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    when you talk about warehouse up there what do you mean with that?

    In USA map if I play eg in Denver the Omaha warehouse (the closest to Denver) will interfere in anything to Denver for the eg?

    Thank you very much for rising this important topic, and we are very sorry for not communicating this change in time. Our lack of communication has clearly affected your game, and for this we need to apologize.

    Your feedback has been forwarded and heard, and we are preparing communication now.

    Why all this doesn't surprise me?

    Why don't RN compensate players because of their error?

    Why can't players have one entire round without some "crap" that makes everyone upset?

    When do you realize you're losing players because of this?

    When are you going to listen who really knows the problems of the game (the players of the game not the ones just enter a round to say good morning once per week and ask if everything is ok, and when answered you ignore them)?

    Can I be answered just this time to all my questions? pleeeeeeaaase.

    I hope one day RN stop trying to suicide....

    That is really a strange ban, especially after 3 or 4 players once reported a player that said in open thread on US103 server that he had 6 accounts his corporation had 6 players with the same Nickname with the different numbers at the end, that guy finished that round with his 6 accounts with no bans, seeing this discussion and after this situation I only have one thing in my mind. "Looks like RN staff works with some friendship with some players".

    Isn't that cheating?

    RAIL NATION doing what they do best.

    Release things to the game without testing them....

    Great work again, you still trying to kill Rail Nation for good...

    I'm done with this game...

    By by see you not to soon

    No worries SixPT we know that the important for RN is masters, no matter if is masters 2 or MasterCard is VISA....

    OJ it's probably some kind of a good future for RN, but looks like RN team don't understand what we players want from them.....

    Improvement, new challenges, new ideas. But is still with the same maps and playability has it was in beginning.....

    But the worst thing is we talk about this error (bug, graphic glitch or what ever you want to call it).


    It would be nice for us to have workers hauctions ending in different Hours and the recalculation time should be at different times too.

    Right now both servers have workers hauctions ending at the same time and the recalculation time too, if it was hard to play good both servers but having workers ending at the same time since masters started it's hard ( expecialy who plays on app) today after the servers reboot the recalculation time changed on masters and it's almost at the same time as it is on ORIGIN.