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    I'm not a regular visitor to the forums but recently its just impossible to have a solid game round. For the past 2 months the game is just impossible to load either via the Apple phone, or even a web browser... its continually gets stuck and wont let me in..

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    Honestly - Masters is an absolute farce right now. I’ve played other games where basically a stack of super rich Indian kids just basically took over everything as they spent lots of in game currency.. here it’s Russian kids..

    Within 3 days of Masters one player had fully upgrade 3-5 buildings in the train station and is now their entire association is ‘investing’ 10 million into every factory around other players city’s (that they do not even haul from). At a time when most people only have a $20 mil bank if they play fairly.

    Money ‘cheating’ is a sure way to kill a game.. this Masters is very poorly organized and run. It’s a shame as this game could have significant upside.. short term it may earn you guys some money but Soon you’ll have no players...