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    Nice to see a changelog again, not seen since Spring !!!!!!

    Only a very small one, but for sure hope it will be followed but some big ones with tons of new features !!!!!

    It goes from 4.14 to 4.17 so hope that means a lot of new stuff will come in next update

    Hey all

    17/9 i posted a complain in here - 2 days ago i sendt it drect to RN and Salix

    First here is the complain:


    Second the answer i got :

    From Salix - None

    From RN: Due to Privacy Policy, I am not allowed to share any other information with you. Therefore, I cannot give you other answers to your questions. Details are only shared with people that were affected and were on the list for the compensation

    And best two link to compagny policy, so i can start read 100 pages - nice way of treat your customers

    This was total answer to 9 question !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So did it help complain -- hmm what do U think

    I feel like a fool

    Have a nice evening all players

    Cheers Rype

    Hey Samisu

    I know one thing - if i ask U a question i will get a respone within max 10-12 hours often within 30 minutes, but here 4 days with up to 6-7 moderator online, i guess u are colleague and send a pm to each other - like we all do when we are at work and a colleague did'nt see a message - if so this is very close to arrogance nothing else sorry to say.

    But as i say No answer is also an answer, so i will rest my case and stay silence from now on.

    Too all player (and Samisu) have a nice Saturday evening

    Cheers Rype

    Hey Samisu

    As always it is U who come back first and as always positive !!

    I may be "old school" but when i got a question or complain first thing to do is: I see your message and will come back asap.

    I will keep people posted on any progress - but as i say i may be "old school" and inhere is maybe new way of doing things.

    Hey i will post this Complain both here and as a PM direct to U Salix, I will publish my complain here because i guess neither RN or U got something to hide in this case, and here in public all users can follow it and see your deciscion - much better that all those secrets.

    Official Complaint of Event (Mobile update) 9 / 8--12 / 8-2019 about Compensation

    I hereby appeal the decision on compensation for the above on the following grounds:

    1) The decision has been secret until today, where it has partially gone public why?

    2) On what basis is the decision made? (are users who use all the tools RN makes themselves less worth ?)

    3) Are we who have the choice to plan our games according to the possibilities that RN gives us (Mobile, Tablet and PC) not entitled to compensation when one or more RN tools do not work - my game is largely based on that I can use the mobile version during the day (where I work).

    4) Where can we as players and customers see if our rights have been complied in relation to RN's internal guidelines.

    5) What protection do we have as players for the game to work when we pay for it? and where can we read about our protection?

    6) Does RN have an official customer complaint policy - how long should it take? - should RN even sign out? or does the RN only come back even when players complain?

    7) What is the compensation and how is it calculated? (for future events it is important to know how it is calculated)

    8) In this case, RN claims that it is the third party (Google) who is responsible for the delay, but is it not that Google has issued fairly clear guidelines that RN has not been able to read? and Why are we players paying for it?

    9) What are the rules when RN claim 3 part for the issue and don’t want to compensate it’s customer ?

    Cheers Rype

    Hey Salix

    Thx for your reply - now i understand why U in the first place don't want to tell the rules for compensation - these 3 points are hmm at best very smart from RN view.

    But still i would like very much to ask a few question to RN about the way to treat accidents like this - all modern company got a SoP (standard operationel procedure) for things like this,.

    And with all the fail the last two years i am pretty sure U got a detailed SoP for this, why not just tell us from start, why do we need to chase this in a forum for more that a full month with no information unless we write and ask, and when U compensate - it is secrect - i don't get it sry.

    So who decide this ?

    Why is it not public like all the other times ( an error is an error not matter how many it hit)

    Is there a general rule (SoP) for this ?

    Can we complain about the decision and to who ?

    Thx in advance


    Ok then i can understand i am NOT qualify for compensation, but it would a very fair move from RN/Travian to explain why and what qualify for compensation, i was hit on two server use my phone every day so what more ???

    This has taken more than a month, and when U decide who to recive compensation it is a secret - this is not good, very bad way to solve this RN, i must say i am NOT HAPPY with the way U treat your customers.

    U make a mistake i pay !!!!!!!

    Who should i write to in Travian to get more info on this, there must be a person up higher in the system who can see this is not the way to treat customers, so pls put a name and email in here for who to contact

    Thx in advance


    U go to the upper right corner and click here

    Then here

    and finally here where U can choose any city U are connected to

    Cheers Rype


    We all be newbee at some point back in time, and learn from older player, best advice get into an Asso who want to learn U about this great game - by far best way to learn - other weise it can be a bitt overwelhming

    Have a nice weekend

    Cheers Rype