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    It would be nice for us to have workers hauctions ending in different Hours and the recalculation time should be at different times too.

    Right now both servers have workers hauctions ending at the same time and the recalculation time too, if it was hard to play good both servers but having workers ending at the same time since masters started it's hard ( expecialy who plays on app) today after the servers reboot the recalculation time changed on masters and it's almost at the same time as it is on ORIGIN.

    Well it's seems once again RN is not being fair to everyone....

    Bugs, just a few did received (I was affected but didn't get any compensation)

    Load and unload on the same Industry counts 2 stops on app but on PC counts one stop (RN team knows this we where playing with the ancient interface), by the way I created that thread but once again I was ignored.

    Clash, disqualified players that cheat but only the ones that were benefited and the ones that helped those disqualified players weren't.

    Is RN being fair with all RN players?

    Probably this comment will be deleted......

    Isn't possible to bring gold from other servers, isn't possible to redeem bonus codes and not even login the first time using a bonus link from Facebook, CONGRATULATIONS YOU FINALLY MADE YOUR MASTERCARD AND VISA AND AMERICAN EXPRESS SERVER....

    I'm not rich, I play this game for fun, if I want to play a game for money I'll go play in slot machines.....

    Masters now for me is that server just to go once or twice per day and repair the trains...

    If you have saved a ticket that you received by collecting bonus you won't get another until you redeem the one you have

    That is a thing I think it won't happen, not using instants or blocking some parameters players don't buy instants, if they don't buy instants they don't expend gold, if they don't expend gold they don't buy gold if they don't buy gold, if they don't buy gold RN doesn't make money, this is a good, but most important is bright future it's a company, company with no money no Rail Nation...

    If I tell you that happens because there is an incompatibility between Rail Nation and Google services.......

    That's why we don't get adds on app.

    Can that be possible?

    The Same way you dismiss or promote a member but to demote a member to newbie he/she has to be level 1 player

    Having verified a discrepancy between the scheduling of freight locomotives between the PC and the APP. This programming should be normalized so that those who use the APP are not harmed in relation to those who use the PC.

    I have noticed that in APP the loading and unloading of goods in the same industry is accounted by the system as if there are 2 stops when in reality only stops once.

    In the PC this is no longer the case because loading and unloading in the same industry counts as one stop, as in passenger locomotives where loading and unloading passengers in the same city counts as one stop but in this case APP also recognizes only one stop.

    I used Google translator so I apologize for any wrong trem or word.


    Does everyone remembers what RN team did with the compensation about the 300Mb issue with app back in August?

    To much secrets involving that (as far as I can remember that never happened even with private policy law), why was that? Punishing a player than won playing clash but not punishing the players that helped him win it's like send to jail the guy who robbed the bank but not the guys were watching his back.

    Isn't cheating having multiple accounts to play RN?

    Yes it is, but who gets a ban it's me because I once said this "I'm done with brainless people" in a city forum is this worst than having multiple accounts?