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    I would like to know how she won the bonus engine from the previous era in era 1, as far as I know there isn't any competition for bonus engines in era 1, if there is you should report that bug/error to support...

    Normally the day ends at 11:59:59 pm, probably RN forgot to mention which country

    Game support is telling me that players has been compensated by issues that they can't tell me which are those issues...

    So talking about misunderstanding things you can start telling the same things here and when we ask at game support....

    Didn't you realize that I upset because of this misunderstandings

    My last post has been removed with a warning of intended misrepresentation/fake news.

    Sorry to express my feelings about Rail Nation, sorry to try to open your eyes, sorry to try to show to Rail Nation team what's your players thinking of all this situation.

    Keep in mind that I play 99% on app and I wasn't even contacted by you even during the bug and after the bug fixed to explain why I should have or not have the rights to any compensation.

    I don't have to much to say, everything was said up there, I totally agree with your both thoughts, sadly that part of the privacy and as we are users, players, costumers or clients, you (the ones sit on the desk counting money) should know that if you really compensate players because of the issues created by you and didn't consult or at least communicate how they can be compensated or even worst if you tell them that they will have compensation but in the end they got nothing, remember that are real people expending real money in this side that are not happy and as I know (is not much) that's discrimination and misleading publicity, I'm sure that it's more than enough to open an investigation to your company at least to make sure that we are not being discriminated.

    On April 12 of 2018 I posted this on this forum "" one year and half later this crap game still the same.

    This let me think that the RN administration doesn't care about the players that play the game they created.

    That post is in Portuguese for none Portuguese speakers please translate it, it worths....

    Samisu why is that information TOP SECRET?

    You and everyone knows that with those three points put there, there are probably 0,0000001% of RN players, how convenient.....



    In the end I lost 2 weeks talking to the support, a job that is not easy. since I only speak portuguese. So I have to write, translate and correct the translation.

    Welcome to the club.



    #Samisu, I totally understand that privacy policy. What I don't understand is why I play 99% with app and probably more than 40% with WiFi connection, of course you can see how many times I logged in during that issue and the days before and after that issue and compare. But right now I'm done with Rail Nation, I'll finish US 103 and M23 qualifying (probably my corp will qualify to the final but I won't play it), so right now forget about that stupid compensation and tell who made that decision to put that compensation up in their ***.


    Ok, you say by CM 2.5 I can't post the answer I had from your game support, so with my words I'll say it here the answer and if anyone needs proves contact me at masters 2 qualifying M23 or Broadway Express US 103,

    The answer was that RN did give any compensation and due the fact of private policy they can't give any information about other accounts......

    Now I would like to know who's lying?

    (link removed by CM: 2.5. The publishing of IGMs, e-mails or chat logs in the game or the forum without the permission of both parties (or all persons involved) is not permitted.)

    So I should complain too Google....

    Explain the all situation and say that Travian and Bright Future are say that the problem was from Google. Is Google going to like my complain?

    "RN" did a mistake with with one upgrade, it took at least 24 hours to fix it and send it again to Google play. Few hours later was denied because "RN" did have an old man smoking saying that always was like that, I can assault a bank every day, if no one sees me I won't go to jail until the first day I get caught or should I say to the cop "wait a minute I assault this bank every day so today you can't arrest me"

    Is that what RN is saying?

    Is the cop fault because he did caught me?

    Yep, but the thing is, if we had WiFi connection we could login, I use to login at least every recalc, when need to bid in workers. but during that BUG I was able to login probably less than 10 times on each server I have, normally I do it more than 30 times. But that doesn't count for nothing, the same thing the suppose 10 stops Maximum allowed on the schedule, in app unload and load in the same industry counts 2 stops, support knows this for more than 2 years but done nothing. That's the way Travian and bright future wants us to spend money in the game?

    Not anymore from me....