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    Balibar that's nothing new from RN team, but fixing bugs doesn't make money, changing from flash to html5 doesn't make money but a new special event during the most important especial event in RN does.

    Flash player is dying next year, what will happen to RN? There was post in this forum that said RN team expected to have all servers running html5, but they keep them send new servers running in the "last century format" flash....

    Many of you might be aware that Flash will be discontinued and no longer supported by 2020. Rail Nation will be prepared for this, and the game will continue, regardless of Flash, as an HTML5 game. Converting the game from Flash to HTML5 will take some time and, according to current estimates, it will not be finished during this year, but instead in 2019.

    will html5 ready in every server by the end of 2019?

    The idea of having 2 special events at the same time it will make players give more of them in just one server, so in my opinion, for a player that is a chair on his main server, that is playing masters 2 either and then just comes again origin in an express server, he won't be playing the way it should be.

    And as at concerns to me I prefer keep my main server as a main server, where I have my friends and players that I've been playing for a few rounds and not leave them because there are 2 special events running.

    I hope you don't Start the winter event (if there is any) during origin and masters 2

    I would like to know how she won the bonus engine from the previous era in era 1, as far as I know there isn't any competition for bonus engines in era 1, if there is you should report that bug/error to support...

    Normally the day ends at 11:59:59 pm, probably RN forgot to mention which country

    Game support is telling me that players has been compensated by issues that they can't tell me which are those issues...

    So talking about misunderstanding things you can start telling the same things here and when we ask at game support....

    Didn't you realize that I upset because of this misunderstandings

    My last post has been removed with a warning of intended misrepresentation/fake news.

    Sorry to express my feelings about Rail Nation, sorry to try to open your eyes, sorry to try to show to Rail Nation team what's your players thinking of all this situation.

    Keep in mind that I play 99% on app and I wasn't even contacted by you even during the bug and after the bug fixed to explain why I should have or not have the rights to any compensation.