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    I don't remember if this question it has been made already if yes I'm sorry asking again.

    When changing from ERA 6 to Final ERA last round we had a bug about the active players calculation (fixed already by the look of it) so for all top 10 cities the calculation of active players for the 1st SET is made counting 24hours before EG starts or is it made 24hours before each City became Mega City?

    by the way it's not cooking but baking. Now have others a chance to win something. Most contests contains maths which also not everybody can solve.

    this is a strategy game with tons of calculations which means it have maths..... But only in some trains you have a kitchen to "cook" food and not "bake" cakes

    I don't know why so much debate about something that doesn't exist in RN, multi-accounts doesn't exist in RN because anyone can play this game. And in this "anyone" that enters the mother, the father, the son, the daughter, the dog, the cat, the bird, the turtle, the iguana and the snake, all members of the same famil

    He's not multiaccount, he´s a father that when he wakes up in the middle of the nigth to go to the toilet wakes up the entire family to check their trains, I even think that guys goes outside to wake up the dog and cat too to check their trains too... :):):)

    So looks like the mains problem of Platform X was and will be "Active Players" well that is probably the most difficult decision to do to make it fair to everyone.

    I'll give one more idea, why don't put active players as the average of active players for the entire time of the 6 eras for EG only and keep the same rules as you have now during the 6 eras?

    6. Why Eight Springs was a nice surprise.

    While arguably most of the experienced players went for a coastal city, Eight Springs went for an inland position, one that could have attracted a lot of traffic because of the connect-through pathway. I am not sure if this was intended or achieved by luck, but they've managed to stay less populated and reach the end game with a small level handicap, hence to their starting position as well, that's all. What separated them from the other cities was their discipline, and let me say this outright, they were the most disciplined megacity, their only weakness was that they lacked another strong association in town, all the more proving that small cities DO NOT have an advantage in this server.

    Hello, Eight Springs was chosen not just to play EG but also because it's one of the best cities to do integration, and being in the middle of the map wasn´t bad at all due the fact of the calculation of active players (almost double when asking for passengers), if a can remenber last time I checked we had arround 600 connected players but never more than 170 active players.

    About our second place it's not a really surprise to me, and we lost for Hugston because at the change from set 1 to set 2 most of the players didn' understand the "break" we had to do, otherwise Eight Springs should have won...;););)

    My doubt now is, is all the top 10 cities active players calculation from the past 24 hours deliveries, or once EG begun all top 10 cities expect top1 the calculation is made with the past 60mins deliveries?

    That number 3.600.000 is it standard for each level or do you calculate it in some way?

    Yes, you're right I get a "no" answer there and I might say it was hard to get that "no" anwser. But after the video Q/A with Bruno right at the end Salix say if we have any other doubts we may ask here and he will ask Bruno if He doesn't no the anwser.

    Oh, but that was about Project X, well in this case I ask:

    How is calculated the amount of passengers to deliver to the Cities and to Mega Cities at Project X?

    And yes I did this same question at Platform X - All your questions thread but it wasn't answered yet.

    I've been asking this question in similar threads or at least in threads where this was that kind of conversation at the moment, so now I'm forced to creat a thread expecialy for this since i've never been answered and I expect a direct answer from one of the two RN team members I'll mention, I hope no one says nothing here until one of the mentioned RN team membres answer.

    Salix , Bruno_BF  

    Can you tell me how is calculated the amount of passagers to the cities during the 6 eras and for the End Game?