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    The XXL update has, for me, been a big disappointment. I can see a few changes but in general absolutely no improvement in the performance of the game. I'm sure one of the improvements they mentioned was to the message system, this seems worse for me now.

    I play on a Mac using Chrome usually but have tried other browsers too.

    There was a lot of hype about this upgrade, it didn't deliver.

    I also think Jailstar is using the wrong word when saying "accommodation".

    I'm not looking for any sort of compensation, I just want the game to work properly, as do most people. If not we'll just stop playing it. The fewer people who play the game, the fewer people will watch the video adverts and I'm sure that will impact on the revenue Rail Nation gains from them. Get it fixed or you're in danger of going out of business. :)

    We are all aware that Flash will become obsolete and the conversion to HTML5 was necessary. The complaint that I and many others have is that the conversion doesn't seem to have been done very well.

    The tone in Jailstar's last reply was dreadful, it came across to me as if he/she were saying that we have to take what we're given and it's a privilege for us to play their game.... WRONG!

    It's a privilege for RN to have us as customers and if they aren't providing a product we want, we can go elsewhere and find a game that works properly. All we want is to play a game that's enjoyable, which for many of us Rail Nation isn't any more. Would Jailstar go out and buy a product that was defective?

    What a disappointment HTML5 is.

    The game is sluggish, difficult to load and visually not pleasing.

    Whose idea was it to make the text on the industry name so large? It obliterates half the map and the names run into each other, even on full zoom - which doesn't zoom in very far. And yes I know I can turn them off but I've always found them useful.

    And I am using the recommended browser - Chrome (don't tell me to try Edge, I am using a Mac). I did clear the cookies (not that I have ever know that to make any difference).

    I'll probably see out the two servers I'm playing but whether I carry on or not with the game remans to be seen.

    Hopefully improvements will be made.

    Compensation? Sorry support but what we got seemed just like a backhanded brush-off. What if people's banks were almost full? They wouldn't get the full compensation?

    And by the way, you should have put "on its way". "It's" means 'it is'. :)