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    Hey again

    Now it even get better i was banned ingame for my previous message as i also posted ingame (Never do that)

    I never understand it, i was banned but i don't understand why my ban start and end at same time,

    Seriously Rail Nation is this a way to treat people who raise a concern ???? Ban them Hmm

    I would really like a official from Rail Nation to comment this, how can you allow one player to destroy a game for more than 600 people just because he buy more gold as a person than we do - problem here is you wil loose another server where only 200 or 300 play - i really don't think that generate income to Rail Nation, so why protect the people who destroy it, why not protect your customers , this issue has been rasied multible times here in forum last month, both with this issue, doubble account, bots and put more issue in here.

    I have a feeling that you Rail Nation don't take us serious, you just keep hiding behind persona data protection, i think you will need some new lawyers to help you understand this issue, because right now you for sure not read the law same way other company does.

    In hope of an serious answer

    Have a nice day

    Cheers Rype

    Hey Forum

    I read a lot of thread on “Pay to win” but always with a little smile on my face who is stupid enough to spend ton of real lift money to destroy a game ??

    Ok I been treat a lesson we on Loch Ness, region North got a true lesson from (no name mentioned, but he is nr 1 on RN ranking)

    He’s station Era 2 day 4 – fun for rest of the players hmmmmmmm

    he is taking over one man alone city by city because we don’t want to accept twin city so he could spoil our game, so he just will give us a lesson (I got more money than you so I decide) ----- hmm first time I see this and I played for many years but I can only say to RN if this is allowed I will stop asap as player and I am pretty sure many will follow, so one man with a golden credit card can spoil a hole round for 600 players + no way I really hope you guys in RN will look into this and find a way that bring money to U and bring a kind of fairness to the game (btw I spend a lot of Real life money on this game but only to support on game not to spoil for others.

    This is a serious thread to this game hope you will look into it and take some kind off action, if not you will loose at lot of players going forward. This way of printing money is not very good for the game in the long or short run.

    If this is against game rules pls let us know how to report it (We are many just wait for an answer) thx in advance

    If you want more information pls reach out to me

    Cheers Rype

    Hey Pia_BF

    First Winterevent was first 14.02 or .03(CET) on Loch Ness, second and much more serious - i buy the winter packet (19,99 euro), my payment was accepted but recived nothing !!!!!!!!!

    And same story on Scandi you have a problem ????

    Would yoU pls kind look into that

    P.s SOLVED 20 minut after purchase


    I can only say Game runs really nice no problems at all, when U scroll it take a bit longer, but i can see it is already reported.

    But with Crome no ISSUE at all - not before XXL update and NOT after update, i know lot of U out there got problems but for me game runs very well.

    I am pretty sure you block pop up

    Try on google and type "your browser name e.g Chrome" and block pop up, then you will find your browser and can see how to turn it on or off


    This sound like you block PoP up windows, when you hit the green button a new pop up window will show, so be sure you don't block pop up

    Cheers Rype

    Hey /Mihai

    Thx for bring this up - on time we start discuss these topic or they will ruin the game

    Ad 1) See it and lost a game because of it (Yes we report it but i must be wrong because nothing happend from RN/support) very special to see 2 people online during a worker auction and suddenly two others online and so on untill all 25 has been online within 5 min and yes we lost 90 % of auction + the game, and yes they got a Russian flag and disappera after that round and not seen with that name again hmm. Then U can put all the other time on the game incl EG where we see the same now on hauling and in every aspect of the game.

    2) Seen it a few times but not sure it benefit the guy who do it never seen them be in top 10 - more people to try be runner up.

    3) Hehe yes a very warm/hot topic - this is very often seen in every game and many people is open about it - but yes I can never beat that and will not try - but on balance on game hmm Bruno has some work to do here - often people focus on small thing if U change PP on Landmark it will change balance - no i say - people is smart and will very quick adjust so balance is ok again - but this !!!! this is a much bigger problem on balance than everything else but until now no focus on it.

    Hey all

    I remember a post a some time ago about this problem - but no solution, we (Team Europe) got our own stalker Galga... (I am not allowed to show his name so the dots) he apply all time, when we reject he apply again we can not block him - he is not play for real, only careerpoint - he even shift region to try get extra careerpoint (and choose wrong one hehe) and then apply again, pls make a way we can block this spam, and btw stop this region hop for careerpoint (If U are in one region - make it not possible to delete avatar and restart in another region 3 days after)

    Cheers Rype

    Same here

    Everything work with same or better speed compare to Flash, but i am fully aware of many many people hit hard on HTML 5, wonder if it there is a connection between where U are located and what provider U got,i am on Loch Ness with my asso and i don't hear any complains but one Other Asso in same region (North) faces a lot of issue they are all from Finland, my asso is most from DK, Norway and Europe.

    Cheers Rype

    Hey RN

    I got a really bad vibe here – when I read the forum last week I get almost scared about this wonderful games future – all about fail and RN not to respond – I can say I must be lucky got NO issue at all with HTML 5 but for sure a LOT of other people has.

    Why is there not any Senior officer from RN out here and address the problems and acknowledge the issue here – go out say yeah we know we got problems – we hear U we will fix Asap or even better with an exact date (not possible I know) – go out and say to there most IMPORTANT PEOPLE (your Costumer ) we see this and we will do our best - we cover your loss ( it will be 10 times more expensive if people just leave this game in frustration) – so RN pls set in your Senior TEAM here and help all this good people U got in forum just try get the boat floating -HELP THEM and HELP your costumer

    Thx in advance

    Cheers Rype


    Intel Core I7-8750H CPU @ 2,2 GHz

    8GB Ram

    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050Ti

    I got 1000/1000 Mbps into my house but in my office at home on Wifi i only got around 60/80 Mbps

    Not sure where i can see my Frames

    Now on day 2 of test

    Just added one more Gameworld Brandenburger Tor and still no issue on Chrome or Brave all run as it should with two tabs open at same time

    Still not seen any strange behavior on HTLM 5

    Yes i log on after maintenance no prob at all - same as on flash before conversion

    Try to find some difference why so many get different result


    I load with no prob in 5-7 sec in both Chrome and Brave - what is the difference ???

    There must be some bug some where

    Try to figure out the difference here

    I got NO issue in Chrome or Brave Browser - just start a game on Tower bridge

    So only got like 30 tracks - heard it could be when U had more than 150/200 track problems start

    Got Intel Core I7-8750H CPU @ 2,20 GHz

    8 GB RAM and very good internet connection


    Reading here in forum about HTLM 5 make me a bit worried (understatement) so i just wanted to make a try before my real game (Loch Ness) started, so i just try Tower Bridge with new Browser Brave and so far NO ISSUE at all - runs like old game, if this is standard i am NOT worried so cross my fingers for next days testing

    Cheers ( a bit more optimistic) Rype

    Just try it in Chrome and run even more flawless - so far no issue at all