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    Willkommen in Platform X

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    The idea of Platform X is that we always play 2 rounds with the same rules so that the players can implement what they have learned from round 1 into new strategies for round 2. After that, a completely new set of rules comes for Episode 2 - Round 1.

    thanks, but is that any kind of announcement? Is that in a place that everyone see easilyeasily? Is that announcement made in every supported languages of RN?

    If is that the famous announcement that PX servers are usually 2 rounds servers looks like someone didn't do the homework. Because to read that I should consult the German forum, language that I don't speak and never played any round neither, go to one specific thread that in a language that I don't understand and then have the lucky to find that specific comment, keep doing this great job CMs.


    Bolding by me in the above quote.

    Regards, Spoordijk.

    Do I have to make a draw??

    I want to know where is it announced that Platform X servers will be "USUALLY" a 2 rounds events, I can't find that information with date before PX episode 2 started.

    Are you an RN-staff member? Or just a forum-member like the rest of us? Or does your title puts you somewhere in between?

    I'm just a player than didn't see anywhere saying this PX server is a 2 rounds event until few days ago when someone told me that, then I went everywhere looking for that information that I missed and surprise surprise I couldn't find anywhere saying that PX episode 2 will be a 2 rounds event or even any information saying that al PX servers are "usually" a 2 rounds event.

    Once again I ask where can I find that information nEwW ? It may be posted by you somewhere...


    The PX series are usually planned as a two round event, however we might change this on a case-to-case circumstance. If this should happen, we would of course inform you.

    Best Regards,

    Well, I couldn't find nothing where it says that PX servers are "usually" Planned as a 2 round event, so this PX running now is one round only, right?

    If not where can I see that PX servers are "usually" a 2 round event?


    Thank you for this information. Unfortunately it's now absolutely clear that some RN-staff WITH knowledge of the current PX-schedule show up here, and start giving some answers.

    Unbelievable they let us try and figure it out ourselves, when it's so obvious there is much contradictionary information abound. :thumbdown:

    RN staff went on vacations, we are free to do what ever we want here... 8o8o

    I would like to complete this formula that has somethig not mentionned here.

    The passangers needed for End Game are calculated at the time the EG begins witch means the Passengers formula is re-aplied and multiplied by 5

    Using the same example has Bruno it will be something like this

    Endgame = 5*(3,600,000*((125/50)^0,5)*((25/40)^0,5)) = 22,500,000

    Remember the formula needs to be re-aplied at the moment EG starts

    I really apreciate how RN team deal with the players they seemed to be very helpfull trying to clarify the doubts we have, I really don't know a way how to thank you the help you are giving us, for me your (RN team) answer to my question was 100% clear to me (you don't give a s... to some players)

    I like it

    It is a kick in the nuts to us that want to play fair :(

    Sorry to informe you but from what I saw at the game and what did read here, ther is nothing agaist that everyone can play the way they want and confirmed by nWeW even password sharing is allowed, one of this days I'll teach my cats, dogs, turtle, and all my neighbors to play RN and share my Wifi password with them.

    But I think the main questions remain with no answer, What is Fair Play to Rail Nation Team????

    I would like to see the answer to this question....

    I did not hear on the stream that there would be any changes to how pX determined active players. So plan for a shut down of competing mega cities to avoid crushing consumption

    This changes you're talking are refering to the last pX or to the normal servers?

    Well, if you like to keep playing the same way always until the end of days I think it's bette for you to change game (probably counter strike), I don't agree with so many things RN team does but one thing is for sure they are trying to bring up new things to "call" new players (good or bad we will see in the future), this is a strategy game and if you want to win you don't need to be stronger than anyone else you just need to be clever. To win as a city (and I'm use to win in cities with less players than the strongest cities) like we have the game now you must chose the right city for you and if you can hide your plan as mush as possible it's only better for you.


    I'm not the kind of player that "steals" prestige everywhere and then join the winning city for EG only winning because others did work hard during 6 eras. I'm the player that build up an association to win in the city I work all 6 eras to win and at the end I have one player that have top 1 in all possible ways to win (1st individual ranking, 1st association and 1st Mega City)

    Since no one oppened a thread about the new Platform X I felt free to do it..

    Please be gentle or you will be punished :).

    My 1st question is, How it will be calculated active players at this Platform X?

    No modern browser supports Flash Player any longer including Internet Exploiter Explorer (replaced by Microsoft Edge). There were too many security vulnerabilities and stability issues associated using a 3rd party plug-in/ Which is why the move to natively supported and open standard of HTML5. I never played this game during the Flash era so don't know what differences there were.

    I'm not suro but I think Opera browser still have flash player working