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    I really apreciate how RN team deal with the players they seemed to be very helpfull trying to clarify the doubts we have, I really don't know a way how to thank you the help you are giving us, for me your (RN team) answer to my question was 100% clear to me (you don't give a s... to some players)

    I like it

    It is a kick in the nuts to us that want to play fair :(

    Sorry to informe you but from what I saw at the game and what did read here, ther is nothing agaist that everyone can play the way they want and confirmed by nWeW even password sharing is allowed, one of this days I'll teach my cats, dogs, turtle, and all my neighbors to play RN and share my Wifi password with them.

    But I think the main questions remain with no answer, What is Fair Play to Rail Nation Team????

    I would like to see the answer to this question....

    I did not hear on the stream that there would be any changes to how pX determined active players. So plan for a shut down of competing mega cities to avoid crushing consumption

    This changes you're talking are refering to the last pX or to the normal servers?

    Well, if you like to keep playing the same way always until the end of days I think it's bette for you to change game (probably counter strike), I don't agree with so many things RN team does but one thing is for sure they are trying to bring up new things to "call" new players (good or bad we will see in the future), this is a strategy game and if you want to win you don't need to be stronger than anyone else you just need to be clever. To win as a city (and I'm use to win in cities with less players than the strongest cities) like we have the game now you must chose the right city for you and if you can hide your plan as mush as possible it's only better for you.


    I'm not the kind of player that "steals" prestige everywhere and then join the winning city for EG only winning because others did work hard during 6 eras. I'm the player that build up an association to win in the city I work all 6 eras to win and at the end I have one player that have top 1 in all possible ways to win (1st individual ranking, 1st association and 1st Mega City)

    Since no one oppened a thread about the new Platform X I felt free to do it..

    Please be gentle or you will be punished :).

    My 1st question is, How it will be calculated active players at this Platform X?

    No modern browser supports Flash Player any longer including Internet Exploiter Explorer (replaced by Microsoft Edge). There were too many security vulnerabilities and stability issues associated using a 3rd party plug-in/ Which is why the move to natively supported and open standard of HTML5. I never played this game during the Flash era so don't know what differences there were.

    I'm not suro but I think Opera browser still have flash player working

    To rewrite the game would have meant rewriting no more than 10-15% of the code.

    Unfortunately that is not the case here.

    Rewriting the entire game would take too much time and money.

    Aren't they expending to much money and time already because of the mess made when changed from Flash to Html5?

    Well, if everyone remember the old interface , we had a few bugs when they changed to this one (in 2017 or 2018 not sure), after then the bugs has been increasing every upgrade, I'm not telling RN team doesn't fix the bugs, I'm saying that per every bug fixed 1,5 more appear.... so may I ask, where is the problem?

    nEwW, I suggest you go to the server where such a multiplayer account is playing and take the challenge. Win a round (if it is at all possible in such a situation), then tell us how much money you had to spend to balance the game of three players on one account and still win!

    I think you just touched the right place "how much money you had to spend"..

    I think there's not much to say....

    More, more and even more a Pay to Win game...

    Why don't Rail Nation Team re-write all Rail Nation game from the beginning, and when done just change the one we are playing to the new one you wrote (after tested of course)?

    I think this will eliminate at least 50% of the bugs this game has now....

    No worries guys, soon this bugs will be fixed....... 2 years later, guys almost all the bugs we had 2 years ago are fixed "WE MADE IT", right now we just need to fix the 2 times new bugs we have now becaus we fixed the other ones..... we'll talk soon...

    I'm happy to play a game with this people who really works to give us a better experience when playing RN.... GOLD GOLD GOLLD GOLD......

    If any player can share passwords with anyone (said by @nWeW), the best thing you can do is delete the individual ranking from all your servers since with this insane explanation about rules you (nWeW) gave will make individual Ranking not individual at all...

    And you can delete de fair play rule also, isn't doing nothing at all neither since every kind of no Fair Play still being allowed wich makes that rule useless..

    Citation (video bonus engine >> Upgrades):

    "Improve your engine by watching bonus videos daily. 1 of the first 14 bonus videos each day contain a guaranteed upgrade."

    To get bonus video guaranteed you must have plus account if you don't have plus account you may not have all 14 bonus videos per day to get your Pollux upgrade, Buy gold to buy plus account, that's what RN is asking you to do with the pollux engine.