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    About learning.. railnation wiki. but what can i say somethimes i go to see what i cant understant about words.. like the coupling thing.. i did go to find out that i cant transfer goods eras 4 with trains of era 2 only eras 3 and eras 1 the same is working for all other eras ofcourse if you are at era 6 you can tranfer all the folowing eras. the coupling is for the goods for the eara that is coming so you can still use your trains ot transfer goods of the following era until you unlock a new train.

    i played the game so far so lets see.... i want to know what others think too about hte earning money situation... i bet the old ones they wont like it most likely... maybe if i was an old one i wouldnt too.

    So my thoughts as a new player.. SOME would say...... Its not difficult to earn money if you are cosntantly online or you adjust your routes to transfer more goods than one.. BUT even then you are not making much to expand and make good calls on industries so you are left with more expenses that income so you cant upgrade buildings to compete with others if you have an association maybe they can help you with industries IF you know them well...BUT everybody have different plans. '''' WHEN you are new you cant find a good team anyway'''.

    SOOOOOOO dilemma i spent on the industries or i spent on my railway hmmmmmmmm.... WELL spent GOLD... i get you there xdd.... ANYWAY.

    If you spent on the railway you cant earn money to pay the checks cause your trains would be slow as... if you spent on the industries you have no money to spent on buildings....IN REAL LIFE YOU GO TO A BANK AND YOU GET A LOANNNNNNNN...... so how am i suppose to advance without knowledge..As im new player. even if i had the knowledge it would be hard to progress and compete.

    MY proposal is make something like quests that will give you the ability of when you complete them to have reduced fines on the waiting times of the industries OR to be able to have a discount lets say up to 35-40%. or to give you some prestige or to give you money to spent on industries or buildings.

    Quest:::: Transfer goods from this city to this city 250 tons meat...reward 15% discount on meat industry. Use wherever you WANT. OR use on your next invest.. reward other discount on your bets for workers.... discount on the vouchers... always considering the amount of difficulty the quest has... you get the supposed rewards...

    I MEAN if you want to find something new you will find just make some balances.. the competicions are good but when you get 60k or 70k from and the first invest for and industry is 24k with the second one you have reach what you have earned so MOST PEOPLE THEY DONT EVEN BOTHER DOING THSI COMPETITIONS.. AND THEY AINT COMPETITIONS NO MORE?(?(?( Anyways.. everyone is looking to go and pick up the best rewarding good citys left gohsting everywhere on the map.. making it hard to grow they are looking to earn money more than anything so they can have more trains but in the end they are reaching the endgame and they dont have a city nor a home AND THEY ARE INSIDE YOUR ASSOCIATION and what can you say to them ahmm AMMM CAN you pls stop rushing for the money?? and paly as a team?? NOOOOOO they will say ''i need better trains better buildings... ITS ok everyone plays with their playstyle but if you where smart you will have insert competitions ASSOCIATIONS VS ASSOCIATIONS. TO MAKE this people to paly with the team to get the bonuses... and there you go you earn money through quests or you can insert a story mode that starts from era one and ands on era 6 and must be completed by your association cause the goods need to transfer and the loads are hugeeee.... and then the reawards would be huge as well... I mean i already im excited to see something

    Aren't you ??

    Kind goodbyes Paraskevas..

    IMO (SoE player) : find other incentives than $$ to encourage us to deliver to the Home City. We only have way too much $$ in SoE.

    Please stop making it easier to earn cash, the game is already way too easy right now (from when I've started, we have had : addition of trainspotters, 100 less wagons, better trains, half the cash needed for landmark).

    Totally disagree.. BRING MONEY INTO THE GAME.. so we can be competitive.. and in the end to give... you money too. you are an old player you will adapt. we the newcomers we need purpose to stay... Give us one. Make our life easier.

    Don't forget: the guys, who decide about the game, the secrets and us, live in Cologne, Germany, and their time zone is CEST, Central European Summer Time, which is UTC or GMT plus 2 hours or 6 pm / 18.00 in Cologne.

    ... well, until tomorrow, when they change to CET for the winter ... so the next announcement for next week might run in UTC/GMT + 1 to create some more confusion.

    And about the hint. Well, thanks, it helps. May I add: I did not try keys but thought: What could I do with those key combinations? ... And then I saw the gap.

    i want to laugh but this is just so sad... And then...... WELL you know.. i show the gap... xaxaxa

    a key combination on your keyboard might reveal the right answer..

    a ccombination of the colors might reveal the right answer..take colors throw them in a painting and come with something..

    Take your keyboard smash it and the combination will reveal the right answer..

    I CANT criticize cause.. cause is against the law.. but. if i had you in front of me i propably put all those keys in the door and open with the right one...or i would smash it down.. or i would jump out of the ******* window... this is just ridiculous... oh man i cant believe im putting some thought over this...

    WHEN THIS IS GONNA BE END. i will start crying of joy when it will happen.

    Even more funny is that from all the chapters people vote as the most difficult this one...thats says something for the game...

    I would love to see inside the game a future that lets you decide with wich color you can paint your train.. maybe some symbols that you can draw with your hand on it or some flags you can attach, to make it look cooler, :/. personaly i wanted to paint a red dragon on my train..:thumbsup:i know the trains are small but still you can see their colors.. i believe that this would be nice. the drawings could be purchased by gold... that way our time passing looking on our trains could be nice..

    Another cool thing would be the trains to break in the middle of a railroad trip and they will not be able to be fixed until an individual manualy will fix the problem and let the train keep hes course> route. Additionaly another nice thing could be the train rails in a certain time to be broken and you will be needed the assistance of your association to fix them. and that too it will need to be fixed be the hand of the individual..

    Little small changes they will give a new breath in the game and will make it even more appealing.

    Thank you for taking the time reading this..

    I will see you on the railroad..


    We have all sorts of players playing Rail Nation, and there's no rule telling you need to make in-game purchases. If you like the game and are enjoying your time, that's what really matters.

    In-game purchases can save you time and help your railroad business grow down the road, but if the base game is enough to keep someone playing and having fun, I think that's pretty cool and very much enough.


    I would like to remind that being respectful towards others is something both the player community and Rail Nation team values and appreciates. Even if words aren't meant to be taken as insults, words can still be read that way so it's always good to keep in mind how a comment might sound when someone else is reading it.

    yo dude..ok. fair enough. but i kept up the level i didnt swear at anyone.. i mean my words where leading towards a certain direction but this was it so my point could be made even more clear.. now my post left hanging out like i dont know how to characterize it..empty is a word. but your point has been made.. i mean yes you dont want a situation to exaggerate.. but you cut people from express themselfs freely. thats not normal.. it is what it is but that doesnt make it right.. hes intansions where unclear so i made myself clear now you come and you trying to interfere.. to keep some short of a lvl.. but come on.. this is just to much..just saying.

    Thank you for being here keeping us in line. anyway. i got to admit my last sentence was a bit harsh. like an attack.. but you need to understand that i felt that way from the way he wrote what he wrote cause it was kinda disturbing inside this thread.. maybe you think that he didnt say something wrong. maybe true.. but he wrote it in the wrong place. Here the things where being discussed was how to improve some futures of the game.. and he comes and says everything is ok.. its kinda irritating..thats all. now im being in the wrong place talking about other stuff. i apologise for that..

    i believe hes post would make more angry some guys who work their ..... off for providing us with this content know that he doesnt give something back...thats funny and sad at the same time.

    it is one of the few times where people actually asking to be given ads. haha well you need to admit that it is kinda funny. (WHERE is my ads grrrr)

    Greetings to all RN players.

    For my "career" in RN I did not buy a single gold. All that I have earned for contest wins, tickets and overall placement. In the last game, I started from around 2,000 gold and after the end I have 3,150 for the next game.

    In the game I had bonus locomotives from the 1st to the 5th epoch, Primus, and ranked 13th overall.

    I'm not a good player for Travian when I'm not buying gold, but I'm happy and enjoying the game.

    and the reason you posted here was???? YOU had a reason. but mate this was a review for the google application of the RN... you came here to speak your mind without taking the time of thinking what the post was talking about... for the love of ..... we all enjoying the game here. or else we wouldnt be here... the guy was talking for a way of making the game more enjoyable. first for you and me... you dont know how to support or you cant understand the idea... this post are being made not only to alert us... but to hold off the company being greedy on us... if the company see that you as a player you dont pay for the game they will make sure that you will.. and then noone will make a step to be heard with you. its more likely someone to do what you just did.. to come here and say IM JUST ENJOYING THE GAME THE WAY IT IS.... (edited by CM)

    hey guys ASK FROM THE rail nation support to rename the chalenges. AND PUT IN EVERY ONE THE ACRONIM

    SACROIMA Hes just gonna win all the next ones too so dont bother to even take part if you aim for the first place.. just go for the fun of being shut down by him...or for the other 4.999 seats.

    IS just a joke dude... with some truth in it.

    Done. Nice, another key. Now what?

    NOW noone cares anymore for this kind of mental games perfomed or carryed out this way.. all i want is to end and be relieved from this burden...

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    i really liked your coclusion and your deduction.