stop exact on same picture, but one thing i notice:

    When i start load there is a glitch and a small white line below the picture, then a new glitch and picture is "normal" but stop and never get further .

    No clou it that means something

    Cheers Rype