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    Good morning

    You go to the Lobby- click on Career in the top - then you will see a list of task, complete the task and you will unlock some career point you can use on your train

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    If you haul Wood to the Industri Boards and pick up boards and deliver to City - it is done or Grain to cows then City


    Small follow up to my problem

    Ticket to support solved it quick and easy - Thx

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    Hey Samisu

    I would really like to know how to upgrade my Wintermaked 3 times a day ???

    I hope it is not the intend to punish those people how get there Station done quick


    Small question:

    How do U solve this task

    In English : Upgrade 3 Stations building

    My station is total build up, only miss 3 engine LvL (Era 6) and we just start on Era 5 today - 1 hour before Wintermarked

    So what can i do ???

    Cheers Rype


    I agree we U on :

    What is wrong with saying “We learned some lessons from last years event, and for the sake of making the event more enjoyable for all, we are making the following changes”

    That would be smart and a nice way to explain it for sure

    Just think RN is very tired of all that noice last winter event created - special because it was one of the most fun one and loved by people - so this mistake so ruin it all - not an excuse just an possible explanation.

    Cheers Rype

    Hey Jvoodoochild

    Rn actually say many times before, that there was something they did not see in the system, and players just used that, and it was not working the way they has planned for.

    So as i read it no blame on the players, they knew it was the system who was not designed correct

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    Nice to see a changelog again, not seen since Spring !!!!!!

    Only a very small one, but for sure hope it will be followed but some big ones with tons of new features !!!!!

    It goes from 4.14 to 4.17 so hope that means a lot of new stuff will come in next update

    Hey all

    17/9 i posted a complain in here - 2 days ago i sendt it drect to RN and Salix

    First here is the complain:

    Second the answer i got :

    From Salix - None

    From RN: Due to Privacy Policy, I am not allowed to share any other information with you. Therefore, I cannot give you other answers to your questions. Details are only shared with people that were affected and were on the list for the compensation

    And best two link to compagny policy, so i can start read 100 pages - nice way of treat your customers

    This was total answer to 9 question !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So did it help complain -- hmm what do U think

    I feel like a fool

    Have a nice evening all players

    Cheers Rype

    Hey Samisu

    I know one thing - if i ask U a question i will get a respone within max 10-12 hours often within 30 minutes, but here 4 days with up to 6-7 moderator online, i guess u are colleague and send a pm to each other - like we all do when we are at work and a colleague did'nt see a message - if so this is very close to arrogance nothing else sorry to say.

    But as i say No answer is also an answer, so i will rest my case and stay silence from now on.

    Too all player (and Samisu) have a nice Saturday evening

    Cheers Rype

    Hey Samisu

    As always it is U who come back first and as always positive !!

    I may be "old school" but when i got a question or complain first thing to do is: I see your message and will come back asap.

    I will keep people posted on any progress - but as i say i may be "old school" and inhere is maybe new way of doing things.

    I posted this 3 days ago

    So i got one answer - MORE than 3 days

    For the rest : No answer is ALSO an answer

    To all Players have a great weekend

    Cheers Rype