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    If i remember correct (tried it once) U can force the Chair to step down if he/she has been inactive for more than 7(i think it was, but may be more) days, U then can right on his avatar and change his/her position.

    Hope it will work

    Cheers Rype

    Hey Samisu

    We Ipsum and i ask because we expect Scandi (maybe U can give us a hint when it will be) server to restart soon, and really hope we get all these new feature from this server start.

    Thx in advance

    Cheers Rype


    I like the new update all way around, and yes some small prob - but hey if U want development U need to accept some small issues, better small issues that no development, because no development means dead over the game.

    I like this game and like the way RN trying to take it to new LvL, and yes some things could be better (Buy some more gold, so RN can hire an extra man).

    But all in all i like it and look forward to new updates

    Go Go

    Cheers Rype


    Last easter egg will not unlock, i guess it is because i can not redeem the RP point egg (Max'ed out the era already), it is on Big Ben COM.201

    (on the 2 other server i play i got no problems)

    Have a nice easter

    Cheers Rype

    Hey Lord Ocryd

    I am just a normal gamer as U, but i fully understand that Travian need to make money to give it away for free - hmm free to a certain lvl of playing of course - i really hope they make money so they can buy better servers (maybe make a real round on Masters) and pay salary and so on, but it means we all need to pay one way or another, and U say that "RN makes huge profits off us wasting time watching the videos" where did u get that from - is it a public company or u get special insight ??

    I see all complaining of the videos and lack - hey just buy some more gold and they will solve it - it is quite simpel - the more Travian earns on a game the more they will invest in it to boost there profit !!

    Have a nice day

    Cheers Rype


    A idea could be introduce Signal house/tower on asso lvl - like HQ

    That means the asso will need to donate like we do on HQ

    Like HQ 80 % of the player in the asso must donate to reach next lvl.

    The lvl upgrade should be in connection to HQ upgrade, so eg lvl 14 on HQ unlock lvl 29-32 on signal house

    So signal house/tower start at lvl 1 and could go to lvl 32

    Each lvl reduce WT for the asso in all industries where the asso hold majority

    And in EG this signal house/tower in max lvl will reduce WT in all RG (for the asso) with 50 % - that will help a lot in the discussion of PP hunters, versus normal players.