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    Players were eligable if they...

    • ...are "mobile only" players
    • ...played on a server that had it's endgame during the time of the major problems
    • ...were not able to log in at all during the time of the problems

    I was one of those players. Who is the email from. And subject so I can search my email for it.

    1. If one starts hauling before announced time he's just a scum not a pro). But pros announce GH with conditions I say, 'cause otherwise it would be just a time spent on nothing; there's always some more cities waiting for lvl up around, especially if you play US scenario)) or you just could get some more prestige in other cities)

    2. I don't know people who play RN for money, but I know people who play really a lot and know the game better than some pros in other sphere know their job))). A good coord in Endgame tells you the exact time the good will be fully hauled 5 minutes in advance and announces a new one and that's what I call professionalism, for instance). Or when levelling up a city one can save an hour for the crowd directing the process)

    what is a GH?