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    the winner city in this round was the 52 players city (Vendavais), they finished 48 goods and then 4 hours waiting for passengers, they won because of the unlucky the other city had otherwise they would won easily while Vendavais were waiting for passengers to finish...

    There were 4 Players who wanted to test how broken the new endgame is and they succeded...

    What do you mean by that? 4 players made your 300 active players city loss? Or it was the 3 times more the tons you need to all now with all those players? This new rules is just making a bit more what Rail Nation is "strategy game" and not like it was before "strength game".

    What you need to do is adapt.

    By the way how many active players had the winning city???

    Good Morning.

    @Rmtcp© Yes, that is correct. It is currently not possible to use discounts to buy Instant Dispatches in bulk/proactively in the new shop. However, that was not the intention behind this change (as I mentioned before, the reason was that barely anyone bought them via the shop and we wanted to remove clutter from the shop).
    We already discussed this unwanted side effect in team and are considering to either bring back instant dispatches back to the shop or find another way to buy them in bulk with discounts (or without, if you wish so).

    I can not give you a date when exactly we can do this, but it's definitely on our list.

    Thanks for the answer. I'll be waiting for those changes...

    Hello, since i haven´t get any answer from any member of RN team i'll put it in a different way.

    I'm playing the EG in a PT-BR server witch have alredy the new calculation metod, but i realize that this it isn't fair enough I think.

    Let's take a look at this 2 cities.

    Screenshot by Lightshot

    So the city of Vendavais needs 18.961.000 passengers, at end of era 6 it was at level 40 and have 52 active players connected (51 right when EG started)

    The city of Memória needs 43.724.000 passengers, at end of era 6 it was at level 41 (one more than Vendavais) and have 191 active players connected (188 right when EG started)

    Manking some calculations I can see this isn't fair for Vendavais, they need to haul around 364.634 pasengenrs for each active player connected.

    Then i see Memória that needs to haul around 228.921 passengers for each active player connected.

    So in conclusion its very good what you did with de 48 goods but still missing the passengers, because a city with almost 4 times the players and one more level just need to haul 60% more passengers than the other.

    Can I have some kind of feed back on this?

    As I said. The functionality has been removed in the new store. And will also be removed from the mobile store once they rework it.

    knowing that 80% of instants dispatches, extra speed and mechanics vouchers are only use during EG we are no longer able to make a good use of gold discount workers because I can't buy them with discount during the 6 eras to use them during EG.

    If that's the way is going to be, better remove gold discount workers from the game, they will be useless.

    This game is becoming a money extenders players only, of some one comes just to have a little fun will quite before his 1st good ended, and the Professional players some day will quite as it's happening already....

    Not all cities have at the same distance to their closest neighbour city, there are some at 5 tracks while others have their closest city at 8 tracks. Border cities have less oppertunities to switch to other cities with lower waittimes because the might have only 2 cities as first cities around them while center cities can have 5 or 6. That is all in the calculations besides level and connected players.

    But Schwanii ist right. The factors are:

    • level of the megacity
    • number of connected players
    • distance to the nearest 3 (I'm not sure with that number. Was discussed way back in the old forums) neighbouring cities

    All three points are also true during the normal round. Just compare Stillwater (4/6/6 tracks to the nearest neighbours) with another city with the same level and roughly the same number of connected players on your server.

    If you put it that way, I guess it's possible, but I might be any formula for that, or is that formula "the God secret"?

    It depends, beside the level of the Megatown and the connections, also where the city is located. If its in the middle, there are more passengers needed and if its somewhere outside you need less passengers, because the way is longer for the trains and you have less neighbourcities.

    I agree with all that until the part you say "it depends of the localization of the mega city" I didn't it shouldn't be like that, because the number of the players being the same with a city ended era 6 at the same level having different amount of passengers isn't quite fair, the players are the same and the level is the same....

    It's good and healthy to ask questions when rules get updated. Players need to feel safe and confident in their choices.

    For some, the concept of fair play comes very naturally, like for you Naike ♏ . Some are highly analytical and need a much more detailed approach to feel comfortable with the rules.

    Then there is a very small minority of players who wish to play the system, who aren't interested in fair play or the game experience of others. These players are the focus of our rule change, and we can guide them via private messages, warnings and if nothing else helps - with punishments.

    So if I have a big corp that wants to go to a city where is another big corp, and for that we have a "fight" For majorities and probably some not healthy words, is there any problem, not counting the "not healthy words", to get any kind of punishment?

    Sometimes silence is the best answer.

    Thanks for your answers, they really made me understand even better what you're trying to do at the game.....

    great, so if I have vouchers of that and I have a gold discount worker I can't buy it with discount without using the vouchers that I already have. Is that right?

    I buy the gold discount worker, but I can't make use of him..... That's wonderful

    Can I have one answer at this question?

    You can still buy Instant dispatches both in the Train Screen and the Industry Screen. Just not in the shop.

    great, so if I have vouchers of that and I have a gold discount worker I can't buy it with discount without using the vouchers that I already have. Is that right?

    I buy the gold discount worker, but I can't make use of him..... That's wonderful

    Yes, that's what it means and that's also why our next technical focus is to switch the app to HTML5 too, which will also result in the same shop being used on both platforms.
    That being said, it's relatively normal and unpreventable that mobile and browser are different. On mobile, every game developer has to pay pretty high fees to the appstore providers (i.e. Apple & Google). Also some payment methods (like SMS) or payment providers are inherently more expensive. So unless all those companies suddenly stop asking for fees, that will always remain "unfair" and prices on mobile might be different. In addition to that, some of these providers have special rules (for example non-global discounts are not allowed on Apple).
    I just wanted to explain this to make it crystal clear that, even once we will have switched to the new shop on mobile, you will most likely still encounter some differences. The platforms are just entirely different and therefore different rules apply.

    did you even realize that we are talking about buying instant dispatches or Mechanics with the gold for example that we have at the game already, and not buying gold to have gold at the game?

    Looks like the question is one and the answer is for other question that SixPT ™ didn't ask.

    As answered above, the browser version and mobile version have different offers.

    You can reach these offers just like anyone else can, by switching between the browser version and the mobile version. Browser store has been updated while mobile store still has "old functions" available.

    Does that mean who plays in app doesn't have the same offers/options of playing than PC?

    If yes, is that fair?