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    I fully understand this problem no matter what RN will do it will never be fair, so another way out of this could be look into history books.

    What do a country with to high inflation - Yes either U change coins to a new coin or devalue ate the coin.

    In this case i think - find a new metal, and offer all with diamants to exchange to new metal in a rate RN decide, then U can take the offer or not, and If Rn is very nice U can exchange to gold in another exchange rate, and we all start up again with a new metal.

    Cheers Rype

    Total agree

    Feedback = best event in RN really fun !!!!

    And real hard fight to see the videos from wintercoin

    A small request:

    When U win the bonustrain - it seems like U miss something - why not put in bonus upgrade like the real bonus train, so if U win bonustrain in era 1 U need 4 * 5 era bonus upgrade to develop the bonus train trough the full game - WOULD LOVE IT !!!

    But very good feature U got here RN !!!!

    Cheers Rype


    i both agree and desagere, some uf the best with EG is the tactical (at least for the 2 or 3 best Corp) we where behind with 7 in last EG 31-24 and end up with a victory of 3 after a very nice EG (most fun i ever played) but for rest of the regions i understand it was not fun, so:

    Take nr 3-5 with same slate
    nr 5-9 same slate
    9-rest same slate

    but don't ruin the first 3 always a nice and hard competition.

    Have a nice Friday

    Cheers Rype

    Hey Saphirus

    I tried it, go via my PC and checked all RN and Travian files was deleted, reinstall from Playstore - but stop exact on same picture, but one thing i notice:

    When i start load there is a glitch and a small white line below the picture, then a new glitch and picture is "normal" but stop and never get further .

    No clou it that means something

    Cheers Rype


    A total new S8 with latest Android, no RN installed before.

    And backup installed from the sky afterwards.

    Then delete RN - reinstall same issue

    After new mobileversion - same procedure - delete and reinstall - same issue

    Only see the train ready to depart from station, no RN logo - looks like it just stop 2 sec before launch

    P.s Still working on my S7 edge

    Hey Stubaski

    Hmm - game on mobile is on an APP so guess browser not so important, but support is aware of this issue, many got it on different phones, and no fix for now, because they are not sure what casuses the problem, so really bad luck, that my old phone crash, just after i get my moblie version to work again, and now new phone new problems and again no game on mobile.


    I got a Samsung 7 edge, but now bought a Samsung s8, but game can not load, stopped when show station, just befor RN logo gets on - what am i doing wrong ??
    forget to un tick something or ?


    i got same problem, special on Brandenburger Tor with no + account, and on BB also sometimes, if i do a repair it can take up to 30 sec before it is shown correct ( but will always do in the end) and on BB sometimes when i multi repair i show one or two trains not repaired, but after 30 sec or open a new window all good, but yes pretty confusing.

    Cheers Rype

    Hey Samisu

    I know and already in dialoge with them, very strange that it is only BB not working on my mobile, but may have something to do with the upgrade on mobile to 4.9.0 before BB server was upgraded.

    Have a nice sunday

    Cheers Rype