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    14 November 2019

    A couple of days ago I shared with you the difficult test I had to make in order to become CEO of Apex Trains. It was quite a challenge for me I have to say, but I am proud of what I achieved.... and so can you!

    I have checked all your submissions and the results are very impressive. What a great scores! As promissed I will share with you the correct answers of the test and reveal the top 10 submissions.

    Adam Petersdecorative-line-break-29.png

    Q1 - Which number comes next?

    25 – 24 – 22 – 19 – 15 - ?

    a) 4

    b) 8

    c) 10

    d) 12

    e) 14

    Q2 - How many handshakes are there when 3 people shake hands with eachother?

    a) 3

    b) 4

    c) 5

    d) 6

    e) 7

    Q3 - Which letter is missing?

    V – R – N - ? – F – B

    a) D

    b) G

    c) J

    d) S

    e) Z

    Q4 - Which completes the pattern?

    a) A

    b) B

    c) C

    d) D

    e) E

    Q5 - Which number should replace the ?

    a) 4

    b) 5

    c) 6

    d) 7

    e) 8

    Q6 - Lisa is both the 5th highest and 5th lowest ranked player in the beach volleyball team. How many players are in Lisa’s team?

    a) 7

    b) 8

    c) 9

    d) 10

    e) 11

    Q7 - Which of the following figures are nets of a cube?

    a) A

    b) A and B

    c) A and C

    d) C

    Q8 - What is the largest fraction?

    a) 3/5

    b) 5/8

    c) 6/11

    d) 8/14

    e) 10/18

    Q9 - On which days would it be possible for three products to be packaged together?

    a) All days.

    b) All days apart from Thursday.

    c) All days apart from Friday.

    d) Only on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays.

    e) Only on Mondays and Tuesdays.

    Q10 - Remove 3 matches to leave 3 squares

    a) 3 top matches

    b) 3 center matches

    c) 1 center & 2 top matches

    d) 2 corner & 1 top matches

    Q11 - Find the next number in the following series:

    -8 5 -3 2 -1 1 ?

    a) 0

    b) 1

    c) -1

    d) 3

    Q12 - There are 14 more cookies than biscuits in a jar of 38 cookies & biscuits. How many cookies are in the jar?

    Answer: 26

    Q13 - Hikers

    Four hikers want to cross a rope bridge where only two can cross each time. It is already night, so one person has to return the torch after each trip.

    Each person takes different times to walk across once: 5, 10, 20 & 25 minutes. What is the least amount of time necessary for everyone to cross?

    a) 55

    b) 60

    c) 65

    d) 75

    e) 85

    Q14 - What objects comes next?

    a) A

    b) B

    c) C

    d) D

    e) E

    Q15 - There are 3 books placed next to each other, like in the picture.

    The left purple book has 220 pages, the middle yellow book has 200 pages, and the right green book 210 pages.

    How many pages lie between first page of the purple book and the last page of the green book?

    a) 200

    b) 409

    c) 419

    d) 628


    Now you all have the correct answers I owe you the top submissions. Well done, all of you!



    13 November 2019

    I often think back to my twenties, when I sometimes doubted myself and wondered if I could ever make it this far. But here I am. And all the challenges and struggles on my long path eventually brought me here. But my journey hasn't ended yet! Quite the opposite. It's about to begin. As the CEO of Apex Trains, I'll face new challenges every day. And I'll always strive for excellence on behalf of my company and myself as a professional, as a leader and as a guide for my talented co-workers. Together, we'll overcome even more challenges. Let's see what the future holds.

    The sky's the limit!


    A big 'Thank You' to all challengers who acompanied me on my way.

    I would like to share with you some of the best replies to the different chapters. You can view them in the respective threads. Also: The challenges are now open for comments:


    Congratulations to the top smartest participants of this challenge! You have won:

    • Adam's blue book
    • Adam's yellow pen
    • Adam's Post-It set
    • Adam's RN Webcam-Cover

    The Rail Nation Team will contact you in the following days to confirm your postal address in order to send you the rewards.

    The winners will be announced in the coming days, so better stay tuned!