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    I'm asking here because it's related. At the end of an ERA, not a game, what happens? Do you lose everything? Or is that only for the end of a game?

    I'm a teenager. And I fit the stereotype of liking games. I was introduced to a game called, "Adventure Quest Worlds" by my friend and was hooked on it. When I was creating my character, I thought that the Mage class was pretty cool. I got to the part where I chose my name and my thoughts went something like this. Hmm. What should my name be? I am a mage. OH! It would be cool if I was a mage that controlled coal! Because mages control elements! And coal is kinda an element through carbon! Magicoal! It's a pun! And ever since, I've loved that name. I'm hooked on it. So yeah. That's my story!

    ~Magicoal, your favorite carbon based mage