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    Yeah but when someone bids 10 million and u haven't got 10 million what are u supposed to do about it? It only seems to benefit those who have made more cash faster than u. Moreover, its worse when u are competing against other cities around u and u just want to catch up so u can get to the same position as them. And when auctions lasts another 5 seconds, when the auction is refreshing the information, someone cuts in and u don't have any time to put another bid on.

    There should be an extra minute added on to the auction when it enters into the final few seconds of the auction. People are just cutting in with 5 seconds left and they outbid u without us getting a chance to bid again Bec the auction has finished. The auction should have a phase where the people who have bidded should enter a time where they outbid against others and whoever doesn't bid again within the next minute will be out. But for the people who have bidded will keep bidding until there is only one person left.