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    Please let me determine my own default sort choice in the Trains window. Currently the default (which the system returns to constantly) is "Name (rising)", I prefer "Schedule (decreasing)" so I can see what trains are on the different schedules I assign them to and they are grouped together. Either in "settings" or some other fashion I would like to choose my own default.

    I am 67 years old. When I was young "gaming" usually required some kind of ball, a stick, paddle, or bat, and at least a few friends to play the game with. I believe the younger generations that live for the video game world will grow old with acute cases of carpal tunnel and need thumb joint replacement operations. :-) My brother, myself and our father also maintained an expansive train set that we expanded every Christmas or birthday and even the occasional Saturday trip to purchase the latest train gadget on the market from Lionel. My brother and I spent hours watching our dad play with our train set. Today that train set has been given to my son and will eventually go to my grandkids. It has become a family heirloom. I would say a lot of older people have similar memories of days gone by. My kids got me into video games (though I mostly watched as they played) but I always preferred RPG style games where you performed some game actions and then waited to see how your decisions panned out. I didn't realize at first that I was becoming an algorithm whisperer, but that is how RPG's work. Rail Nation is a perfect example of an RPG game with complex algorithms just crying to be analyzed and conquered. So that and the love of trains passed down generation to generation is why I like RN and maybe why the average age of players is a smidgen older. I hold out hope that my grandkids might enjoy a round of RN in the future. Maybe we can have a family corporation someday. How about a family discount, oh RN algorithm gods!!!

    What is 5 seconds when you have a 3 min TT delivery ? 2%. So yeah sure in a perfect world, it sucks. But RN is far from a perfect world. And when you end up with 1min+ wait times everywhere, the few guys ruining it by 3 secs should be at the bottom of your priorities.

    You are absolutely correct, :10 w/t probably won't stop a good city hauling in synchronized harmony, even if there are some bad apples screwing shit up. Here is the scenario I saw recently :

    Two cities in the running neck to neck for about the first 8 - 10 hours, then the second place team starts gaining ground on #1. Over the next 12 hours team #2 slows significantly and comes out about 5 or more RG's behind..... game over. It was team #1 who had the "freehaulers" that I saw in my city (#3 in the end). I checked and there was a freehauler in #2's city with about 20 trains. I can't say for sure that the freehauler disrupted #2 but it sure looked that way. The freehauler named his trains after the city where they were deployed. The train with my city's name was in #2. One player can easily screw up the game and my big point is this. IT WOULD HAVE BEEN FUN TO WATCH THOSE TWO CITIES TO THE END, NECK TO NECK. I don't think that win would be something I would brag about.

    The bigger point is this. All games must evolve and keep adding new twists to keep the players interested and coming back. Making engine maintenance another game strategy to master with twists turns that test and confound algorithm mashers like us would be enjoyable. It would make the game more realistic in terms of actually maintaining your fleet in tip top condition and if it thwarted a slimy tactic used to steal a win, so much the better.

    Finally, anytime you can use the verb "teleporting" to describe the way to move a 100 ton train engine you are describing science fiction and not science.

    I am sure I am not the first to encounter what I fondly call "End game Assassins". The purpose of the EG assassin is to create rail connections with all the EG cities so they can locate one or more engines in those cities for the purpose of transporting goods from all the RG's of the city and eliminate the 0:00 w/t for a completely cooled down factory. One train can successfully carry 4 or 5 RG's in a schedule to accomplish this rather nefarious EG tactic. If you use this tactic can you truly claim the First Place honors without actually out-hauling your opponents or maybe you just want to claim the pp without doing the hard work of coordinating a team of associations in your city. I propose the following possible solution:

    Servicing engines is required to maintain your engines in a peak performance state. In the real world of locomotives that would require that the engine to be brought to the maintenance facility for the work to be done. In the imagined world of RN the servicing is magically done by just paying the costs of service. I propose something along these lines. Each engine must periodically enter the home city train station (travel through the home city) of the player for maintenance purposes. Let's say the engine frequency is every 3 days. The closer an engine gets to that deadline the faster they lose their maintenance reliability until the 72 hours expire and then the engine would automatically return to the home city (at a reduced service % - like 10% or higher if the player pays emergency maintenance costs to increase it to a top of 50%). Some other possibilities could be 1) Pax trains could be exempt or have a longer frequency before the maintenance stop is required. 2) The longer the time away from the home city, paying for maintenance on the engine would accomplish a lower performance percentage. 3) A bonus "maintenance engine" could be purchased or won (later eras) that can travel to the engines and perform maintenance resetting the clock for the engine. 4) Mechanics cannot be hired for an engine that has been away from the home city over a set period of time (like 24 hours). 5) During era 6 and End Game maintenance requirements would become more frequent and losses of performance percentage would be accelerated. Also severe limits on changing the home city would be established.

    So, just some ideas that would add a wrinkle to maintaining engines and hopefully lessen the effects of End Game Assassins!!


    My server seems to constantly freeze and not accept commands. Then I have to refresh the page. This happens in the middle of assigning routes or searching for best routes. And today it happened at the end of a lengthy post which was lost because copy and paste don't seem to work at all except for full messages. No pasting anything from Gyazo or outside word format or anything.

    I would love to see a worker that would increase the acceleration of all trains of a corporation for 24 hours. It would be as popular as increasing speed of trains or reducing wait times. It could start at less in the earlier rounds and increase as the engines become more advanced.

    The best option would be option 4.

    The train would arrive in Hicksburg in 5 hours and 10 minutes(300km/hr @40% = 120km/hr; 620km/120km = 5.167 hours)

    The time would be 11:40 PM. In time for all passenger connections at no extra costs.

    The General Manager's criteria are in order of importance - punctuality, then price, and finally quality. Since quality is twice as important as price and considering Swiss Metal and General Machines have equal punctuality rates then the higher quality parts coming from Swiss Machine give them the edge. Swiss Machines would be the proper choice as supplier.

    Yes. He will arrive at the switch in 27 minutes((6.3km/14km)=.45 x 60 mins) which is 3 minutes before the crash. Train A will travel 72 km (160km x .45 hours) and Train B will travel 54 km(120km x .45 hours). They will still be 14 km apart.